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Harry Potter Accessories

Updated on October 26, 2015

Harry Potter Halloween Accessories

When you look at Harry Potter related costumes, masks and accessories, there's no doubt it's the accessories that make the cosplay so interesting and fun.

Many of the Harry Potter characters from the books and movies are part of Halloween, but when it comes to Harry Potter himself, the accessories are much more than the costume itself, as it's all those that make Harry Potter who he is.

Think for a moment when considering what the wardrobe of Harry Potter consists of. You think of a robe of some sort, and from there there's not much else.

But when you think about all the interesting things about Harry Potter, then you come up with his glasses, tie, broomstick, wand, among a number of things that make him who he is. And it's those that make dressing like him on Halloween such a blast.

Here are some of those Harry Potter accessories to add to your Halloween costume.

Harry Potter Glasses

What would anyone be without Harry Potter glasses. That would almost be like Elvis without sideburns. It just doesn't work.

That's why if you're looking to do the Harry Potter thing on Halloween, nothing will work if you don't include a set of glasses like these to let everyone know who you are.

Harry Potter Glasses for Halloween

Halloween Tie for Harry Potter

Similar to the Harry Potter glasses, you've got to have the Harry Potter tie which he's never without. Such a simple thing to need to fill out his wardrobe, but hey, they had to wear uniforms.

But leave off the tie and you leave off a part of the Harry Potter story.

By the way, that's the Gryffindor tie in the exact colors and design.

A Harry Potter tie and glasses are the first steps to be taken in looking like the boy wizard who eventually survived to grow up to be the man wizard.

Harry Potter Costume Tie

Halloween Hat and Scarf from Harry Potter

Now this isn't a bad looking hat and scarf, and Harry Potter obviously feels the same way when he goes about wearing them. At least they fit in with the tie above. Another Harry Potter accessory to help identify who you're dressing up as.

Harry Potter hat and scarf

Harry Potter's wand for Halloween

Now we're getting down to it. What would Harry Potter be without his wand? This replica is a must, to be shown at all times to ward off your enemies. It's not bad looking and adds the touch that any costumed wizard would need.

Harry Potter's wand

Harry Potter's Broomstick

Finally we have the coolest part of Harry Potters stuff: his broomstick. Now that's just cool and looks great. There is so much Harry Potter stuff to have a lot of fun with. Now you're ready to go out and get 'em.

All of these will ensure a great experience in your Harry Potter garb on Halloween night or any other cosplay or costume party.

Harry Potter's Broomstick

Sorting Hat from Harry Potter

I had to include the sorting hat which will give you an excuse to separate everyone the way you want at the Halloween party. Now isn't that worth the effort of getting it and wearing it? It also looks cool too.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Be All of Harry Potter on Halloween

Each of these Harry Potter accessories by themselves seem very common, but put them together and you become the boy wizard. Add your robe and you're in the ranks of the top wizards and ready to have fun on Halloween.


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