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Hillbilly party ideas

Updated on September 27, 2014

Entertain Your Country Cousins

Invite all your cousin's to a country style or Hillbilly Style party. Make sure to let your guests know to put on their best looking flannel shirts, overalls, and other country clothes to get into the spirit of things.

Start your planning!

One of your first steps is to decide which country friends and family you would like to invite to your soiree. Find yourself some invitations to set the tone of your Hillbilly or Country Style party.

Serve Your Food In A Canning Jar
Serve Your Food In A Canning Jar

Plan Out A Menu

Serve Your Food In A Canning Jar!

For fun serve some of your food in canning jars. Try making individual seven layer dip, Southern Livings layered cornbread and turkey salad, pasta or green salad, fruit, ice cream, sorbet,panacotta, cheesecake or other dessert. For an added touch get some twine or raffia and tie your fork or spoon to the jar. For more ideas visit 50 Ideas for Serving Food In A Jar.

Country Style Drinks

For your country style party get out your favorite mason jars. Serve your favorite lemonade, tea, punch, moonshine, or mixed drinks from the canning jars. If you don't have any canning jars consider the good old red Solo cup for sipping your favorite drink. Find a recipe for Strawberry-Moonshine-Julep at Saveur. Photo credit Maxime Iattoni

Country Style Party Decorating Ideas

  • Include a bandana or some Betty Bob teeth with your invitation.
  • Put some pretty daisy's, sweet peas, gerbera daisy's or other flowers in a galvanized bucket or canning jar. Tie some rafia, twine, ribbon or a bandana around the bucket or jar to add a decorative touch.
  • Collect old soda bottles,beer bottles or liquor bottles. Put fake or real flowers inside the bottles.
  • Use burlap, gingham or checkered cloth to decorate tables.
  • Use newspaper as a place mat or several sheets of newspaper as a tablecloth.
  • Chill your drinks and beverages in a galvanized bucket that is filled with ice.
  • Chill your canning jars filled with ice cream or other dessert in a ice filled galvanized bucket.
  • Fill an old top load washing machine with ice and drinks.
  • Serve your lemonade, tea or moonshine from a jug.
  • Serve your food on a new and clean galvanized trash can lid.
  • Use a sanitized hubcap to serve your food on.
  • Use canning jars to hold your forks, knives and spoons.
  • Use canning jars to hold food items such as vegetable sticks, candy and peanuts.
  • Use canning jars to hold food items such as vegetable sticks, candy and peanuts.
  • Leave out a roll of paper towels to use as your napkins. Guests can tear off their own sheet of paper.
  • Use bandanas as cloth napkins.
  • String up a clothes line and air out your clothes.
  • Put up a string of holiday lights.

Decorating and Serving Items

Get some glass jugs and fill them with your favorite "moonshine", lemonade, iced tea, water or beverage. Get a steel tub and put some ice in it to use to cool down drinks or food items.

1 Gallon glass Jug
1 Gallon glass Jug

Fill these up with your favorite drinks.


Learn How To Make Your Own Mason Jar Wine Glass

Tip: Look at your local dollar store for jars and candle sticks.

painted mason jar
painted mason jar

Decorate Your Mason Jars

There are many colorful and interesting ways you can decorate your mason jars.

Spray paint your lids In fun colors

Use your lids as a template. Trace inside lid circle on colorful paper. Cut paper circle, Insert paper in lid. If your using your jars to drink from then get a hole punch and punch a hole in the paper circle. Insert a straw in the hole for sipping your beverage.

Spray paint your jars

Use stickers or vinyl to make a stencil. Put stencil on jars as decorations OR use for spray painting.

Paint the inside of your jars with acrylic paint. Put some paint inside jar and swirl paint around. Dry jar upside down.

Write your guests name or a saying on the jars. Print out text on paper. Insert text inside the jar. Trace on outside of the glass using a paint pen designed for glass.

Tie or wrap your jar with rafia, ribbon, bandana, or fabric

hillbilly accesories
hillbilly accesories

Country Style Fashion

Award A Prize To The Best Dressed Guest

Dress up in:

Flannel Shirts

Checkered shirt

Cut Off Shorts


Cuffed jeans

Country style dress

Trucker's Cap



No shoes - bare feet

Add some:



Blackened Teeth



Trailer Trixie Wig

Corn cob pipe

Jug of white lighting moonshine

Have Some Fun Naming Your Cousins!

Who can remember all of your cuzin's names? Betty Bob, Big Mama, Eli Mae. To help keep your family in order make name tags for everyone to wear. Visit the hillbilly generator to generate some names for your name tags.

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