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Hold a Twilight Eclipse Graduation Party

Updated on January 20, 2013

Throw a Twilight Eclipse Party with Eclipse Gradutation Scene Theme

How to Hold a Party Based on the Eclipse Graduation Scene

Are you a Twilight fan wanting to throw an amazing graduation party with an Eclipse theme? Maybe your Twilight-mad daughter or son is graduating and you want to throw a surprise party? Or perhaps you are looking to hold a Twilight-themed birthday party and want to use the ideas from Alice's graduation party for Bella in Eclipse?

Whatever your reasons, find all the resources and ideas you need to throw a fantastic event based on Bella's graduation party! From design and d├ęcor to food, cake, lighting and music, be inspired to create a Twilight graduation party to remember!

The music was infectious, the lights almost hypnotic

Eclipse Graduation Décor and Lighting

In Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight Saga, Alice Cullen throws a graduation party for Bella at the Cullens' house. She chooses a nightclub theme, so think darkened room and disco lights!

To re-create the party atmosphere from the book, you'll need to do the following according to descriptions from the chapter:

* The nightclub design has red and purple lights flashing. Bella describes the lights as "almost hypnotic"

Lava Lite Disco Ball





String Lights

* The atmosphere is described as "dim and mysterious"

* This picture shows the room as it appears in the film. There are also lots of pretty hanging pink lights as well, along with hanging balls of red twinkling lights, and what look like white light or crystal drops forming a curtain across the doorway. In the scene where Jacob is talking to Carlisle (see video clip below), you can also see through the blinds that the trees and bushes outside are decorated with little pink lights.

White Paper Lantern String Party Lights

* You could also decorate with some homemade banners that read "Forks High School" or "Forks High Graduation"

Twilight Eclipse Graduation Party Scene

This clip from the movie shows the outfits worn by Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Jacob, Quil and Embry (more on costumes further down the page!)

You can also see the types of lighting and decoration used.

Should we give them familiar and comforting?

Or educate their taste in music?

Eclipse Graduation Party Music

For a nightclub theme, you'll want typical club music, turned up full volume! In Bella's words from the book, go for plenty of "throbbing bass"!

* Alice asks Edward whether she should play safe and comforting music or educate the guests' taste in music. Edward opts for the first option, so put lots of cool current tracks on your playlist!

* You could mix in some eclectic tunes too, to keep the Alice Cullens of the party happy!

* The songs playing at the party in the film are "Ours" by The Bravery and "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" by Muse (played when Jacob walks over to Bella). You can, of course, simply play music from all the Twilight film soundtracks!

I picked blue, because I know it's Edward's favorite on you

Courtesy of Jupiter Images Corporation
Courtesy of Jupiter Images Corporation

Eclipse Graduation Costumes

What's a party without a great outfit or costume?

* Dress like Bella at her graduation party! Alice picked out an outfit for her, described in the book as a pretty blue sweater and skirt ensemble. In the film, Bella is wearing a blue shirt. It is thought to be from American Apparel and details will be coming soon about where to find it. She teams the shirt with some jeans.

* Want something more daring? Dress like Alice in the book, in a scene-stealing red sequin top and red leather pants! There is a great example of the ensemble here if you want to dress in the Alice outfit from the Eclipse graduation party!

If you want the Alice look from the film, she wears a smocked black top, black bow in her hair, and her grey and black Cullen Crest choker, as seen here:

Did you know you can get a replica of Alice's gorgeous Cullen Crest choker? Click the image to buy!

* While Bella goes for her usual practical look, everyone else dresses up to the nines, so opt for a dazzling party dress if you want something with the wow factor!

* The guys are in shirts, ties and suits. Edward wears a grey shirt and grey tie with small white spots, while Jasper wears a light blue shirt, dark blue tie and black suit.

* Alternatively, go for true fancy dress style and get everyone to dress up in graduation robes! The Forks High robes were, in Bella's words, "ugly yellow polyester". Get an idea of the color by checking out this great candid shot of Bella and Charlie, with Bella carrying her yellow graduation robe and diploma!

Finally, accessorize with some Twilight jewelry! Edward fans can show their love for Team Cullen with this gorgeous Cullen Crest necklace. Find this and more beautiful jewelry at Hot Topic by clicking the link below.

Twilight Eclipse Cullen Crest Velvet Necklace

From the way the food disappeared, that must have been good, too

Eclipse Graduation Party Food

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

The food is described as pretty impressive at Alice's party for Bella, which is no surprise given the Cullens are the hosts!

In the film, the food is briefly glimpsed set out on a long table, on plates and tiered stands. Prepare an impressive spread of delicious party buffet delights, and add the following to give an Eclipse theme to proceedings:

* Blood-red chocolate fountain or fondue - simply dye your chocolate with red food coloring!

* Graduation cap or Eclipse-themed cupcakes - see section below!

* A Twilight Eclipse cake - go for a sponge covered in black fondant with a torn red ribbon, or go one step further and do this on a book cover-shaped cake!

* Cookies with writing and images on, such as "Forks High", "Congratulations", wolf, lion, lamb, "Fire" and "Ice", "Bella", diploma scrolls, graduation caps, the Cullen crest

* Blood red drinks, lollies, sweets etc

* Official Twilight chocolates

Twilight Eclipse Edible Cake Toppers

If you want to make an Eclipse cake quickly and easily, you can't go wrong with an edible cake topper. There are lots of designs to choose from in various cake shapes and sizes on eBay.

There is a wide range of edible cupcake topper designs too!

Twilight Eclipse Party Supplies

Eclipse party supplies are now available, from invitations to tableware, and make the perfect accompaniment to your graduation theme party! And accessorize with graduation plates in the Forks High colors!

Congrats Grad Yellow Dessert Plates

(18 count)

The present is inside, Bella

Eclipse Graduation Gifts and Party Favors

At Bella's graduation party, Jacob gives Bella a silver link bracelet with a carved wooden wolf attached, in a multi-colored drawstring bag with leather cord. This would make a beautiful graduation gift or party prize.

Hot Topic have an affordable version of the

Twilight Eclipse Wolf Charm Bracelet as pictured here:

For a more special graduation gift, you can find a beautiful version complete with real wooden wolf at Bella's Twilight Shop.

Both versions feature the wolf and the diamond heart added by Edward.

Need some great party bags to give out to a lot of guests? Birthday in a Box have some superb Eclipse party favor sets as part of their Eclipse party range.

Twilight Eclipse Favor Set and

Twilight Eclipse Deluxe Favor Set

For more superb favor ideas, visit Hot Topic's official Twilight merchandise store, for Team Edward and Team Jacob necklaces, rubber band bracelets, Eclipse bookmarks and more - even Twilight Eclipse bandages!

Like this party theme? Have you thrown one yourself? Let me know you were here, please leave feedback and comments!

Eclipse Graduation Fun! - Will you Graduate Twilight Style?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I love the pictures in your blog! I wish we could do this more often. We suhold have thought about this before they were born and we could have done pictures every 3 months I had NO idea that there was video! I LOVE it!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i love the ideas they are really awesome since iam graduating in 2012 i think this wiould be a awesome theme love it:)

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      7 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      This should be a big hit.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I honestly wish I could have this Alice Cullen choker necklace so pretty

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 

      8 years ago from USA

      Fantastic ideas! I've left you a bit of angel dust.

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 

      8 years ago from Concord VA

      This is a great lens! I'm lensrolling with all of my Eclipse lenses. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great ideas! Love the cupcakes and the wolf bracelet is awesome, I want one!


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