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Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated on August 13, 2016

Christmas Be Happy Snowmen

Do You Love The Christmas Season?

For a lot of people in the world, the Christmas Holiday Season is not fun or spent with family, friends or loved ones. It's not spent creating special memories or sharing traditional decorating ideas or making Grandma's recipe favorites. For some people it's a very depressing, lonely time. Statistics show that suicides rise around the holidays, especially during the Christmas season.

This is about a personal journey for me in regards to Christmas. The things I never learned about all holidays but, especially Christmas. I've never shared these feelings before with family, friends or my children. I was not taught and never learned the important details about decorating, buying and wrapping special gifts, Christmas trees and those beautiful colored lights, traditions or hand-me-down special recipes.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, Christmas in my house disappeared. There were no more Christmas trees, decorations, presents, family, special recipes, photos or memories. My mother decided to change religions and Christmas was just gone. I remember going to school after Christmas break and my friends were all talking about what they got for Christmas, I had nothing to say. That was really hard, it was just gone.

After growing up and getting married, I was blessed with three beautiful baby girls. I celebrated Christmas with them and started my own Christmas traditions for them to pass on. We had special recipes for cookies, simple appetizers (nachos are a favorite), you know those little foods you end up munching on all day long, favorite dinners, presents and more.

As my girls grew up I added more traditions. We would all bundle up and go pick out the Christmas tree. Put the Christmas lights on the tree and strategically place Christmas decorations around the house. We got a special Santa's Cookie Plate, for his special cookies, put out the glass of milk, hung the stockings up, always joking they would have coal in their stockings. We have these special memories on video for them, they love to watch it over and over.

All those "celebration traditions" don't really matter at all. When you grow older and there are more things in life that take top priority on my list of things to do. My Mom passed away on April 12, 2015 and now it's just me and my Dad 87, yes my priorities have changed.

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Leave Milk And Cookies For Santa

Santa's Cookie Plate
Santa's Cookie Plate

A Family Tradition

Footed Pajamas - Its A Snow Day Adult Fleece - Medium
Footed Pajamas - Its A Snow Day Adult Fleece - Medium

The one tradition my girls learned and love the best is the one present they can open on Christmas Eve. They realized growing up that the one gift they could open, were always new pajamas. When they asked me why the present was always pajamas, I told them I wanted them to look nice on Christmas morning for pictures! Got a good laugh out of that one and it was true! New pajamas worked and will be one of the best loved tradition they will pass on.

They always looked so nice in their new jamies while opening presents and taking pictures!

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The Christmas Season - Or Not

Do you love the Christmas holiday season or not?

Do you love the Christmas holiday season?

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  • aesta1 profile image

    Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    What a beautiful story. Our family watches Christmas Carol 1951.

  • delia-delia profile image

    Delia 6 years ago

    How sad that your childhood Christmases were taken away...It's nice that you made a choice of celebrating in your own way and passing this tradition for me because of the war we did not celebrate Christmas in a fashionable way till I was about 4 years old, however the true meaning of Christmas was so ingrained from my mother that we never expected gifts and were happy with the one we received from our parents after the war in Germany.

  • profile image

    jgelien 7 years ago

    Every Christmas Eve we go to an early candle light service followed by a trip to a fabulous walk-through Christmas light display that gets bigger each year. We also open one present each. My girls are all grown but they still want to do these things every year. Thank you for sharing your story.