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★ Homemade Vampire Costume Ideas | Halloween Fancy Dress For Men, Women & Kids ★

Updated on February 11, 2015

How To Make Dracula Capes, Fangs & Gothic Costumes

Vampires are a staple costume theme for Halloween, and it's actually an easy style to pull off as most people already have a pair of black trousers and white shirt in their wardrobe, and then you just need to add a cape and some white make up!

It's a suitable costume idea for men, women and kids, and I personally love the Gothic style of costume which is just so dramatic. On this page I have listed links and videos for cape and costume making, as well as tutorials for fangs, skirts, corsets, special effects makeup, face painting, fake blood and lots more! Plus recommendations for the best products, costumes and vampire accessories you can buy online.

I hope you find this page useful :)

Count Dracula

Photo taken at Universal Studios.
Photo taken at Universal Studios. | Source

Best Vampire Costumes Available To Buy

If you are not a crafty person at all, then there are some seriously impressive fancy dress outfits that are pre-made and available to buy for kids, men and women. The Gothic costumes are especially elaborate - I love the dress!

DIY Capes, Costumes & Fangs

There are various ways to keep a large collar stood upright as it should do on a vampire's cape: foam, cardboard, stiff felt or heavy interfacing can be used within the collar in order to keep it stiff enough.

DIY Fangs, Costumes & Bites

Costume Cape Sewing Patterns

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2499 Men's Costumes, AA (XS-S-M)
Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2499 Men's Costumes, AA (XS-S-M)

If you are planning on sewing your own costume, there are plenty of sewing patterns available online for whichever parts of the outfit you wish to create.

This particular sewing pattern is for making capes with large collars, perfect for a range of themes including devils, pirates, wizards and vampires. A very useful item for making the best homemade cape possible.


Vampire Neck Ties & Pendants

Details are super important and if you are wearing a white shirt for the Dracula type look, a red tie of some type around the neck really elevates the whole costume, as otherwise it can look a bit like just a normal suit.

Vampire Costume Advice & Tips

Vampires are usually either the 'modern' type - which includes those from the Twilight movies or modern day vampires TV shows - or they are from at least a century ago. These include the classic types like Count Dracula, and the old-fashioned, Gothic or Victorian types. The modern day versions are a lot easier to replicate due to them usually wearing regular clothing, however to be honest, I will always love the classics best as they are much more impressive as costumes.

Examples of modern day vampire TV shows and movies:

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spike/Drusilla/Angel)

- True Blood

- Vampire Diaries

- Twilight (Edward Cullen)

- Interview with the Vampire

Classic vampire examples from legend, TV or movies:

- Nosferatu (Count Orlok)

- Count Dracula - there are a few different versions including those played by Christopher Lee and by Bela Lugosi.

- Grandpa from The Munsters.

Classic vampires mostly fall under the term 'gothic', which is a theme characterized by dark and mysterious characters and stories, often from the 18th and 19th centuries. With regard to costumes, gothic costumes are a smart, formal style and often include ruffles, lace and luxurious materials like velvets and satins - nearly all in rich dark colors like deep reds and black (like Dracula).

Gothic vampire costumes are popular with women too, and the main parts of these costumes are long bustle skirts, velvet chokers, elegant statement jewelry and corsets/bustiers with an overall dark and flowing style - mainly in black. 'Victorian vampires' is also a good theme to use for your outfit.

The most common vampire to replicate is Dracula. The parts that make up this famous costume are:

- The cape: either black or red or both, and usually made in satin. Has a high, stand-up collar.

- A white shirt

- Black trousers

- Something red around the neck - You can use either a red ribbon, a medallion on a red ribbon, or a red tie like a bow tie.

Optional extras include:

- A cummerbund

- A vest top/waistcoat

- Gold buttons and chain

With every vampire, a vital part is the face paint. This is usually all white to represent extremely pale skin, with fake blood around the mouth and fake fangs to put in the mouth. For extra details you could create a 'vampire bite' on your neck, paint your hands and nails, and add dark circles or red/purple around your eyes. Contact lenses would be a good extra if you plan on freaking people out!

With regards to hairstyles, men usually gel their hair back (and paint on a widow's peak - unless you already have one of course), and if women have long hair, it is often curled and put into an elegant updo. Obviously if you are inspired by any particular vampire character, just copy what they have.

Another option is to dress as a vampire slayer/killer. These characters differ greatly in image; from Buffy to Van Helsing. The main things you need are a wooden stake (possibly with fake blood on), garlic, a cross and some Kung Fu moves!

Blood Red Tooth Paint

Teeth Paint -Blood Red
Teeth Paint -Blood Red

This special effect paint is ideal for completing the vampire look, and is used on your teeth to make it look like you've been sucking blood!

This particular paint is non-toxic, dries very quickly onto your teeth, and stays on even when you are drinking - and yet it's easy to remove after use. A top buy.


Gothic Vampire Bride


Full Length Capes & Fangs

High-collared black capes are the most crucial element of a classic Dracula costume, and they're also lots of fun to swish around! Plain long-sleeved white shirts are also needed to wear underneath the cape in order to contrast strongly against the red and black.

Tutorials For Making Women's Outfits & Accessories

Dark colors, dramatic accessories and elegant full-length skirts or dresses look fantastic, and you could also choose to be a vampire bride, vampire Disney princess, or copy the style of famous vampire character.

Face Painting & Makeup Videos

Vampire Make-Up Kit & Fake Blood

The makeup is what turns you into a vampire so it's pretty essential! Fake blood and either white face paint or very light foundation is the minimum you need for a spooky look.

Funny Fanged Pacifier For Toddlers

Little Vampire Pacifier
Little Vampire Pacifier

Both adorable and freaky, this pacifier will be getting lots of double-takes and giggles at the Halloween party!

Recommended for ages 3 months and upwards, this very fun idea for infants and toddlers who use a pacifier already is bound to be appreciated by all who see it. A brilliant novelty.


Vampire Girl


So who's better; Edward Cullen or Dracula??

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