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Homemade Zombie Costume

Updated on October 17, 2014

Homemade Zombie Costumes to Die For!

If you are looking for ways to resurrect your Halloween or costume party, then lurk no further than your latest horror movie!

Why not make your own homemade zombie costume?

Zombies are HOT right now! Think World War Z! Think The Walking Dead! There are endless variations to your homemade zombie costume that breathe new life into an old ghoul!

Think outside the plot and enjoy yourself as you take first prize for being the "Ghost with the Most" at your next costume party!

(Photo Credit: WikiHow)

Adult Zombie Costumes

Add Some GLAMOUR to your Shamble!

For adults and older kids, mix it up a little. Graveyard dirt and grime is perfectly acceptable for the rookies, but YOU want to make a statement! And that statement should be BRAINS!

Put a unique stamp on your ghoul by letting today's and yesterday's fashions add an impact to your undead couture! Think high heels and evening wear or black tie and tails! Remember when you are laid to rest, you always want to look your best!

Zombie Costumes - Kids!

You can't start your ghouls out too early, but make sure you have fun and don't over-do it for the young ones. Have fun and enjoy the experience, but make sure that you are creating giggles rather than nightmares.

Light makeup and torn clothes are great for kids, but for the little ones, more is less. Little tykes are likely to smear makeup and be uncomfortable with a lot of strange props. Do your best to make sure they're happy and safe in their environment!

For your toddlers you can be more inventive. A zombie sock puppet or Raggedy Ann or Andy can be great, but make sure it isn't so scary as to send them screaming the next time they see their favorite toys!

Homemade Zombie Costumes

The Classics!

The biggest names of film and television are also the scariest! From the iconic looks of Tor Johnson and Vampira in Plan Nine from Outer Space to the smooth hipness of the Thriller, Hollywood has set the stage for stylish zombie fashion!

Look to the classics for inspiration or put a spin on an old favorite.

Homemade Zombie Makeup

The Key To A Great Zombie Costume!

Your zombies aren't complete until you put the finishing touches on your remnant. You can literally pay hundreds of dollars for convincing zombie makeup, but there are ways to stretch your undead dollar and make your own zombie makeup with household items!

Fake Zombie Skin

2 tablespoon corn starch

4 teaspoon water

2 drops red food coloring

1/4 teaspoon cocoa mix

Place cornstarch in a small bowl and slowly add water until a paste forms. Add the food coloring slowly until it is a light red. Finally add the cocoa and continue to press the paste into the sides of the bowl, kneading it until you have a skin-like consistency you can work with.

Thick, Dark Blood

2 tablespoons Corn syrup

4 drops of red food coloring

1 teaspoon cocoa mix

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Increase the corn syrup if you want the blood to slowly drip or smear.

Fake Bloody Scabs

Corn Syrup - 1/4 tsp

Onion Flakes/Corn Flakes/Bran Flakes - 3/4 tsp

Corn Starch - 1/2 Tbsp

Water - 1 tsp

Yellow Food Coloring - 1 drop

Red Food Coloring - 1 drop

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Place clumps of the mixture onto your skin, smearing it so that the food coloring looks like a bloody wound.

What Kind Of Zombie Would YOU Be?

Homemade Zombie Costume
Homemade Zombie Costume

What kind of Zombie Would YOU like to be?

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Accessories for Every Pallor!

Don't just rely on your stylish funeral duds and outstretched arms to let the world know that you are one of the living dead, but the finishing touches on your homemade zombie costume! If clothes make the man (or ghoul), then a stylish accessory finishes off the look.

As in life, the undead had any number of vocations before they shuffled off the mortal coil. Think doctor, nurse, or construction worker. Let your hobby or vocation shine through in this incarnation and the next!

Your Very Own Homemade Zombie Costume - Watch These Tutorials!

What Are YOUR Plans For Halloween? - Do You Think You'll Be A Zombie?

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    • CyberPappy profile image

      CyberPappy 4 years ago

      Hah! I love the Zombie Slayer bib. My grandkids are beyond the bib stage, but I've gotta check into Zombie Slayer shirts.

    • profile image

      SuzyShopping 5 years ago

      Terrifying - if I met someone like this on a dark night I'd have a heart attack! However, the kids are going to love this next Halloween.

    • NedD profile image

      NedD 5 years ago

      This is an awesome page. My 15 year old son will surely return to it next October.

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 5 years ago

      Love Zombie Zack! Can you imagine people's faces if they came in for a peek at the baby!

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 5 years ago

      Scary stuff. My youngest son is nuts about zombies. I'll need to show him this!

    • steverayg13 profile image

      steverayg13 5 years ago

      Positively ghastly! I love it!