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Hot Tea January

Updated on January 27, 2018
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I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

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You're Invited to a Tea party!!

I've always drunk tea since I was a kid. Never really liked the flavor of coffee except once or twice.

Those 2 time I 'cheated' was after 9/11 I raised some money and a friend of the family knew one of the firehouses that lost the most guys so we donated there. They invited us in for coffee & cookies. I forgot what it was I think mom said something that I don't like tea, but I said I'd try the coffee. When they say firemen make good coffee they are not kidding! Surprise I gave the guy a big compliment. I ended up asking for another cup & mom was surprised & told him That's is a compliment! The 2nd time was I think someone made some sort of Starbucks coffee, which was good other than that I never liked the smell or taste.

Aside from that little inside look, I'm a tea freak! I went from regular tea with sugar or sweetener to being spoiled with drinking flavored tea. I cannot drink regular tea now without at least having lemon or maple syrup in it, or even lemon & some VO whiskey.

I also love those flavored Coffee creamers as well like Bailey's I currently have Golden Cheesecake flavor. But the REAL star of this lens FLAVORED tea.

I started drinking flavored teas when I started to pen pal (yes original Snail mailing) with my Pal Cindy in Italy. We started to exchange flavored teas and one of them was banana flavored. All I'll say is I wish I could find more! It's like throwing out chum for a shark!

I just wish being as my favorite chocolate is Godiva and they have their own Hot Cocoa & coffee, WHY NOT their own Chocolate tea?

So here for you, I have included some of my favorite flavors, and brands, as well as the various ways to drink teas & some other tea lovers supplies.

I am currently working on page 2 to sort out and organize the page (hopefully for the better)

January Is National HOT TEA MONTH

invite friends to a tea party

Treat yourself to a gourmet tea

Try a new flavor

Tea party Guide

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Benefits of teas

Benefits of teas
Benefits of teas

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How to make tea - Instructions

I won't even say a word if you are reading this & do not actually know how to make tea.

I will say though I do like my tea in a variety of ways mostly flavored Herbs, Fruits, berries even Lady Grey tea & others like that.

Sadly one of my favorite tea brands is hard to find here (well the flavors I look for) twinings.

Also, I use loose tea as well so you need an infuser for that.

  1. boil water
  2. while water boils....

    put in tea (bag) (or put loose tea in infuser & put in a cup)

  3. put your preferred amount of sweetener substitute or sugar in a cup
  4. water all boiled???

    Pour water over tea

  5. let steep for 5 minutes (for Green tea 1-2 minutes otherwise the tea gets bitter)

    (you can dunk the bag or infuser if you like a few times as well)

  6. if like me you need it to cool it off faster, throw in a couple of ice cubes & drink

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January Food quest nominee FAVORITE

January Food quest nominee FAVORITE
January Food quest nominee FAVORITE

Etiquette of afternoon tea

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Tea CATtle

Tea CATtle
Tea CATtle

Which one

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My Favorite Flavors & Brands

If I want Plain Tea its Tetley. The Tetley I usually will use one of those flavored creamers in, or I put some maple syrup or Lemon. When I'm sick I make my own 'medicine' and make the tea as usual only add a little honey (I don't like honey) some lemon, as well as I, think its a shot of VO Whiskey. (Or you can use Absinthe if they sell it in your area, but best to just take a shot of that! That ALONE will kick & knock the sick out of you! I'm sure it could be used as Rocket Fuel!)

otherwise, I like Stash Twinings Tazo & Bigelow

Stash Gojiberry Jasmine blossom green tea to name a couple specifics

Tea Etiquette

What's your favorite kind of tea ? - Guestbook Comments

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    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 5 years ago

      I drink Earl Gray with a splash of milk or cream -- no sugar. It's easier on my stomach than coffee...

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 5 years ago

      I am more of a coffee person but I occasionally like weak black tea with lemon.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @favored: Oh Thank you on the compliment of the tea sets I chose. (wish I could find soemthing whimsical for myself in a store, but I usually just drink mine in a thermos tumbler type thing...)

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 5 years ago from USA

      The tea sets are lovely. I enjoy my tea everyday and Stash is a favorite brand I drink.