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Hotel Transylvania Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Supplies

Updated on June 26, 2013

Have a fangtastic time!

It didn't take me long to fall in love in the movie. I think Mavis and the bunch are just adorable.

Hotel Transylvania makes a perfect birthday party theme as well as perfect Halloween party for the kids! I have come with some ideas that will hopefully help you with planning this party. Check these ideas out, get your supplies and favors, game ideas, activities and more!

Have a fangtastic time browsing through this page and I hope you will find these Hotel Transylvania birthday party ideas useful.

Be sure to invite all the monsters too.

If you have any ideas of your own do share them in the comments section.

I love to plan scary parties for Halloween so you can imagine I am really excited when I get the chance to plan a scary party on other occasion (this movie giving the perfect opportunity to do so). When I was a kid we didn't celebrate Halloween where I live but I always fantasized of having the ultimate scary party with a big haunted house.

Scary Food Ideas

Cupcakes and other goodies

I think and I believe you will agree Hotel Transylvania food should be a bit spooky and fun! If you ever hosted a Halloween party you shouldn't have too much trouble getting the right food ideas but just to be on the safe side here are some fun ideas I think would work perfectly for this theme.

Vampire Cupcakes

These are super easy to make and are a must at any vampire themed party. There are probably many different ways on how you can make these but here's how I make them. First I bake the cupcake (now this one is pretty obvious), I think the red velvet ones work best for vampires. Then take the white frosting and frost them. Fill the syringe (or something similar) with sweet red dressing (strawberry...) and pipe it in into two holes.

Eew there's a hand in that bowl

Hand in the bowl will bring the goose bumps! You can make an ice cube hand that will keep the drink in the bowl fresh or you can make it out of jell-o and have it last longer. I think these will freak the kids out. Either way it will be fun.

Cake? Make it a Coffin Cake!

What better cake to make for this theme than a coffin cake? You can easily shape it yourself, if you are not one of the skilled ones you can always make a cake pan. I would also add a stake or some garlic (out of fondant naturally) decorations to it.

photo credit:

veganheathen via Flickr CC

Cupcake Ideas

I had my fair share of monster cupcake making as I do make them for every Halloween now (even if this tradition is still rather new to where I live). Here are a few more simple ides (witch, the coffin is tricky)

Photo credit: Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake Flickr CC

Games and Activities

Something to keep them all busy and happy

There are many games you can play at these themes - from the usual birthday party games to scary Halloween games.

I think karaoke would be perfect for this theme.

I have also come up with some pretty easy and fun crafts the kids can do at the party. I think they will be especially interesting for the youngest ones.



Game Ideas

Find The Monsters

You will be needing some toy monsters or even better rock monsters and hide them all over the party place. Have the kids search for the monsters.

Stake itWell this is pin the tail on the donkey actually. Have a coffin or a vampire with a heart on them. Have the kids try to put the stake through the heart while being blindfolded.

Hotel Transylvania Party Supplies

Still no official supplies

There are no official party supplies released for Hotel Transylvania but there are lots of cool party supplies that would fit this theme perfectly!

I think using black or red (or a mix of those two) supplies would be super fun too.

Frightful Night Party SuppliesCHECK PRICE

Hotel Transylvania Party Favors

What I would put in the treat bags

Again there isn't many official Hotel Transylvania, except for some plush toys so we'll have to improvise!

My favourite favour idea - Candy Filled Test tubes!

Fill them up with red candies (bloooood) and the kids will love them. Use plastic test tubes!

Other ideas

*candy: kids love it! As it is Halloween time you can get lots of creepy candy! You can even go a step further and make your own lollipops! There are lots of cool moulds that will be perfect for this theme.

*tattoos and stickers: another kid favourite. You can get lots of cool tattoos and stickers in shape of monsters.

*toys: something that will last them a little longer - you can give them small monster figurines.

photo credit: blush printables via photopin cc

Party Favors for every pocket - From stickers to monsters

I was hoping there would be more official stuff but for the reasons unknown to me there aren't that many. In fact all I could find were stickers.

Learning Resources Plastic Test Tubes with Caps, Set of 12
Learning Resources Plastic Test Tubes with Caps, Set of 12

Fill these up with candy and decorate them with spooky tags. You can put in eye candy I think kids will go crazy about them, or red and black candy - go in style.


Get The DVD or Blu-Ray - One of the animated movies you must have

I admit I wasn't really excited about this movie before I saw it and my expectations were quite low. But when I saw it I can easily say this was one of the most fun animated movies in 2012!

I think the kids would love this as a party favour (naturally if they don't already have it at home).

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania

I love the cast of this movie, I admit of being a fan of Adam Sandler and I really like how Dracula has his traits. Selena Gomez did an outstanding job with Mavis too.

I could watch this movie over and over again (well I do to be honest).



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    • profile image

      marcelaaalvarado 3 years ago

      My son is in love with this movie. He will be turning 2 in July and this is the theme im going with hes going to love it I can't wait.

    • linhah lm profile image

      Linda Hahn 3 years ago from California

      I loved Welcome To The Hotel Transylvania! Great movie.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I will think of this party idea! Thanks a lot :)

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      This sounds like a unique idea for a party.