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Hotel Transylvania Costumes - Isn't Mavis Adorable?

Updated on November 4, 2013

The most adorable vampire ever

I admit, as an adult I watch far to many cartoons. And I like them, I like them a lot! The quality and humor of the animated movies released lately is sky-rocketing and Hotel Transylvania is no different. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and I have since then watched it more than 3 times.

The characters in the movie make the perfect choices for Halloween costumes, Mavis costume being my favourite, followed by Dracula who really resembles Adam Sandler, the man who lent his voice to Count.

On this page I feature my favourite Hotel Transylvania costumes as well as share some of the ideas on how to make a perfect outfit from regular clothing pieces.

I do hope you will enjoy your stay and fin what you are looking for.

Hotel Transylvania Mavis Costume

Call me Mavy

Cal me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen has caught my ear long ago so I was really thrilled when I learned Mavy does her own version of this song (if you haven't already watch the trailer with this track to here.

As Mavis is celebrating her 118 something classy is in order. A black dress maybe?

This kids costume has a black sweater dress with a bat detail on the side, just in case someone would forget your kid is now a vampire. The outfit also includes striped leggings and a 50's looking wig.

I would recommend you also get a red and black vampire cape for a more dramatic look.

Mavis CostumeCHECK PRICE

Mavis DIY Look - Clothes you will be able to use more than once

If your kid dresses up only for Halloween you might want to consider getting an outfit combination that resembles Mavis when worn together but can also be used as a regular clothes. On the other hand if your little one enjoys dress up an authentic costume will be way more fun!

Jonathan Costume - Can't have Mavis without Johnatan now can we?

I haven't found any official costumes for Jonathan so we will have to use some imagination. I came up with a few clothing pieces which I think would work great for Jonathan.

Perfect for brothers and sisters or best friends.

#11 NEYMAR Brazil Home 2012-14 Kid Soccer Jersey & Matching Short Set - For Youth Age: 5-7 Years Old
#11 NEYMAR Brazil Home 2012-14 Kid Soccer Jersey & Matching Short Set - For Youth Age: 5-7 Years Old

Let's cheer for Brazil shall we? Their official t-shirt looks pretty close to what Jonathan wore-

Rothco Kids Khaki Vintage Cargo Shorts, Small
Rothco Kids Khaki Vintage Cargo Shorts, Small

Khaki Cargo shorts are perfect for this look.


This is how the mascots looked - A bunch of adorable monsters (and Wonder Woman)

I love these official mascots although Mavis does look just a little bit funny - fancy making something like this at home? If you are crafty some paper and modge podge and you have yourself a unique costume for Halloween (a bit heavy and hot to wear around though).

Photo Credit:Al Pavangkanan via Flickr CC


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