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How We Celebrate Diwali Festival In Unique Way

Updated on October 5, 2013

Diwali or deepawali is festival of light. It is the biggest of all the festival celebrated in india.As the numbers of NRIs(Non residents Indians)are increasing in other countries like america,australica,china,Britain etc.,It is also celebrated their with great enthusiasm.

Deepavali is 5 day festival .Each day of deepavali has its material as well as spiritual significance. The meaning of deepavali is row of lamps . These lamps are usually made up of clay and kept in every corner of the house so as to bring auspiciousness in the house.First see the description of five days of Diwali.

Deepavali Five Days

Diwali First Day

Diwali is 5 day celebration. It starts with Dhan teras in which ayurvedic doctors worship lord dhanvantrai, the incarnation of Supreme lord krsna. People also buy new utensil and gold ornament on this day to bring auspicious in home.

Deepavali second day

On second day,Narak chaudash is celebrated .On this Supreme lord krsna killed the demon name narakasura. Anyone baths on this day early in the morning before sunrise is evade from entering the hell according to benediction of lord krsna to narkasur.

Deepavali Third day

Diwali festival is celebrated on 3rd day.It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord rama from 14 years exile.Lord rama is the incarnation of supreme lord sri krsna. In night goddess laxmi,saraswati and lord ganesh is worshiped with all .

Deepavali fourth day

On the fourth day ,Annakoot or Govardhan puja is celebrated. In the north and west side of India, a big hill of all varieties of sweets, cakes, and number of item is made representing the Govardhan hill.How to celebrated diwali in unique way.

Deepavali fifth day

On the fifth day of diwali, bhai duj is celebrated .On this day sister put tilak in the forhead of their borhter and pray for their good life. It is said that on this day lord yama(lord of death)visits his sister’s yami in his house and take his meal there.

You must bored to celebrate the Diwali festival in same monotonous way.So here i will tell that how we celebrate Diwali festival in unique way.This will make your Diwali more interesting.

How We Celebrate Diwali Festival In Unique Way

1. Diwali is most beautiful when it is celebrated with family members. Specially with your elders. When you celebrate diwali with them it gives a sense of love and caring. Call all your relative on this occasion your sister in laws, his childrens, brother in law and all. Therefore come together in this occasion however you are situated.

2.Try to decorate your home in some unique way. Experiment with pillows and bed sheets from banares , Rajasthan and Gujarat. It will give authentic look to your house and some desi(indian) also.

3. Do experiment with your walls. Make traditional designs of Indian villages like cows, people and temples. You can try it one wall of any room. At least it gives some idea to you.

4.If you have separate altar for lord, then you can decorate it with jumaor from gujrat and traditional design from south india or rajasthan.Your deities can put on new pitamber(clothes worn by lord) clothes from Mathura and Vrindavan.This way when you decorate the lord altar ,it will increase your attachement for lord which is the sole purpose of celebrating these festival.

5. As I have mentioned above ,Diwali is celebrated because lord rama came after 14 years of exile.We do all the things in diwali making sweet, play firework except remembering the lord. Therefore do read valmiki ramayan on this day and watch ramanad sagar ramayan serial. It will make good effect on your childrens mind and they will know that why we celebrate diwali.

6 Wear unique attire on this big festival. Gents can wear a dhoti kurta on this occasion.It will be eye catching among your friends. It will give Indian look to you also.Cotton and jute Dhoti kurta are considered best.

7. Ladies and young girls can wear lehenga choli or salwar kameez or saree designed by your local desiger or by some like Rajendra pratap singh or satyapaul. Best way to try gujrati,rajasthani,banarsi or south Indian saree,salwar kameez.I am mentioning these states frequently because these states have varieties in design with traditional Indian look which other states lack.

8.Eco friendly firework are best for environment. By buying this you contribute to conserve the nature. In fact it is not necessary to use firework. It actually disturbs the birds that can’t bear the loud sound of firework.


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