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How I Choose My Gifts

Updated on March 4, 2018

Paint, Wrap and Deliver

Simple Painting that Could Melt a Mom's Heart
Simple Painting that Could Melt a Mom's Heart

How to be Thoughtful and Sweet When Buying a Gift

If I look for a present, what do I consider most? I will be looking for an item to make the receiver feel how I care for her or him. Although I may be doing a tedious and tasking activity, I get the fulfillment of giving my best when I give a gift. We all know that we have to consider what the receiver likes; what she is longing for but on the other hand, we want this time to be unique and different from the previous gift that we gave him/her. On the other hand, if it is the first time to gift him/her, you want to make the best impression. If budget is a hindrance, can you still find one that could really be impressive without making extra efforts to make way for the cost it requires? Absolutely, yes! The trick is to find one that is thoughtfully sweet although it is simple. Alternatively, create one - it surely will be unique! For instance, create a tutu dress for little princesses - either for their birthday, as a reward for a remarkable performance, for their ballet recital or party.

Photo credit: mine

My Kids' Video Tutorial on How to Paint Starry Night for Mother's Gift

I Teach my Kids to Make their Gifts

I usually Choose One That is Symbolic

Perpetual Calendar Keychain

I bought this perpetual calendar (shown in the picture above) for my husband. I am still keeping it till Valentine's Day. Find one for you in Amazon. It is, I think, very symbolic and an interesting item. It is small, cheap but it may have a big impact. I am sure that he will be surprised but delighted. Two years ago, I gave him a thermal mug. I asked the maker to put our family picture on that mug. When he opened his gift, he saw that it was a black mug. He thanked me and he put the mug in the kitchen. When he drunk his tea in the morning, the excitement happened. The black mug cleared and there shows our family picture. Awesome, right! I remember well what he said that day: "This is more worthy than Samsung Galaxy S3." At that time, he was always talking about buying an S3.

Sometimes, simple and affordable things may count much.

Photo credit - mine

Perpetual Calendar Key-chain on Amazon

Jzcky Shzrp Cute Creative Car Keychain, Metal Pendant Key Chain Ring KeyRing Keyfob (Perpetual Calendar)
Jzcky Shzrp Cute Creative Car Keychain, Metal Pendant Key Chain Ring KeyRing Keyfob (Perpetual Calendar)

This item is the same as the perpetual calendar I bought for my husband. Symbolic not only because its calendar is for 50 years but also because it is an item that he could carry along with him wherever he goes.


What Day is it?

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Some gift Items That I Choose to give - Photos here are mine

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Photo Credit: MinePhoto Credit: MinePhoto Credit: MinePhoto Credit: MinePhoto Credit: MinePhoto Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine

I think what matters most.... I present the message I wish to say

So I have posted in the gallery some options that you can choose from. One item has its own characteristics highlighted. If you want to give a unique present that is also costly, south sea pearl may be a good option. South sea pearls are much more expensive than sea pearls. Pearls are unique and it can last forever.

If you want to tell her that presents may last momentarily but not the memory that you remembered the day, a doll created by balloon twisting can be a great option. These dolls are cute and really creative. Also, balloons are traditionally given during Valentines. It is a classic gift. But then, it will not last. It will pop after few days.

See? Picking a gift is not as simple as grab and wrap and deliver. It also means taking some time to consider small details that may mean something big.

What about customized options? These are great too. Take a look at some options below. Customize options are always a great way of surprising the recipient of the present. It shouts out that the one who gave it spent much more time than getting one from the shelf.

On the other hand, it does not make sense too if you have to spend too much time for a single gift. So, may I help you with that. I put here some of the items I saw online that are unique and attractive.

Photo credit - mine

My Top Three Preferences

In my point of view as a receiver

My husband rarely gives attention to special days like anniversaries and Valentines Day. That makes it so special when he remembers it. It makes the day ultra-special. He never forgot my birthday though (thanks for that). One reason for not forgetting is that my daughter's birthday is the same as my birthday. So, he will really never forget it because she's a daddy's girl. For the last nine years, I think that he gave me present on Valentines only four times. That means that he forgot it five times.

One time, he purchased a new set of make up for me. I think that this was really thoughtful. It is an expensive brand. He personally chose the shades that she thinks will match my skin. I would consider this item as my favorite.

I also love receiving small personalized item. I have yet to receive one from him because he is that kind of gift giver who will just shop around and pick. He would not think about personalizing things.

Third in the list are items that last forever or lasts long. Just like the perpetual calendar that I mentioned at the start of this post.

Photo credit - mine

Trendy Watch

I took these photos myself
I took these photos myself
I took these photos myself
I took these photos myself
I took these photos myself
I took these photos myself

Trendy Charm Watch

Women's Lady's Girl's Fashion Wrist Bracelet Watch With Cute Flower Charm Genuine Leather Band Gift (Flower charm)
Women's Lady's Girl's Fashion Wrist Bracelet Watch With Cute Flower Charm Genuine Leather Band Gift (Flower charm)

This watch from Amazon is like the watches I purchased as Christmas gift last year.

Items like this are charming and attractive. Aside from serving as your chick watch, it also serves as your accessory bracelet. It is a perfect gift for her in all occasions - be it an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine, or any celebration. It is a great way of saying: "I love you" with a touch of sentiment and charm.


Are Watches out of Fashion?

Some people thinks that watches are not anymore in our gift list. I even heard a friend saying: "Who will buy watches?" For many of my friends, they think that they do not really need watches because they can use their smartphones in checking the time and setting up an alarm or reminder. They bolster their opinion with the fact that smartphones is even more efficient as a personal event planner or time keeper than a watch. Thus, it is not worth it to buy a watch.

But then, is it not worth it if the item serves as a fashionable accessory - a trendy bracelet? I think that watches nowadays are designed to served more than a traditional watch. Just like the item I posted above, charmed watches are, as its name embodies, charming!

Fave Gift for her

What item do you prefer to give to your wife, mother or sister?

See results

There is beauty in simplicity that eloquence cannot display.

— ME

Never Forget These

There are many choices to pick from. Some options are readily available online. But consider the time needed if you want to order a customized one. Communicate with the seller clearly and see if the item can reach your lady on time. Consider the time for shipping. If you are purchasing an item from the other side of the world, it may take at least five days for fast track shipping offered by several logistic companies.

Give time for delays.

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