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How i Turned my Birthday Party into a Lecture

Updated on November 9, 2012

How i Turned my Birthday Party into a Lecture

My last birthday party was quite an unusual one . Most of my friends were a bit old fashioned and believed that a man had no business in the kitchen . Be it as it might ,on a prearrangement i decided to investigate what will happen to their ego when they exhibit their culinary skills. This was how we used one stone to kill two birds.

Birthday party
Birthday party

How i Turned my Birthday Party into a Lecture

How my Birthday Party Became a Lecture

Having conquered another 365 days and feeling hale and hearty and fit like a fiddle. I decided to have a no expense spared birthday party. However, this particular birthday party had a slight twist to it. Some of my male friends were a bit old fashioned and believed a man had no business in the kitchen.At any rate , on a prearrangement we decided to celebrate the birthday party in this shape.

As soon as our wifes and girlfriends arrived at the venue, we welcomed them in such a way that could make any waiter green with envy. Immediately they were comfortably seated all the men served them the desert without allowing their feet touch the ground. We peeled off our birthday suits and entered the kitchen to demonstrate our culinary skills. As soon as the food was ready ,we served them as if they were in a restaurant. When most of them realized that something was amiss was when we offered them drinks . Those ladies that preferred alcoholic drinks received more than their fair share . All the men however , clutched a bottle of soft drink like a stubborn child would hold an unwanted toy.When they finished eating and drinking ,we moved in as if we were expecting a love medal and cleaned up after them.They were confused and couldn't understand what we were playing at.

Nevertheless ,from the smile plastered on their faces and the way their faces were punctuated with blushes, i sensed they enjoyed every minute of it. It was when the dancing floor was thrown open that we realized we had scored some emotional points. Most of them danced up a storm as if there was no tomorrow. At the end, the sour mood on the faces of the men vanished into thin air . Some of the guys checked their ego and discovered that it was still intact. As soon as the last woman was dropped at her place, the boys came together for the real birthday bash . Every one went home with a memorable lesson and a birthday souvenir.

This is the ninth month since the birthday .Surprisingly , three ladies had called me up to confirm whether my birthday is in September or October. If only they knew the arrangement between me and their spouses.

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      johnsja 5 years ago

      Very sneaky! Thanks for the good read.

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