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How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift

Updated on November 15, 2013

The First Christmas

Picking the Right Christmas Gift

The first Christmas is really not about what's inside the present . No for this little girl to your right, and for most babies, it's all about the shiny, colorful paper and the glittering bands! The most important thing, when you want to bring joy to a baby at Christmas - is to choose interesting paper. Often you will see the baby holding on to the paper and not really showing any interest for the present itself. Isn't that a relief for all recession stroked Christmas shoppers?

Bring Joy

Bringing joy are the keyword for Christmas gifts. I know it doesn't feel like much fun, if you can't afford to buy what you would like to give, but there is always a way of bringing joy. I don't know who invented that Christmas is about spending as much money as possible. Who-ever it was: I disagree!

The art of picking the right Christmas gift has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you spend on the present. Picking the right Christmas gift is much more a social skill. It's about knowing what will bring light to the eyes of the receiver .

Christmas Gift List


  1. Her sight is not what it used to be
  2. She miss reading
  3. She would like to go out more, but she gets dizzy and is afraid of falling
  4. She loves dark chocolate covered marzipan


  1. Retired pilot. Miss flying
  2. Loves black licorice
  3. Loves to watch fly movies

Pleasure Presents

Christmas presents should bring joy, pleasure and happiness to the person who receives it, and lets not forget: there is no greater pleasure than pleasing the ones you love. So really it's a win-win situation.

Forget about "nightmare-xmas-shopping" this year. To me that means stressing around the shops close to Christmas in the hope, that you will suddenly see the light and know what to buy, and ending up buying something in panic because you can't come home empty handed.

This year - start good time in advance and go for pleasure presents!

Write a Christmas-gift-list

Write a Christmas-gift-list of who you want to bring joy to this Christmas, and pay attention to the ones on your Christmas-gift-list.

Listen carefully when they talk about what's on their minds, things they have always wanted to do or specific problems they are trying to solve. These are all clues that you should write down on your secret little Christmas-gift-list. This will help you later on to decide what that person is going to have for Christmas.

Write 3 to 5 "keyword" about every person on your list. It could look something like the blue box to your right.

Starting from the top with "mom" I have noted a few points on her and given a few suggestions to what to give her for Christmas. The same goes for "dad".

However it doesn't always have to be a bought present. You could make your mom some homemade marzipan or you could read our loud one of her favorite novels and give her an audio CD or a tape. Besides from giving her something, she would enjoy, you are telling her in the same go: that she is important enough to listen to, and to go out of your way for - to bring her pleasure, and that will warm her heart.

If you think the best gift would be a little too expensive, just join up with other family members and share the expense. Better to get her something she needs, and really appreciate, than several gifts that is of little importance.

Think joy and pleasure! Do you start to get the jest?

Apply the same system to whoever is on your list and use your imagination to make your choice of gift.

I wish you a joyful pleasure present hunt!


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