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How To Throw A Christmas Cocktail Party

Updated on November 17, 2014

Hosting a Great Christmas Cocktail Party

If you want to make your Christmas party stand out from your neighbors then why not throw a Christmas cocktail party? Cocktail parties really aren't that hard to organize and yet every one that I've held has been talked about long after the event.

I think that serving people cocktails just makes them feel a little bit more special! I know I always feel like it's a special occasion when I drink a cocktail as opposed to being poured out a wine or given a beer bottle.

Christmas is a great time to celebrate with friends, family and colleagues and cocktals are a fantastic way to do it. If you're still not sure let's look at how easy it is to throw a Christmas cocktail party. I promise you that after reading this page you'll realize how simple it's going to be and you're going to make a great host!

The party squid image is used courtesy of Squidart

Christmas Cocktail Party Invitations

There are lots of ways of inviting people to your Christmas cockail party.

My last cocktail party was a fairly last minute idea and so everyone was sent an email invitation.

Christmas cocktail parties, however, are worth sending out invites by mail (in my opinion anyway). You could buy invitations or design your own on the computer.

To the side you can see a few gorgeous Christmas cocktail party invitations that also come with matching postage stamps which gives a little extra touch that is appreciated.

These invitations and postage stamps are available through Zazzle and can be brought in whatever quantities you need.

Christmas Cocktails - What, How, Where, Aaaargh!

If you're worried about the cost of serving cocktails then don't be! There are two ways to get around this -

  • Ask guest to bring some alcohol
  • Use only a few ingredients to make your cocktails

The first cocktail party I ever attended was held by a friend of my (now) hubby. His cocktail parties became a highly anticipated, annual event and on everyone's invitation they would be asked to bring one spirit and one mixer ie please bring vodka and milk.

If you want to supply all of the alcohol yourself, but money is tight then make cocktails with cheaper spirits like using a lot of vodka based cocktails instead of brandy based ones. You can come up with a variety of different cocktails by changing the mixers you use with your alcohol.

Ideas for Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails
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Make Sure Your Christmas Cocktails Are Perfect!

How To Throw A Christmas Cocktail Party

The secret to my cocktail parties is a crib sheet, except for the imprompto ones where I act as barman myself that is! I write down the ingredients for each cocktail that I'm offering, the directions for making it, the glassware to serve it in and the garnish to use. Some of this may seem very basic, but I leave nothing to chance and that way anyone can act as barman. My hubby never minds a turn as 'mixologist' when I have a girl's cocktail night if I've written up a crib sheet for him.

Download a sample crib sheet for Christmas Cocktails Free!

Another important thing is to make sure you have plenty of long cocktails such as Snowballs. Long cocktails are ones that are topped up with a soft drink or juice so that the alcohol is more diluted. I also make sure to offer mocktails and soft drinks.

Serving Your Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktail Glassware

Now if you're only hosting a small party you might want to get some of these gorgeous Christmas cocktail glasses -

Lolita Christmas Cocktail Glasses
These Christmas cocktail glasses are brought to you by Lolita, the company that make really funky cocktail glasses for all occasions. Tracy 'Lolita'Healy is ...

Christmas Drink Markers

If you're inviting a lot of guests then you might not want to go to the expense of all of those glasses (although I've found that buying a few each year is a great way of building up your collection).

An alternative is to use drink charms and/or markers on everyone's glasses and there are some great Christmas themed ones available for you to choose from including these -

Christmas Cocktail Party Food

I think one of the keys to a great cocktail party is a steady supply of nibbles throughout the night. Your party nibbles can be as expensive or as economical as you of my most asked for recipes is actually one of the cheaper ones we've served up at our parties!

Santa and Christmas Gifts

Throwing a Christmas Cocktail Party

Of course, we're not talking about any old cocktail party it is Christmas and what's Christmas without Santa? A great idea is to get everyone to bring a wrapped gift valued at $5 or $10 and leave them in Santa's Sack as they arrive. During the evening Santa himself can arrive and start giving out the mystery gifts. Some of the results can be quite funny which adds to the festive atmosphere of the party.

You can also provide the perfect photo opportunity for all of your friends and family, and no I'm not talking about a Christmas photo booth, I'm talking about Santa and Mrs Claus -

Buy This Santa & Mrs Claus Stand-in Here!

I'm absolutely positive that this will be a huge hit at your Christmas party.

More Cocktail Party Ideas

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Be sure to let me know how your party goes :)

Have A Great Christmas

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    • profile image

      Beltane Pellerin 3 years ago

      Oh, cocktail party on Christmas time. That would be awesomely perfect, savoring good drink mixes with your family and friends.

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

      OK, you got me in the mood for a Christmas cocktail party!