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Hunting Gifts

Updated on May 12, 2011
hunting gifts
hunting gifts

Hunting Accessories - The Perfect Gift

Hunting accessories and gear can be the perfect gift for that hard to shop for man in your life. If he is a hunter or outdoorsman, the possibilities are endless. Since there is always a season for some kind of hunting, a hunting gift is a perfect choice. 

Since my husband is an avid hunter, I am well aware of the various hunting needs or wants. I have come up with some things that should fit the bill for all kinds of hunting.

Duck Hunting Gifts Under $10

Here are some great gifts for either a stocking at Christmas or items to fill a basket for any time. Gloves and duck calls are something a duck hunter can never have too many of and are easy to place in a basket or stocking.

The duck guide from the National Audubon Society is helpful for identifying the many species of ducks. This is a great guide for a hunter to carry with him for easy reference.

A unique gift idea is the calling coach. A hunter simply uses practices calling into the device. It records his technique and plays it back. This gives him a chance to hear how he sounds and make adjustments as necessary which is a great learning tool.


Duck And Goose Hunting Gift Ideas

A quality duck or goose call makes a great gift for a waterfowl hunter.  The Zink calls are top of the line with their unique reed designs that are made to resist moisture build up.  This in turn gives a better call resulting in a sound that can fool any duck or goose on the water or in the air. When a hunter has better calling techniques, he has better chances of success. This makes for a happy hunter all season long. It would be a gift that is truly appreciated.

Of course teaming a duck call with a motorized duck decoy increases the chances of success even further. The poor ducks will certainly be fooled. If your hunter already has the standard duck decoys, this would be a wonderful addition.

Deer Hunting Gifts

A must have for any deer hunter are the fighting horns or rattlers.  This is what is needed to call in another buck who wants to fight.  It's a great trick to get a big buck in close range.

If that isn't enough, then a deer call would do the trick.  I know a deer call would be a hit for a gift.  My husband and son like to pull their's out in the house which drives me crazy, but they have fun!

A deer cart is perfect for hauling away that trophy out of the woods. This keeps the strain off a hunter's back and would be a welcome gift.


Other Gift Ideas

Your hunter will appreciate being able to track animals with a digital spy camera. Since it is impossible to be in the woods at all times and know the traffic patterns of the animals, a camera like this will help keep track of any given area. It even records the date and time a picture is taken. This luxury item will take the guess work out of finding the right hunting spot.

The Garmin handheld gps is almost a necessity for a hunter going into a new territory. Keep your loved one from getting lost in the woods with this gift. It even has a preloaded base map of the Americas including lakes, rivers, interstates and more.

A good set of binoculars are ideal for detailed viewing at far distances. These are perfect for the hunter or sportsman. The Leupold Golden Ring are a great upper mid-price range binocular. They are equipped with a new switch power technology that lets you instantly and fully change the magnification. There is not a zoom, you just change the magnification with a flick of your finger. The object being viewed never leaves the center of focus.

To take the guess work out of shooting distance, a good rangefinder makes a great gift. Fast and accurate measurements are shown in meters or yards allowing a hunter to know his target distance.

Predator Hunting Gear

Every predator hunter must have a varmint hunting light to be able to spot their target. This light allows visibility of the animal up to 350 yards away!

To be able to get the animal close enough to shoot, a predator hunter needs the assistance of the Attractor Predator Caller. It is equipped with a remote control for use up to 50 yards away.

Turkey Hunting Gear

 A turkey hunter cannot leave home without a turkey vest.  This essential piece of gear is necessary for carrying calls, bug spray, gloves and any other accessories.  It also has a detachable foam cushion for comfortable sitting while waiting for that elusive turkey!

The gobble shaker call is an easy too use and loud call that will surely attract Tom!  This is a nice accessory to add to the vest.

Ka bar Hunting Knife Review

Buy this knife through Amazon

Since my husband loves his Kabar knives, I thought I should include one knife.  The review I found explains all of the fine details of the knife that is available for sale through Amazon. 


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    • patdmania profile image

      patdmania 7 years ago from waterford, mi

      Another cool item for hunters is the motion camera. When a big animal goes by it turns on and video tapes them. Pretty neat!

    • Loreva13 profile image

      Lorenzo M Vasquez III 7 years ago from El Paso, TX

      This is a great article. I need to show my wife and mother this.