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I Luv My Mom

Updated on May 7, 2017
My Girl when She was still Little
My Girl when She was still Little

I love my mom till the counting ends....

I cannot forget that day when my little girl said: I love my mom till the counting ends........

She is 5 years old, of course she does not have the word "infinity" yet in her vocabulary. But I understood what she wanted to say. Such words cannot be replaced by any gift anyone could ever buy. She uttered these words when her brother said: "I love mama a hundred billion times more. She does not know millions, billions or trillions. She can barely count till 100 (with a little help each time she reaches the next tens).

Most of the time, it's the heart that is weighed, not the price. But, it is likewise true that the price weighs how much you meant to give. Nothing can compensate a mother's unconditional love to her kids. Yet, on mother's day, it is a quest we all should face: to make our mother happy on this special day.

Cheap but Pretty: Print on Shirt for Mom this Mother's Day

My daughter's DIY Rhinestone Painting Kit
My daughter's DIY Rhinestone Painting Kit

Something New as a Mom's Gift

We were deciding to go home from China so we were shopping for gifts. My daughter chose to buy DIY Rhinestone Painting Kit for my mom. She bought two - one as a gift when we arrive home and the other for grandparents day.

My mother was very amazed and so excited that they finished one of my daughter's kit for her to learn how to do it.

This DIY Rhinestone Painting Kits (or some product descriptions refer to it as Diamond Painting Kits) are great gifts to moms and grandmothers because it gives them a creative way of spending their free time. Most moms employ hobbies that are art-related. Since these kits are easy to make into a classy and beautiful work of art, moms will feel highly motivated to work on it.

Look at the photo - this is my daughter's kit. It is half way done. The technique is simple. It is the same as painting by numbers. See those small zip lock plastics containing artificial rhinestones? They are packed in numbered zip lock pockets. Simply paste those rhinestones on the figure you are working on following the number codes. Easy, right?

DIY Rhinestone Diamond Painting Kit

Souarts 5d Acrylic Rhinestone Artificial Rhinetone Diamond Painting DIY Kits Lavender Flower
Souarts 5d Acrylic Rhinestone Artificial Rhinetone Diamond Painting DIY Kits Lavender Flower

My daughter chose two gifts for my mom for grandparents' day. One design is similar to this item here. The other is a beautiful landscape of a river and forest. My mother loved it so much. They spent more or less an hour working on my daughter's kit so my mom will learn it. See? It is a great way of bridging the age gap. Every girl, young or old love arts.


DIY Rhinestone Painting

wwseven Beautiful Trees DIY Handmade Diamond Painting Set Figure Resin Rhinestone Pasted for Home Decoration 16x24 Inch
wwseven Beautiful Trees DIY Handmade Diamond Painting Set Figure Resin Rhinestone Pasted for Home Decoration 16x24 Inch

This is almost the same as the other item that my daughter bought for my mom. It is the favorite of my mom so she started working on it first. Until now, she is not done with it yet.

What is great about a kit like this is that you will avoid the mess of dealing with paints. The finish product is more attractive with those shiny rhinestones on it. Once done, you will have there a piece of art worth hanging on your wall.


Quick, Easy, Pretty Starry Night Painting for Mom

Top 3 Factors I Consider in Selecting a Gift to My Mom

1. Something she like or she can use

This means that sometimes, the item I choose may change through time. When she was still teaching, I used to give her paintings - animal or marine plants. Or miniature or a coral reef or forest. She uses these as visual aids.

2. Something symbolic either of eternity or of past quality time we spent together

A mother's love is eternal. Something that does not vanish or wane.

3. Something that displays effort - either because I made it or because I worked to save for it

One of My Creations
One of My Creations

3 things I usually give to my mom on Mother's day

1. Pearls

Pearls are genuinely attractive to ladies, especially to the older generation. It is truly symbolic too - pearls lasts forever.

With the various line of pearl products, I can give my mother unique pearl gift for every occasion of the year and still, I will not run out of options next year. This is specially so because I create pearl jewelries. I buy pearl strands and sterling silver findings and create unique pearl jewelries. Thanks to the fact that pearls are relatively cheaper in my country.

2. Handmade Cards, Hand-painted items

Making cards is among my hobby. I can say that combinations of materials, designs, color are endless so it is impossible to run out of options. In folding the card stock alone, many possibilities can result to awesome output.

Get anything with enough surface to paint on and paint it. Example - a wooden spoon. Paint it with swirls or any design you think will delight her. If you say, what about a stone? Yes, why not! If you have picked a unique stone in one of your beach visits, it would turn out to be a good gift for your mom. The words or the figure you put in there matters. Select an item to draw there that will remind her about you and her during your childhood years.

3. Capiz Shells

Just like pearls, these elegant items offers wide variety of choices. Please check my other lens focusing on capiz shells.

Laoshan, China
Laoshan, China

3 Things I wish I could give my mom as gift for Mother's day

1. Cruise family vacation

I wish I could pay for a cruise vacation for her and my dad. That would be a really great mother's day gift - a bit expensive though. She loves seeing nature and marine plants and animals. She's a retired biology teacher. A cruise vacation would perfectly be delightful for her.

2. A tour to a foreign land, maybe Thailand or Malaysia or China

I guess, she had always been busy minding how to make life easier for her kids that she had not thought of taking sometime for herself.

The photo here shows Laoshan, a province in China, the most recent place I visited. It was a beautiful place with lots of activities to do and wonderful sites to view.

3. I wish I could afford to buy for her peace of mind. Oh my! If only there is a way. She absorbs all the concerns her children have to face, trying to shoulder the load, as much as she could. If only peace of mind is available in Amazon, I'd buy a pile of it for her.

Sometimes, there are many things we wish we could give to our mom during mothers' day; some circumstances though constraint us to do so.

Photo Credit: Mine
Photo Credit: Mine

Other Great Items for Moms on Special Days

Online products abound. The only thing to consider now is the time. If you are looking for a customized item, it is better to place your order now. Consider too that some great items online are supplied by online sellers that are located really far from you. Give some time for shipping.

One way to avoid the rush is to list the days when you have to give gift to your mom and put it on your google calendar. Temporarily assign items for each day. For example, glassware like glass vases for mothers day; backing ware for her birthday, pearl jewelry for Christmas day and a big teddy bear for Valentines day.

SPA treat

SPA treat or some beauty treats for mom on mother's day must be truly appreciated.

A gift basket

Although this might be a bit traditional, it truly depends on what items you will be pulling to fill the gift basket. Focus on the things she loves.

A magic mug

With your picture in it. What about your baby picture where she glances at you with the sweetest smile in the world? Do not forget a short quote or a short line of message.

A customized Silver Jewelry Set

A necklace with her initials on the pendant

A bracelet with her name

There are sterling stores who create customized sterling set. The letters are limited though. Most allow 6 to 8 letters. You can choose the fonts.

Anti-aging Kit or Product

Ladies defy aging. Buy the brand or product that she is already using.

What is the Price

What is usually the price range of your gifts to your mom?

See results

Drop here one wish that you wish you could give to your mom this mothers' day

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    • Scindhia H profile image

      Scindhia 4 years ago from Chennai

      Your list of gifts is awesome. The article about your daughter was beautiful.. :) I wish I could give my mother a vacation for a week allowing her to do whatever she likes!

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 4 years ago from Kentucky

      "till' the counting ends" how sweet! Can't wait until my sons are able to speak to me. I thought that was very cute, I just love being a momma don't you!

    • profile image

      ChristyZ 4 years ago

      Very nice Mother's Day lens, I love your intro photo, it's beautiful! You listed a great selection of gifts that any mom would be thrilled to receive. :)

    • chanis lm profile image

      chanis lm 5 years ago

      Great lens. I love the idea of buying peace of mind... I wish! And your children's expressions of love are so precious. You are a lucky mother!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Nice lens. Will be visiting it again come Mother's Day. Thanks

    • michalk lm profile image

      michalk lm 5 years ago

      Just love.

    • Iftikhar-Hussain profile image

      Iftikhar-Hussain 5 years ago

      Oh very sweet lens .. I like it :)