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iCarly Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on February 6, 2012

Are your kids big fans of the Nickelodeon TV Show iCarly? If they are you may have been asked to give them an iCarly Birthday Party Theme and now you need some ideas on creating an iCarly Birthday Cake or even some iCarly Cupcakes.

Miranda Cosgrove who plays iCarly just recently celebrated her 16th Birthday with a cake of her own along with the cast of the show Jennette McCurdy (Sam), Nathan Kress (Freddie) and Jerry Trainor (Spencer).

MIranda Cosgrove's 16th (iCarly) Birthday Cake was a big sheet cake frosted Pink with Purple Trim. On it was an Edible Cake Image of herself and surrounded by Icing Roses in Pink and Purple.

So I going to give you some inspiration and ideas on ways you can create a SWEET iCarly Birthday Cake for your Fan and even some fun iCarly Cupcake Ideas that can look just as good.

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Creating an iCarly Cake like MIranda's

Miranda Cosgrove's Cake was just a basic Sheet Cake - obviously they had to feed an entire Cast with it, but you can create one similar in a smaller scale. Most of us will create a 13" x 9" or if we have a decent amount of party guests then a 1/2 Sheet Cake.

Now you may not find the exact Edible Image used on MIranda's Cake, but you have a lot of choices. You can find all your iCarly Edible Cake Images on Ebay - some have the whole cast and others just feature iCarly.

Frost your Cake Pink and then top with you image. Take some Purple Icing and pipe around the image and the edges of the Cake.

If you know how to make Roses from the icing - pipe some on to the corners - if not you can buy some Sugar Roses in Pink and Purple as well as Sugar Leaves to give you the same effect.

iCarly Cake Toppers

You can also choose to use a Cake Topper Kit and there is one iCarly Cake Topper Kit that is readily available it is the iCarly Mouse Cake Topper Set. The set comes with a iCarly plastic topper and a removable Mouse that is a clip and can be used to attach to a book bag or purse after used on the cake.

You can also have fun with the cake and maybe use one of the iCarly Sam's Remote Toys and place that on top of the cake and maybe you have one on hand already.

You can also use the iCarly Switch Doll Figures and place them on top of your decorated cake. The Bonus is the guest of honor gets some news toys when the party is over.

Get Creative - see what iCarly toys may be around the house and already on hand and work with what you have.

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Create an iCarly Laptop Cake

This iCarly Laptop Birthday Cake was created by Casey's Cakes and you can do it too. I like this one because they were very creative in the way they made it.

They took a 12"x 18" Sheet Cake and frosted it to look like a Desk. Then using the iCarly Laptop Centerpiece, which they they cut up and modified and placed on top of Fondant covered cardboard pieces. The keyboard reads out the birthday message. Then theĀ  iPod & Mouse are formed with fondant.

Is that creative or what?

iCarly Cupcake Toppers

If you are a Cupcake fan you can easily create some iCarly Cupcakes using some iCarly Cupcake Rings. These are fun for the kids because they get to lick the frosting off and keep the rings.

You can also chose to use the iCarly Edible Cupcake Image Toppers which are very to use and just get placed on the top of your frosted cupcakes. There are many choices of these available so you have lots of images to chose from.

Or make your own using photos you find on the web. Just print them out and glue them onto Heavy Cardstock. Attach a Toothpick to the back and stick them into your cupcakes. So Easy, Simple and Affordable. You can even use the Photo Cupcake Picks below to hold your pictures which are colorful and fun.

iCarly Birthday Cake and Cupcake Photos for more Inspiration

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Shortbread City's photostreamlittlesweetiescupcake.blogspot.comtheedibl
Shortbread City's photostream
Shortbread City's photostream

iCarly Birthday Party Supplies

Of course you can not have an iCarly Birthday without your iCarly Birthday Party Supplies. Lucky for you I have put together some fun iCarly Supplies I have found and some ideas for your iCarly Party on my Party Blog. You will find iCarly Invitations, iCarly Party Games, all your iCarly Paper goods and more.

To see the post Visit Here:

iCarly Birthday Party Supplies

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