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iCarly Custom Personalized Birthday Shirt

Updated on December 30, 2012
From Ebay Seller: planetofsmiles
From Ebay Seller: planetofsmiles

iCarly T-Shirts for the Birthday Child

I think any iCarly fan would love to have a Custom Personalized T-Shirt to wear for their iCarly Birthday Party. These shirts are offered on EBay and the sellers allow you to customize them with Birthday Child's Name and Greeting. There are a number if design choices to choose from.

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Personalized iCarly Party Invitations

Now start the party off right with some unique iCarly Party Invitations.I find that EBay has a lot of great iCarly invitations to choose from that you can personalize with all your party information. Some sellers will even send you the file to print yourself - being a party planner I know there are some last minute parents out there. So this is always a great option for some high quality invites that look like a million buck and get the kids excited to come to the party.

I really like the iCarly Ticket Style Invitations and the iCarly VIP Pass Invitations - they are very different and unique.

iCarly Pinatas

Kids love having Pinatas at their Birthday Parties and they are lots of fun. You can find some cute iCarly Pinatas being made and sold on EBay to go along with your iCarly Theme.

Some ideas for some Non Candy Fillers: iCarly Stickers, iCarly Bracelets, Nail Polishes, Small Make Up, Bouncy Balls etc...

iCarly loves peanut butter - so maybe add some candy like Peanut Butter Cups.

iCarly Deluxe Party Pack
iCarly Deluxe Party Pack
iCarly Party Favor Box
iCarly Party Favor Box
iCarly Dinner Plates - BFF Design
iCarly Dinner Plates - BFF Design

iCarly Party Supplies

Now you can decorate the party with some iCarly paper goods. You will find there is a nice selection available featuring iCarly,Sam and lets not forget Freddy - that the kids will love. You can even add touches like get solid color supplies and just add in some iCarly dessert plates or napkins to save money and make it more Budget Friendly. That is what I usually do when my kids want a particular theme party.

iCarly Deluxe Party Pack - Includes 8 invitations, thank-you postcards, divided dinner plates, cups,forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, iCarly tablecover,centerpiece, prismatic star mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), cake candles.

Also available to match is the:

iCarly Party Favor Box which includes purple with blue stars favor box includes an iCarly notepad, compact mirror and sticker sheet, plus a pair of stick-on stone earrings, assorted lipstick-shaped pen, assorted-color feather ring.

iCarly BFF Party Supplies design featuring iCarly and Sam and can be found at the Nick Shop.

My Daughter's iCarly Party

I had a iCarly movie premier for my daughter - I had invited a bunch of her girly friends over to watch iCarly goes to Japan. I had them all come in their PJ's so they were comfy being it was a nighttime show. I then also had all my daughter's dress up clothing out for the girls and we did video clips of them having a great time iCarly Style. The girls had a great night of fun. I then took the footage and created a fun iCarly Theme Video that I burned to DVD and my daiughter gave to all the girls who came. They loved it. So this is an idea for you to do at your party.

You can actually get iCarly disposable cameras and purchse a few of them and let the girls have fun taking pictures. You can also give them a video camera to make some fun videos. The kids love to do this. You can then easily create a fun video using what I do - One True Media and then burn them to DVD's as a party Thank You.

See my video below.

iCarly Party Favors and Pinata Filler Ideas

My iCarly Video

iCarly Party Music

iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show
iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show

Music From and Inspired by the iCarly TV Show featuring songs like: 1. The Countdown

2. Leave It All to Me (Theme from iCarly)

3. What's Next, Baby?

4. Stay My Baby

5. About Me?

6. About You Now

7. Build-A-Bra

8. Beautiful Girls (Nickelodeon Mix)

9. Sam's Second Toe

10. I Don't Wanna Be In Love

11. Locked In The Closet

12. I Like That Girl

13. We Hated Your Girlfriend

14. Girlfriend (Nickelodeon Mix)

15. Blueberry Belly Button

16. Freckles

17. Gas Station Snacks

18. Face In The Hall

19. You Can't Do That!

20. Let's Hear It For The Boy


iCarly Shows

If you can get the kids to quiet down a bit you can stick in some of the original iCarly Season DVD's for them to watch. They will get a kick out of seeing some of the older footage of Miranda Cosgrove and the gang and enjoy some good laughs. It is amazing at how young they looked from 1st season to today. Kids grow so fast don't they?

Just look at the picture from Season 1 - WoW

iCarly Cast from Season 1

iCarly Madlibs

iCarly Madlib Fun

My kids love Madlibs and I have so many books - when there friends come over we take them out and come up with some very funny stuff. It is funt o see them giggle at how the story sounds when it is all done. I also like the fact that it is a bit educatiobnal teaching them about Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. Some how - Hiney, Butt and Farts are the most popular - go figure!!!

So at your iCarly Party break out these Madlibs and get ready for some laughs as the kids come up with the craziets woirds to add to the stories.

Nickelodeon’s iCarly Madlibs follows the life of spunky tween Carly and her BFF Sam as they host their own Web show. With 21 silly stories based on the hilarious hit show, iCarly Mad Libs will have you rolling on the floor ____________________ [verb]!

iCarly Charades Game

Who does not love to play a good game of Charades? Well at your party your can play iCarly Charades to make it even better.

The classic game of charades reaches a new height of wackiness in the iCarly Charades Game. Try to act out phrases like "groovy smoothie" and "crazy fruit dude" silently for your team. Charades categories include "iCarly Favorites". "Sculpt It" and more! It's a race to the finish but only one team can do a butt dance of victory! So put on your dance helment and neon socks and get ready for the zany fun of the iCarly Charades Game.

Tell me the iCarly fans at your party would not love to get in on this action?

iCarly Books Make great Party Favors and Prizes

There are a lot of iCarly Books on the market and they make the perfcet party favor or prizes at your party. If you give an iCarly Book that is all you really need to give and it is the perfcet partyfavor. If you like you can add in a bookmark that you can design and print yourself to keep it budget friendly.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on party favors - just remember to keep it simple and that a party favor is just a small token to say thanks for coming to my party. Parents will thank you for that and giving a book promotes reading and that is always a good thing.

iCarly Cast Photo

Nickelodeon iCarly Charades Game

iCarly Trading Cards

Who knew iCarly had Trading Cards? What a marketers dream huh? So what exactly are they you ask? Trading Cards all about the iCarly Show - what more can I say.

I do think this is another great idea for a party favor or even pinata filler - how fun would it be to see cards flying all over the place?

Each iCarly Trading Card Box comes with: 24 packs of 7 cards. That's 168 Cards - WoW.

iCarly Gifts

It is overwhelming by the amount of iCarly Merchandise out on the market, but I have found some really neat stuff. So now we move onto the gifts. So whether you are buying for your child or someones elses who is a HUGE iCarly Fan - check out some of the stuff below for some great ideas.

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