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Ice Sculpture Molds and Ice Luge Molds

Updated on August 25, 2011

Ice Sculpture Molds For Stylish Decoration

Here's a great selection of ice sculpture molds in various designs to choose from. There's an ice sculpture mold for every type of party or event. If you want a stand out decorative effect, go for an ice sculpture, they're amazing displays that are always big talking points for guests!

With these easy to use ice sculpture molds you're getting real value for money. No paying over the odds for a professional ice sculptor, you can create an ice sculpture with ease by using these brilliant molds. Some of the molds listed are also reusable, so you're getting extra special value because you can use them time and time again.

See below for the great range of designs to choose from, there's also ice luge molds for the more wild kind of party!

Ice Sculpture Molds For Any Occasion

The beautiful Swan, Star and Fish ice sculptures can be used for any party or event. They aren't themed so would work well for any occasion.

All reusable, these ice sculpture molds measure 14" high, 11" wide and 3" deep. That's small enough to fit in most conventional freezers, but still big enough that the finished creation makes an impact.

You don't have to fill them with just water either, you can also freeze colored water, juice, ice cream, gelatin, even melted chocolate!

Ice Sculpture Molds For Weddings, Anniversaries or Valentines

These are beautiful ice sculptures that are pure romance.

The first 2 listed are reusable, the second 2 aren't.

The reusable bride and groom and heart ice sculpture molds are the same dimensions as those listed above: 14" high, 11" wide, 3" deep.

The one use bride and groom ice sculpture mold measures 28" high, 14" wide, 22" deep. The one use heart ice sculpture mold measures 27.5" high, 14.13" wide, 23.25 deep.

Obviously, if you choose the one use ice sculpture molds you're going to get a bigger ice sculpture as the finished result. With the reusable molds you're getting a smaller ice sculpture, but one that can be used to create multiples. You would simply keep the finished ice sculptures in a sealed bag in the freezer until needed.

Ice Sculpture Molds For Birthdays And Other Occasions

Halloween, Christmas, Easter, there's an ice sculpture mold to decorate all these celebrations and more!

The first 5 molds listed are reusable, the last 2 aren't.

All reusable ice sculpture molds come in at the same dimensions: 14" high, 11" wide, 3" deep.

The one use dolphin ice sculpture mold measures 25" high, 14 1/4" wide, 20 1/2" deep.

The one use clam shell ice sculpture measures 19" high, 12" wide, 18" deep.

It's recommended that the reusable molds be frozen for 48 hours, the one use molds 48 - 72.

This is a brilliant way to create stunning party and event decorations with ease at home. If you really want to wow your guests, get creative with an ice sculpture mold and present on a block of ice to keep the ice from melting for longer.

Ice sculptures are beautiful creations that you see at all the best events. You don't have to pay a fortune or spend hours of hard work to have one for yourself, simply buy an ice sculpture mold and you'll have you very own stunning creations to show off to all your family and friends!

Ice Luge Molds

For the more adventurous party display, an ice luge is great fun!

What better way to serve your shots than through a drinkable ice sculpture! They look great, you're able to serve your shots in a creative way and it's just plain good fun to play around with.

All ice luge molds listed are one use only, but that doesn't mean that they aren't still great value for money. Each mold measures 12" high, 12" wide and 8" deep and holds around 2 gallons of water. A decent size luge, but one that will still fit in a conventional freezer.

When frozen, the ice luge will last for 2 - 4 hours, prolong the life of your luge by only using cold drinks. Room temperature will also have a bearing on how long before the luge melts.

One of the coolest things about the ice luges is that when they're frozen, you can put different colored LED lights into a special area to light the luge up. This is so effective at night, it really makes the luge a brilliant party decoration.

If you want an ice sculpture with the fun factor, go for one of these ice luge molds. The finished result will be a hit with all your guests, and you'll have an impressive party display for all to admire!

LED Luge Lights

These are the cool lights to use once your ice luge is frozen.

Simply turn on with the push of a button and you'll have at least 24 hours of party lighting. Your luge will have long melted way before the battery on these LED lights fades.

This will create a brilliant effect through the ice, you can chose one color, or go for a couple of different ones for a more dramatic effect.

If you're going for an ice luge mold, you should definitely get yourself an LED light or lights to create an overall amazing light show effect.

This is a party decoration that is sure to be remembered!


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