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Helpful Ideas For Baby Shower Party Planning

Updated on September 14, 2011
Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Here are some Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower

So you're planning a baby shower and need some ideas? Great!

I love baby showers, I have three handsome boys and had a baby shower for all three of them, so I know that planning a baby shower have a lot of things for the host to do and I am going to walk you through 10 simple steps to planning the best baby shower.

Are you planning a baby shower with the expectant mother knowing about it or is this a baby shower surprise party?

If the mother-to-be knows about the baby shower then these are some of the things she can assist you with;

  • Give her a rough estimate of the amount of people you'd like to invite and let her help you with the guest list of baby shower invitees; (both parents side of the family, friends, associates etc)
  • Names and Locations of stores she's registered with for baby gifts.
  • What Baby shower theme she'd love to have, color codes, decorations etc.
  • Also let her have the choice of location for her baby shower, wherever she is most comfortable with (friend or relative home etc).
  • You can find out from her which date and time is most convenient for her.

Surprise Baby Shower Ideas

If you are planning a surprise baby shower, here are 10 easy step by step guidelines to planning the best baby shower.


  • Its always better to plan your baby shower three months before where she will be more comfortable, if it can't be help you can throw a baby shower 6 to 8 weeks before the birth of the new baby.

1. Guest List

Get the complete names, addresses or contact numbers of attendees for the baby shower is the first way to start your party planning.

You can obtain names from the expectant mother parents side and not forgetting the father-to-be parents side for baby shower invitees.

If you're unable to get in contact with the father-to-be parents, then contact the father-to-be and he can assist you by putting you in contact with his parents.

You can also get names from the father-to-be, who can give you names of their friends, associates, relatives (sisters, aunts) etc.

Anyone you can go to for names will be greatly appreciated for the parents-to-be, the more people you can put on the list the better.

Chances are only 75% to 80% will show up because they have prior engagements on that date, or for some reason can't attend. Most of the time when guests can't attend they usually still buy a gift off the registry or send a gift card to the parents.

2. Date and Time


Even though its a surprise shower, try to work with the expectant mother spouse to find out what day and time will be free and flexible for her.

Its better to throw baby showers on a weekend when most people are available and don't have to work etc.

Even though Saturdays are mostly when people do grocery shopping, or take care of stuff for their kids etc, it is still a good day to throw a baby shower. Weekend baby shower usually last over 5 hours.

However if you decide to throw a weekday shower, an evening baby shower can last around 3 hours.


Make sure the time you choose is the most convenient time for everyone. Don't choose an early time, give people enough time to complete their Saturday ups and downs.

Usually 3pm is a good time to start a shower, also keep in mind some people will be running late and may need to stop off to pick up their baby shower gift.

3. Baby Shower Theme

Having a baby shower theme is an excellent way to start your baby shower party planning.

It will help you choose the best baby shower party supplies, give you an idea of what color scheme to work with, decorations for baby shower to use, baby shower invitations to buy etc.

This is also very helpful whether you know the baby sex or not that you're party planning for, because there lovely; boy baby shower themes, girls baby shower themes, unisex baby shower themes and even twin baby shower themes.

Working with a baby shower theme helps make your party planning a whole lot easier.

4. Location

Location, location, location! Its very important in planning a baby shower. It will be nice (especially when planning a surprise baby shower), to choose a location where she will not have the slightest idea of what's going on.

You can choose a relative, or friend home of the parents-to-be, that have sufficient space to accommodate the size of the guests.

Her husband, her parents or her husband parents, can help you come up with an appropriate home to throw the baby shower, if you're unsure.

Please don't choose her house as the location for throwing the surprise baby shower.

Believe it or not, my baby shower was suppose to be a surprise and they throw the shower where I was staying, I notice the extra cleaning inside and outside, back and forth, grocery shopping etc.

So choosing her home is definitely a No No!

5. Baby Shower Invitations

There are so many cute invitations you can select; boys baby shower invitations, girl baby shower invitations and even unisex invitations.

Here are a few types of baby shower invitations you can consider;

  • Baby Shower Theme Invitations
  • Personalized Baby Shower Invitations
  • Modern Baby Shower Invitations
  • Printable Baby Shower Invitations
  • Couples Baby Shower Invitations
  • Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Please mail baby shower invitations at least 2 weeks before the baby shower, giving guests enough time to add it to their schedule.

Things you must put on the unique baby shower invitations;

  • Name of the person being honored
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Which store(s) she have her baby registry
  • Who the baby shower is given by
  • RSVP
  • Host Contact No.
  • Directions to the Shower Location

6. Baby Shower Decorations

This is a must have!

How pleasing it is to see the place so gorgeously decorated with baby shower decorations

You can decorate the place utilizing the baby shower theme and choose color schemes from the baby shower theme as well.

If you'd like to add a personal touch to your decorating, you can also consider personalized baby shower decorations.

7. Baby Shower Favors

Its always a good gesture to have baby shower favors to give to your guests.

Its polite to have shower favors and its a remembrance of the joy, love and support towards the new parents-to-be.

When it comes to baby shower favors there are such a wide variety of cute baby shower favors to select from. If you know the sex you can choose the appropriate girl baby shower favors, boy baby shower favors or twin baby shower favors as well.

Here are some baby shower favors ideas you can consider;

  • Baby shower theme favors
  • Personalized baby shower favors
  • Baby shower candy for favors
  • Baby shower soap favors
  • Baby shower Hershey chocolate favors
  • Baby shower chocolate bar favors
  • Baby shower favors cookies
  • Crystal baby shower favors
  • Candle baby shower favors
  • Homemade baby shower favors ideas

8. Baby Shower Games

A shower is not a shower without fun and laughter!

This is a great way to break the ice when families, friends and associates on both sides of the expectant parents come together.

They will be able to have fun, laughter and carry fond memories of that special day, not forgetting the prize they've won!

Here are some Baby Shower Games you can consider;

  • Free baby shower games
  • Printable baby shower games
  • Couples baby shower games
  • Twin baby shower games
  • Baby shower games book

Don't forget to purchase baby shower game prizes to present to the winner! This will make you baby shower party more enjoyable, memorable and talked about your guests!

9. Food

Food, hummn yum yum..

Apart from the opening of baby shower gifts, guests having fun playing baby shower games, and the lovely Baby shower decorations..

The Food is a very important part of the Baby Shower.

Planning to cook food for the baby shower? Here are a few ways you can go about it;

First decide what baby shower menu you'd like to have at the party;

  • Appetizers
  • Main course
  • Desserts, snacks..
  • Drinks etc

If any one had volunteer help, this will be a good time to accept their assistance. You can ask them to cook something from your menu for each of them to bring to the shower.

It will take a lot of burden off one individual having to make everything, especially seeing that you are the host, you already have so much commitments.

If you don't have enough volunteers, you can take into consideration ordering food to go along with your menu or ask from both side of the family, if anyone will be interested in helping with the preparation of the food.

Need Free RECIPES? click here

10. Helpers

It's a good idea to get help when planning the perfect baby shower.

If any one volunteers their assistance whether it be financial or otherwise, don't hesitate to say yes if volunteered by her mother, mother-in-law, friends, family members etc.

There is so much planning to do and things to get, I know some extra financial help can go a long way!

Also do not hesitate to accept non financial help as well, you can delicate them to do certain things;

  • Accept assistance for preparing certain foods, snacks etc.
  • Assisting you with the baby shower cake
  • They can help you with the baby shower invitations and tracking RSVP's
  • You'll definitely need help with the baby shower games.
  • Homemade baby shower favors, if you know someone who is into arts and crafts and are very creative that will be a good person to ask.
  • Decorating the place for the shower.

Try to accept help with someone who'll love to assist you and who you can work with.


Key Notes

When planning your baby shower, here are some important things to keep in mind;

  • Please provide a soft chair for the expectant mother, she'll be sitting most of the time and you'd want her to be comfortable.
  • Host baby shower in a location where there are bathroom facilities for the expectant mother and guests to use.
  • Try your best to choose a non-smoking area.
  • Serve non-alcoholic drinks.

To find unique baby shower themes, baby shower decorations, favors, games and much more helpful baby shower items to assist in you in your baby shower party planning click here.

All the best in your Baby Shower Party Planning!

Feel Free to leave me a comment, I will love to hear from you!


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    • profile image

      Kaylie 3 years ago

      Cool! That's a clever way of loknoig at it!

    • profile image

      Natsumi 3 years ago

      I've helped give a lot of baby sehwors and find that when a lot of women gather together, they would love to do something or create something. - Buy white onesies and allow everyone to decorate a onesie. Usually women like to work in groups of two or three to do this. Give a prize for the best or most creative design. I've also seen this done with bibs at another shower. - Baby rooms need art so it's nice to have some creative Moms paint some small canvases. Only provide groups with the colors of the nursery so that everything can still match. Give each group a theme such as alphabet, numbers, colors or animals to paint. *Before inviting women to this type of shower, let them know on the invitation that they will be painting canvases.- If the baby nursery hasn't been done, you can have guests design it. We just had a shower for a friend and everyone painted a shape on a wall and wrote on the wall. - If the sex of the baby is known and the baby's name has been choosen, give guests a paper with the baby's name and have them make acrostic poems.

    • babynology profile image

      babynology 4 years ago from New York

      Congratulation on maintaining a great hub. My hub is about baby names and baby names mening - All suggestion baby naming.

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      I know what you mean dear.

      I share your similar interests!

      I love baby showers myself. I had three baby showers, it was fun fun fun!

    • sincerely25 profile image

      sincerely25 7 years ago from United States

      I truly love baby showers, especially the food and games!