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IDGA*D aka I don't give a * Day

Updated on September 11, 2014
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I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

Curmudgeonly Yours

Its Hot,, inside its not, cranky mood, and so its their doom

During August we usually get the hottest day of the year, plus its suppose to be the hottest month of the summer. Which makes for quite a few IDGA* days! This can be any month week or day and will vary greatly by person.

It doesn't fall on a specific day, it depends on the person

  • how hot where they are is,
  • if they are injured or sick,
  • or in a woman's case when PMS hits
  • or for anyone when they get so frustrated well You know the cry "I DON'T GIVE A **** "

So it doesn't even have to be in august, but usually hit really hard at least one day during this month.

2013 July has so far had the hottest weather well at least for a week or 2 High 90's plus massive humidity.

as for myself progressive pain.

Can you tell I DGA*

Can you tell I DGA*
Can you tell I DGA*

IDGA*** symptoms

If you have 3-5 of these symptoms... The You Don't give a ***

  • yawning
  • doodling
  • talking back
  • playing games
  • eye rolling
  • rudeness
  • inconsiderate
  • rather be anywhere than where you are
  • rather do anything but what you are doing
  • sleeping on the job

just to name a few

One major time of year

I would say is a IDGA*** is a whole month maybe even two. Why would this be? Well frankly it's in the days, strike that maybe a couple months before December. I've learned depending on where you live some stores start to put their decorations or the music on sometimes as early as September!

Now I celebrate an earlier holiday called yule as well the Winter solstice which was celebrated before Christmas ever existed. I celebrated Christmas when I was a kid and well I know better now. Honestly I don't think I would be such a grump about it if the stores & other people learned you do not put those decorations up before Thanksgiving and you take them down after no later than a week after the New Year (because I know not everyone that has them up past this time as it is 'Little Christmas' and I know all of you are not Ukrainian and any other regions that celebrate it.

So December is a big IDGA*** MONTH

Another reason may be because if you are going to put up (say if you do celebrate) Christmas decorations there's also Kwanzaa & (I hope I spell this right) Chanukah's not to mention Yule or Winter solstice at least put something out for each of those for your customers. Too bad the only Chanukah song I know is by Adam Sandler So with that it would be nice if the radio stations would find some music that goes with the other holidays and play them otherwise I'll just have a 2nd Halloween & play all myhalloween music again!

Or just Stripmind's "Jingle My Bells'"

Food & Drinks

Sloppy Joes


'gettis w/ Red sauce



Red wine

Kool-aid/hawaiian Punch


the idea is basically anything that more likely will fall on your shirt or the carpet & stain it.

What do you not give a * about

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\w/ Whatever \w/ - What don't you Give a F' about today?

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