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Jack Daniels Gifts

Updated on April 25, 2012

Jack Daniels Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for a Jack Daniels fan then you have come to the right place! Here's a wide and varied selection of Jack Daniels gifts to surprise and delight your recipient. No matter what the celebration, there's a Jack Daniels gift for all.

Below you will find Jack Daniels gift sets, hip flasks, glasses, decanters, wallets, clothing, hats, foods, cookbooks, coffee, lighters, even a Jack Daniels chess set amongst other things. This is a great range of Jack Daniels gift ideas all in one place.

Prices range between $7.00 to $160.00 so there is something for every budget. Whatever your Jack Daniels gift need is, you'll be sure to find it below.

Jack Daniels Gift Sets and Flasks

Possibly the most obvious choice of Jack Daniels gift would be a flask, so here's an excellent range of gift sets that include flasks and other JD items.

You can choose from a flask / case / shot / funnel gift set in 3 different designs.

A Jack Daniels flask and Zippo lighter gift set.

Or a flask and Jack Daniels belt buckle gift set.

They all come beautifully presented in a stylish black gift box.

If you are looking to buy a Jack Daniels flask on its own there are plenty of designs to choose from as you can see.

This is a lovely gift idea for anyone who enjoys a Jack Daniels tipple. It's a stylish gift that will be used for many years to come.

Jack Daniels Glasses

If a flask isn't in the running as a gift idea, either because your recipient already has one or it just wouldn't be their thing, these glasses are a great drinking gift alternative.

Drinking glasses are a good gift idea in general because everyone uses them. Combined with the Jack Daniels logo and designs, these would make an excellent gift choice for the JD connoisseur.

The cheapest gift on the page is in this section, it's the Jack Rocks glass at the bottom. If you are on a really tight budget, this glass is a lovely example of an affordable piece of Jack Daniels merchandise that works great as a standalone gift.

If your budget isn't quite so tight, think about creating a set from the individual glasses, you can choose 4 of either the Jack Rocks or barrel glasses and still get change from $30.00. That's a really good price for such well designed pieces.

If you still haven't found the gift for you, scroll down, there are plenty more options to suit all budgets.

Next we have some rather sexy Jack Daniels decanters for the JD connoisseur who like to pour in style!

Jack Daniels Decanters

More for the way it looks than anything else, a decanter for whiskey is a stylish gift that shows off the liquor in a refined manner.

Unlike when decanting wine, the decanter doesn't affect the Jack Daniels, it merely acts as a different way of serving it, other than from the original bottle.

If you are looking for a gift a little on the fancy side, these decanters may be an option.

Jack Daniels Wallets

Getting away from the drinking gifts, here's a stylish selection of JD wallets to choose from. Wallets are a practical gift idea that are highly likely to actually get used.

All wallets tire eventually and need replacing, if your gift recipient has a wallet in good working order, but you want to give them one of these, do so! They'll either change over straight away because it's a Jack Daniels wallet, or they'll save it until their old wallet needs replacing. Either way, it's a good gift choice!

Jack Daniels Clothing

Whenever I see a Jack Daniels t-shirt it always reminds me of Guns N' Roses back in the day when they were known as the most dangerous band in the world. The image of Slash in his leathers, JD t-shirt and low slung guitar is iconic. Ah, how rock bands and JD fit so perfectly together.

But you of course don't have to be a rock star to rock the Jack Daniels look, it's accessible for everyone.

These are just a few example of the cool clothing that Jack Daniels produce. If you want to check out a bigger selection, go through to the product pages for lots more choice.

Jack Daniels Hats

Here's a choice of cap, beanie and cowboy hats from the Jack Daniels range.

Not necessarily the obvious choice for a gift, but an option for hat loving JD drinkers all the same!

Again, go through to the product pages for lots more styles of Jack Daniels hats.

Jack Daniels Foods

For anyone into barbecues, these are great gift ideas. Choose from a gift basket packed with JD and Jim Beam grilling goodies filled with sauces, marinades, mustards and dips from the Jack Daniels range, and jerky, chips and loads more from Jim Beam. It's an amazing gift.

Alternatively, go for the Lynchburg BBQ and grilling gift pack. All sauces are made with Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels Cookbooks

For the JD fan who loves to cook, these cookbooks are ideal gifts.

The Old Time Barbecue cookbook has just under 300 recipes.

Cooking With Jack has over 120.

And the Hometown Cookbook has 350.

That's a lot of Jack Daniels recipe ideas in each book to make the perfect gift for the JD drinker who's also a food lover and backyard cook. If they're into JD and like to take charge of the barbecue, a JD cookbook would be a brilliant gift choice!

Jack Daniels Coffee

Coffee may seem like an unusual gift choice, but for the Jack Daniels fan who also loves their java, this couldn't get any better.

With 4 different blends to choose from, you can easily create your own Jack Daniels coffee gift basket, or gift pack by choosing a couple or all 4 blends to include.

This is delicious coffee that anyone who likes both flavors will love. It's an affordable gift choice that shows thoughtfulness, providing your gift recipent loves coffee too!

If you love Jack Daniels, this is a must try!

Other Jack Daniels Gift Ideas

Here's yet more Jack Daniels gift ideas to choose from to suit all budgets.

The obvious standouts here are gifts for smokers, poker players, chess players and drinkers. The keychain and fleece blanket are gifts that could be given to any Jack Daniels fan.

This section is home to the most expensive JD gift on the page, it's the Jack Daniels chess set and it's really, really cool. Ideally, you would buy this for someone who plays chess, though it would also suit a person who doesn't (they can learn) but who loves decorative things for the home.

Each piece of the set is hand painted, and the King is represented by Mr Daniel, with the Belle of Lincoln decanter being his Queen. Corn, the main grain used in making Jack Daniels represents the Bishop, and the Knight is depicted by the office safe that Jack kicked and lead to his death. A rick of hard sugar maple wood represents the Rook and the Pawns are represented by the iconic Jack Daniels black label bottles.

The chess board which has the Jack Daniels logo on it doubles up as a carry case for the chess pieces. It's an amazing piece of Jack Daniels merchandise that would make the perfect gift for the JD fan into chess or the history of Jack Daniels.

Hopefully you have found what you were looking for, or been given some new Jack Daniels gift ideas. There's something for every fan of JD here and to suit all budgets, so have a great celebration, whatever it may be!

Jack Daniels Chess Set
Jack Daniels Chess Set


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