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Jake Neverland Pirates Costume

Updated on September 23, 2013

Jake Neverland Pirates Costume You Can Make At Home

The Jake Neverland Pirate costume is one of the easiest halloween outfit you can make at home. As you can see from the image on the left, you can very easily go through your child's dresser and find most of the clothes and accessories that make Jake.

So what do you need to complete this costume?

1) A red bandana

2) a blue vest/waistcoat with yellow piping and yellow buttons

3) blue trousers with black belt

4) white short-sleeved collarless shirt

5) brown boots (preferably with a J written/glued on it)

6) Jack's trademark pirate sword

All these you probably have at home. If not, it should be easy to transform the clothes that you already have into a Jake Neverland pirates costume.

Failing that, you can just buy one (which I tend to do for Halloween because I'm lazy and they look so much better than the ones I make!).

Buy Jake And The Neverland Pirates Costume - Why Make One At Home When You Can Buy It?

Well, yes, you can escape the late nights of making the perfect costume and just buy the costume online. It's all made and it looks pretty great too.

Less hassle, looks better.. what's better than that? LOL!

Click Here If You Want to Buy this Costume. This Is A popular costume this year so get it before the prices suddenly go up!

First Step: Raid Everyone's Dresser - Look at what I got for the Jake Costume?

Jack Neverland Pirate Costume DIY
Jack Neverland Pirate Costume DIY

Bear in mind all the materials you need to make a Jake Neverland Pirates costume. Look at the image of Jake again and go into everyone's dresser at home to look for materials that you can use.

The first place for me to look was obviously my son's drawers. When I couldn't find everything I needed there, I foraged in the bags of old clothes and then I looked at mine (but no luck there!)

So anyway, after almost 30 minutes (!) of looking, I finally had most of what I needed - a pair of red trousers (for the bandana), light blue top (for size reference), and blue trousers.

As you can see, I couldn't find the rest of what I needed to make the costume, so I had to buy things like piping material, felt paper and foam fabric (is there a correct term for this? It's basically a fabric with a foam)

The Plain Red Bandana Or Scarf

I'm sure you have one at your disposal you fashionable mom!

My wardrobe is a little bit limited and I couldn't a plain red scarf. But guess what I found? An Old pair of red pajamas... So go on... scavenge and look for anything red in that drawer.

The Making Of The White Top

So, let's start with the white shirt.

What distinguishes Jake's white shirt are the torn sleeves, the absence of a collar, and the black tie. This was easy to do with the white polo shirt that I had.

Simply cut off the collar,

take off the buttons

and cut (?) the sleeves into three. (I think I snipped it a bit too far looking at the picture now. Perhaps, snipping it a smaller bit and making more of a triangle shape rather than a snip would have looked better)

The Vest/Waistcoat

Jake Neverland Pirates Halloween Costume Make Your Own
Jake Neverland Pirates Halloween Costume Make Your Own

For me, this was the one that took the longest time to make. My first idea was to use an old (light blue) shirt.

I cut off the sleeves and cut the front into two. I then added some piping on the front area and that looked pretty fine to me -- but then the 5 year old who is wearing it objected about the color saying it didn't look like Jake Neverland's vest, so I decided to use the dark blue felt paper.

For the pattern of this vest, I simply used the light blue shirt as a guide. If you're new to sewing, make sure you make the hole for the arms bigger as I cut mine a little bit smaller and doesn't really look that great.

So after this, just sew the back and front together, add the piping and buttons and you've got the best.

Not bad, huh?

Jake Neverland Pirates Boots

Make Jake Neverland Pirates Costume
Make Jake Neverland Pirates Costume

Any brown boots your child has should do. But if you don't have one, here's a quick and clever way to do it.

Make a shoe cover.

I had some foam cloth left from a festival we had in town so that's what I'm using for this. It's a lot sturdier and holds itself well.

First, I got the shoe ready and put it on top of the cloth which was folded in two.

I then drew an outline around it making sure there was enough space for the shoe to fit it. (this turned out to be smaller than what I would have wanted it to be -- the front part where the feet curves is a bit tricky, so bear this in mind)

Once this was done, I just sewed them together, leaving the bottom open.

Finally, I sewed an elastic in the bottom to make sure it doesn't fall off ( I was going to miss this, but again, the fastidious 5-year old wasn't too happy about that!)

And finally, the blue trousers

Luckily, my son, had blue trousers so voila! There you go.

Again, son was questioning the fact that Jake the Neverland pirates didn't have a paw print on his trousers. I just said no one would see this as it would be hidden by the boots.

So here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Jake the Neverland Pirate Costume For 2013

Hope you have as much fun making the costume as much as I did!

It took some time and luck with finding the materials (!)... But there you are...

Jake The Neverland Pirates Sword

And don't forget the Jake and the Neverland Pirates sword of course...

Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates 5 in 1 Sword
Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates 5 in 1 Sword

5 in 1 sword which includes a skeleton key that unlocks the secret tools.. yo oh oh!!!

Disney Jake And The Neverland Pirates Soft Sword
Disney Jake And The Neverland Pirates Soft Sword

A soft sword fitted for the little ones.


Does Your Child Love Jake and the Neverland Pirates Team?

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