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Khaleesi Costume

Updated on October 16, 2015

Khaleesi Costume Ideas From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has given us so many cool and interesting characters to inspire Halloween costumes. One of the best is Khaleesi. To dress up like Daenerys Targaryen, you can buy a Khaleesi-style outfit or make your own using some of the ideas you will find on this page.

To dress as Khaleesi, you have to know Daenerys Targaryen. Knowing who Khaleesi used to be before she became the beautiful Dothraki leader will give you useful background to stay in character. That's why I've provided some of Daenerys's back-story—who she was as a young girl, how she became the Khaleesi, and her relationship with her family members.

Which Will You Choose?

The elegant and regal Daenerys in a Roman-style gown or the sexy and tough Khaleesi in leathers?

The Elements of a Daenerys Costume

Platinum blond in intricate braids.
Leather halter with scales decorations and metal touches.
Long and brown.
Metal jewelry including arm bands, earrings, and necklaces. Dragon motif. Leather and metal belt. Leather boots.

The Elements of a Khaleesi Costume

Platinum blond, long and loose or in ornate braids.
Shiny fabrics decorated with dragon scales.
Rough-cut jewels and metal on jewelry. Chain belt. Boots or Roman-style sandals.

Khaleesi Costume from eBay

Take a look at this outfit and see how much it looks like the costume Daenerys wears when she is with the Dothraki people. The boots below would make perfect shoes for a battle-ready Daenerys costume.

Costume for Khaleesi

A long blond wig is an essential part of a Khaleesi costume, whether you choose the regal version or the tough version.

  • The gown that Khaleesi wears to court is long and Roman-styled. If you make it yourself, look for a satin or silky-fabric gown. It shouldn't be too fancy but should definitely be floor-length with long, flowing panels that drape from the breast-line to the ankles. Blue is her traditional gown color. Attach silver rope or braiding from a fabric store around the waist or neckline.
  • The tougher version of Khaleesi is ready for battle. She wears a leather halter or tank top and a long, brown skirt. Here the dragon motif is more important than ever. Stencil or draw dragon scales on your top and skirt, or look for some shiny dragon-scale print fabric and make a scarf to wrap around your wait.

Daenerys Targaryen vs Khaleesi Of The Dothraki - Which Costume Style Do You Like The Best

Gentle and soft Daenerys Targaryen costume ideas vs rugged and sexy Khaleesi of the Dothraki costume ideas, which is your preference?

Which Costume Do You Like Best - Khaleesi or Daenerys?

Queen Khaleesi: Her Story From Game of Thrones

Daenerys: Young Princess Stormborn


Daenerys Tangaryen is the daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen and his wife (and sister), Queen Rhaella. Her brother is Prince Viserys. Her father ruled over the Seven Kingdoms. During a rebellion, her pregnant mother and brother are forced to escape their palace to the family home in Dragonstone. A violent storm breaks out, destroying the king's naval fleet and the queen goes into labor. Because she was born during a horrific storm, Deanerys is sometimes called "Daenerys Stormborn." Queen Rhaella dies during her daughter's birth.

Meet Khal Drogo, King of the Dothraki

Khal Drogo is Khaleesi's husband.
Khal Drogo is Khaleesi's husband.

Stormborn Becomes Dothraki

The war was lost, King Aerys killed, the queen dead, and young Prince Viserys and little Princess Daenerys are spared by a group of friends still loyal to the Targaryens. The children live under the protection of Ser Willem Darry until he dies. When that happens, they are forced out of the only home they have ever known. They wander in search of benefactors and an army to fulfill the Prince Viserys' dream: to regain his father's kingdom and rule as the rightful heir of the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys is subject to his uncontrollable temper and his rantings. To keep the blood line pure incest was the way of the House of Targaryen, and young Daenerys believed that she would marry her brother someday. Instead, he uses her as a pawn to achieve his goal and arranges for his very young sister to marry a barbarian king known as Khal Drogo, ruler of the Dothraki people.

Did You Spell her Name Calesi?

Khaleesi is hard to spell!

It also means "queen" in Dothraki.

Did you know that in 2012 there were 146 baby girls named Khaleesi? In 2013 there were 241!

Daenerys Becomes Khaleesi

In essence, Daenerys has been sold in exchange for thousands of warriors to help Prince Viserys regain the "Iron Throne." She is 13 years old, a beautiful girl with violet eyes and the silver hair the Targaryens were known for. She has small features and is a gentle beauty. At the wedding, Daenerys receives three dragon eggs that are petrified and believed to be dead. They are a gift she treasures. She learns to admire rather than fear her husband, Drogo. His Dothaki ways are savage to her but she comes to see that his culture is brutal but fair and that he is a loving man. She responds to him and comes into her own as Khaleesi, beloved queen of the Dothraki people. She is no longer just the wife of the Khal.

Make Khaleesi's Braids

If you already have long blond hair or have a wig that isn't already braided, check out the videos below to learn how to make braids like Khaleesi.

Khaleesi Hair Video

Khaleesi Braid

Learn Dothraki

Did you know that the Dothraki language was inspired by Turkish, Russian, Estonian, Swahili, and the Canadian native language Inuktitut?

You are the moon of my life.

In Dothraki: Yer jalan atthirari anni.

Which Costume Did You Choose?

Did you dress up at the elegant Khaleesi or the battle-ready Daenerys?

See results

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