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Knit Velvet Bubble Dress For Girls-Perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or a Special Party

Updated on October 31, 2016

In my home everyone gets dressed up for the holidays. Since is it is Christmas time red seems to be the predominant color from young to old alike. With 3 young girls in our family, I decided to search for red Christmas dresses. The selection this year is grand and of course velvet is always a good choice for the season.

I found this red knitted velvet frock for our 8 year grand daughter Essie. She loves to dress up for any occasion and this one is perfect for her. She will be able to move around all of her holiday treasures of food and gifts with ease. The style is not too fussy and since she will want to play with all of those toys she can easily move about.

I paired the dress up with a few extras some golden ballet slipper shoes fit for my princess. Tights are a must so some striped red and white candy cane cuties. Essie always says "No boring hair grandmama!", so what better to top off the outfit than a bobbled grosgrain ribbon to wear in her hair.

When I gave her the dress she immediately put it on and danced around the room with enthusiasm. Since I already had the radio set to holiday music she started to sing along. She is a happy child and anything I do seems to please her. I just hope I have this much success with the teenagers. Some cute holiday ties with some brightly colored shirts ought to make them happy. I was thinking lime green shirts and with unique ties for each one. They don't want to be "Twinkies" so I may choose something fun for each of them.

Perfect Style

Holiday Accessories

Holiday Accessories such as Bows, headbands, glove, a hat, and jewelry all add to the charm of a simple little dress. Since I have 3 granddaughters who I buy dresses for taking my advice don't skimp on the accessories. Sometimes it's the accessories that create the style. Each girl like to be special.

1. Hair Accessories- this includes hair clips, bows, headbands, and hats. I like to, first of all, find the dress for each girl then hunt for accessories once I find the perfect dresses.

2. Glove- these are appropriate for very special occasions like midnight mass or other religious events.

3. Jewelry- this is a must have for any well dressed little girl. Choose something classic or find something particular to the holiday or occasion.

Once you have made your choices shoes and socks or perhaps tights are in order. Personally, I like to find the shoes first. That way choosing the choice of the stocking is much easier. Sometimes a particular shoe just requires tight and socks will never do for the outfit.

A Feminine Green Dress

Little Fashionistas in Holiday Attire

My little fashionistas each have their own particular styles. One like to mix things up. She likes unique, funky patterns and of course the latest in fashion design. She insists on having something which will keep her warm as well as being stylish. Part of her holiday dress always needs a sweater or jacket.

The next one likes sports and she is kind of a jock. She doesn't like anything too fussy. So for her there cannot be lace, bows, or any frills. She is part of the reason we just can't pass dresses down throughout the year. Her dresses can have texture such as velour or velvet with perhaps a satin collar. Her jewelry is also simple and a single strand of pearls is all she ever wants.

Finally, the last one is all girl the frillier the better. Just give her lace, bows, rhinestones, beads and feminine colors. She is the one who dresses in a lacey white dress with white shoes and tights. Her color choices are alway light and airy. A big red bow in her hair, and lots of jewels.

Isn't funny how each one shows her taste in clothing a different way. Each with their own style and comfort level. I love them all and respect their right not to copy each other in style.

A Holiday Appliqued Dress

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