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The best Lego Christmas Ideas

Updated on August 29, 2015

Christmas LEGO sets, ornaments and decorations

This article will focus on great ideas to celebrate your Christmas with a touch of LEGO. You will find inspiration to create your own LEGO ornaments and you will get a look at some of the great LEGO Christmas playsets available. I will also showcase some great LEGO Christmas videos and finally I will show you some cool LEGO advent calendars that can help you count down the days to X-mas.

Image displays part of the LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop Set. Courtesy of Amazon

LEGO Christmas Playsets

The Christmas LEGO sets are great both for the kids to play with and for grownups to enjoy visually (and play with, who are we kidding?).

They are a great Christmas toy that can help make December even more special and they make for great advent calendar gifts or serve brilliantly as early Christmas presents to keep the children entertained during the long wait for Christmas.

My personal favourite is the Christmas Bakery, but I also really enjoy the small sets like the LEGO Rocking Horse or Fireplace.

LEGO Christmas sets from eBay

Find vintage LEGO decorations or rare hard to fine LEGO Christmas themed sets on eBay. You might even be able to find some of the new 2012 LEGO Christmas sets cheaper than in normal stores.

Christmas LEGO video

Video by MlCHAELHlCKOXFilms. Curated from Youtube.

A cute Christmas video created completely with stop motion and LEGO blocks. HOHOHO!

LEGO advent calendars

Every year LEGO releases new Advent Calendars all containing unique minifigs and tiny block sets. There are a lot of different options if you want to pick an advent calendar. There is even a pink version of the LEGO containing LEGO Friends items.

The advent calendars are great both for children who can ad to their LEGO collection every morning through the Christmas month or for adults who would like to have some fun Christmas decoration for the office desk through December.

Decorate your Christmas tree with Lego

If you are a little bit creative you will have no trouble turning the blocks into cool and geeky decorations this Christmas.

You can build anything from advent candles to elf villages or maybe even a Lego Christmas crib/crèche. If you have children in the household it will be a great activity to do together in the weeks leading up to December and with enough time you could build something truly awesome. Only your imagination is holding you back.

If your imagination needs a bit of help here are some ideas for lego christmas decorations to get you going.

How to make your own LEGO ornament

Follow these easy intructions to make cute LEGO ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

Video by Heremeow curated from Youtube

Spongebob LEGO Christmas

Video by grey4484. Curated from Youtube.

Enjoy this short and merry Sponge Bob LEGO Christmas show.

Are you decorating with LEGO?

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