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National Lighthouse Day

Updated on August 6, 2014

Sir Nicholas Douglass

Engineer Sir Douglass

Sir James Nicholas Douglass was born on Bow, London in October 16, 1826 - June 19, 1898 known as the English Civil Engineer. He was the Chief of Trinity House, The Great Britain Lighthouses in England and Wales, it is also the United Kingdom Pilotage Authority, public corporation of the independent central government. Maintains lighthouses, buoys, lightship and lighthouse services.

Lighthouses Seamark

Lighthouses are Maritime coastal navigation that gives signals of information and warnings of hazards to incoming vessels. The lighthouse during the daytime identification markings, colors are used as a color coding. At night there are flashing and occulting of lights to direct mariners.

The First Known Lighthouse

The first known lighthouse was the Pharos of Alexandria of 350 feet (110 metre) high. The Phoenicians and Romans also built lighthouses during the first centuries AD from Black Sea, Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts, to Britain.

-Tower of Hercules, at La Corunna, Spain, at 185 foot (56-metre) Roman lighthouse of the 2nd century AD.

-The first lighthouse of the American Continent was built in 1716, Little Brewster, Boston.

-By 1820 there were 250 major lighthouses in the world.

Sir Douglass Constructions and Designs

Long Ship Light Houses is a navigation aid that was built in 1795 off the coast of land end in Cornwall, England about 1.25 miles and 39ft above water level.

Les Hanois Lighthouse near Pleinmont, west of Guernsey about 108ft high, constructed in 1860.

Smalls Lighthouse built in 1861 Pembrokeshire, whales as the most distant light house in the St David's Peninsular.

Great Castle Head Range located north of Milford Haven, United Kingdom, built Pembrokeshire, Wales in 1870 about 17ft high.

Souter Lighthouse was built in 1871 on South Tyneside, Tyne, England. about 77ft high.

Hart Land Point Lighthouse located in Devon coast in England about 59ft high, known as the Roman promontory of Hercules, built in 1874.

Eddy Stone Lighthouse built in 1882 on Eddy Rocks on the Falklands Islands of marine site in England, about 55ft high.

Bishop Rock Lighthouse located Trinity Buoy Wharf, London known as Bow Creek Lighthouse. The structure was completed in 1887 and was also known as King of the Lighthouses, about 80ft high.

The Fourth Eddy Stone Lighthouse built in 1882 about 161ft high.

Southwold Lighthouse located in Suffolk, England and built in 1887, about 100ft high.

Sr. Douglass Public Dispute

In 1882 facts indicated that Sr. Douglass had breach of patent that lead John Richard Wigham to sue him for stating that he designed bi-form lens at the Eddy Stone Lighthouse. Wigham proved that he created the bi-form lens in 1877 at the Galley Head Lighthouse. Sr. Douglass had to pay lots of money at 2500 Euro Dollars.


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