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A Day for Little People - Leprechaun's Day

Updated on January 20, 2016

May 13th is Leprechaun's Day! Celebrate!

Leprechaun Day is a day dedicated strictly to the little elves of Ireland. It is another opportunity for us humans to look for Leprechauns and try to catch one, if you failed to do so on St. Patrick's Day. If you do manage to catch one, then he is obligated to give you his pot of gold according to Irish folklore. Leprechauns have been around a very long time, since the 8th century, and are know to be grumbly and curt, refusing to share their gold and going to ridiculous lengths to hide it so no one can steal it.

Celebrating Leprechauns Day can be done any way you please, as there are no traditions that you must follow. I have gathered together some great celebration ideas, not to mention fun activities that you may want to consider sharing with family and friends, so everyone can have a great Leprechaun's Day !!

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The Story of the Leprechaun

Eight Little Known Facts about Leprechauns - Did You Know.....

  1. The word leprechaun comes from the Irish Lú Chorpain meaning small body.

  2. Most Leprechauns are two feet tall or less.

  3. A Leprechaun's pot of gold contains one gold coin for each year of his life

  4. If you see a Leprechaun, he cannot escape unless you take your eyes off him.

  5. Leprechauns are crafty, and have been known to move their pot of gold to a different rainbow every day, so no one can steal it.

  6. Leprechauns usually live in a hidden place, like a small hole in the ground that is set up comfortably, like a home.

  7. Leprechauns came from a mythical land under the sea.

  8. Leprechauns have a magic red hat that allows them to vanish or travel great distances instantaneously.

Leprechaun Day Activities for the Whole Family - Adults and Kids

  1. Go on a Leprechaun Hunt ~ This is a lovely way to get the family outside together, but before you do, make sure to take some Leprechaun treats outside and hide them around for the kids to find as evidence that they just missed seeing one !

  2. Have a Leprechaun Movie Marathon - There are four Leprechaun Movies, Start with the first and watch them all ! Don't forget to have plenty of Leprechaun snacks and drinks to serve. WARNING - These movies are NOT for small children as they are grisly and scary, but they are always a hit with teenagers !.

  3. Play dress up ~ Tell the kids to dress in all green and then surprise them with inexpensive Leprechaun hats. Let them wear them all day, to school, the store, to friends, etc.

  4. Make Green Rice Krispy Treats ~ as a family project with your kids. All you have to do to make them green is drop 1 or 2 drops of green food coloring into the marshmallow creme and stir well. Let the kids mold them into shamrocks while they are still warm.

Legend of the Leprechauns - A Family Movie for All Ages

A Leprechaun Poll

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