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How To Plan a Luau Themed Party

Updated on October 27, 2017

Luau Party Planning Ideas

Summer is here, it's party time! What says more summer than a Tropical Hawaiian Luau themed party? Whether you are planning a party for birthday, bachelorette, bridal shower, graduation or a retirement, Tropical Hawaiian Luau theme is among the most popular summer party themes.

A Luau themed party brings together the best of food, most joyful of sunshine and relaxation of life. Invite your family and friends come join the happiness of celebration. Who wouldn't enjoy a tropical paradise getaway and hula dance the night away?

To many people, planning a real trip to Luau might be too much, luckily, you don't need to travel thousands of miles to Hawaii to have a Luau party. You can plan it right here at your backyard. Here are some basic ideas on how to throw a Luau party from you own backyard.

Featured Image: Luau Party

Step 1 - Invite Your Guests

Tropical Bottle Invitation
Tropical Bottle Invitation | Source

First thing first. You need to make a list of the guests who you are going to invite to the party. This really depends on how you want the party to be. If you are planning a cozy bridal shower party, you may want to only invite your family members and your close friends. If you are planning a retirement party, then you may want to invite as many people you know in your life. No matter you are planning a small party or big party, make your guests list, send them invitations, and encourage them to RSVP so you know how many people will come to your party.

Since you are planning a Luau themed party, the best way to hint your guests is to send them a Luau themed invitation such as this cute Invitation In A Bottle. Each invitation includes a paper umbrella, sunglasses, and a tropical drink glass. You can also state clearly that your party theme is Luau so your guests will dress appropriately for the party.

Step 2 - Decorating the Party Area

Luau Monkey Photo Prop
Luau Monkey Photo Prop | Source

For most parties, the most important part is to decorate the party area. The decoration sets the tone of the party and gets your guests into the party mood right away.

There are many ways to decorate the party room. A few large standees should light up the party fast. If you think you are creative enough to design your own theme background or standees. Other wise, do a little shopping online and find some affordable and cool premade design won't be a bad choice.

For example, you can get this Luau Monkey Photo Prop and place it at the center of your party area. It will definitely give your party a great start. The nice thing about this Tiki Standee is that it can be used as a picture background as well as decoration. Get some laughter watching your guests taking some silly pictures with the prop.

Step 3 - Set the Tables

Hibiscus White Plastic Table Cover
Hibiscus White Plastic Table Cover | Source

Now you need to prepare for Luau themed tableware to host your guests. You probably could go by just some colorful table covers, but if you want the table cover be more Luau, try these adorable Hibiscus White Plastic Table Cover. They are made of plastic and measures 54 inches wide x 84 inches long. The tablecloth can be trimmed easily to fit your exact table size.

Step 4 - Prepare Party Games

Pin The Nose On The Tiki Totem Pole
Pin The Nose On The Tiki Totem Pole

It won't be a Luau party without some Luau themed party games. Entertain your guests with these printable party games. They will make your party more fun than ever. This Pin The Nose On The Tiki Totem Pole is extremely fun when there are children at the party, or the adults who are young at heart :).

Step 5 - Let's Party!

Tiki Bar Hut Set
Tiki Bar Hut Set | Source

How fun will it be to serve your guests with icy cold drinks come out of this colorful Tiki Bar Hut Set! Make sure you serve enough drinks on the hot summer afternoon. This cool looking Tiki Bar Hut Set includes a tiki hut structure, a thatched roof, and garland. It is not only serve as a beverage hut but also makes a great party decoration that fits the luau theme perfectly.

Step 6 - Don't Forget to Thank Your Guests

Let's Hula Thank You Notes
Let's Hula Thank You Notes | Source

After the party is over. Don't forget to thank your guests for coming to your Luau party with these Let's Hula Thank You Notes. I always find it warm and cozy when I receive the little thank you note from the party host. It will remind your guests what a wonderful time they had at your party.

Have you been to a Luau themed party? How do you like it?

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