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Luminara battery operated flameless candles

Updated on December 31, 2012

Give the gift of light this year for Valentine's Day or Christmas

My Valentine gave me a Luminara battery operated flameless candle for Christmas, but I firmly am expecting another of these battery operated candles for Valentine's Day this year! What makes the Luminara flameless candles so unique is that they have a movable wick so they're as realistic as you can get without real fire. The wick moves to and fro when the candle is switched on, just like the real thing.

As a nice side effect of researching the Luminara brand of flameless candles for this article, I've developed a new Valentine's day gift list for people special to me. I know exactly what they're getting this February 14th!

The picture above is of my Luminara candles flanking one of my favorite pictures of John and me. We have a true love affair.

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Luminara 3.5"x 5" LED pillar flameless candles

These are the smaller of the Luminara flickering candles but they're still nice sized. These are also the least expensive of the brand.

Cinnamon scented Luminary LED flameless candle - perfect for Valentine's Day!CHECK PRICE

Ivory vanilla scented Luminara Realistic Flame CandleCHECK PRICE

Forest Scented Wax Pillar CandleCHECK PRICE

Luminara Sky Blue Candle Battery Operated CandleCHECK PRICE

Luminara battery operated flameless candle information

I probably (and conservatively) own 30 battery operated flameless candles. The Luminara are clearly my favorites due to the qualities I've listed below.

  1. Luminara battery operated candles have moving flames. The Luminara brand of flameless candles have a wick that moves very realistically, not like the flickering plastic wicks of other candles. There is a small fan which blows soft air at the wick so it flickers and moves just like a real candle.
  2. 5 hour timers conserve battery. The Luminara brand LED candles come with a 5 hour shut off time. So, this means that you can 'set it and forget it'. The flameless candle comes on at the same time every day and goes off 5 hours later. Of course, you can manually switch it on and off, but I love coming down to my foyer every morning around 4:30 am and seeing it bathed in soft candlelight.
  3. Some Luminara have remote controls. The remote control feature is very nice if you want to put your battery operated candles in an area not easily accessible, like the top of a library bookcase or behind a sofa. Also, one Luminara remote control can power many candles.
  4. These flameless candles can be used outdoors. I've used mine outdoors before, specifically around my hot tub or pool late at night, but I like to bring them in every night.
  5. Luminara candles use D cell batteries instead of watch batteries. Call me old fashioned but I always seem to have more regular D cell batteries floating around than those easily lost watch batteries that other flameless candles use.

    Note: Luminara says that these LED candles will last about 240 hours on 2 D cell batteries. I haven't tested this yet as mine are still going strong on the original batteries.

A Luminara Lantern is the best outdoor Valentine's Gift yet!

This Luminara lantern will light up your porch, balcony, or deck for many months. Safe to use outdoors in a sheltered area, this lantern has a 5 hour shut off to conserve battery.

GKI/Bethlehem Lighting Winston Luminara Lantern, 16-Inch, White
GKI/Bethlehem Lighting Winston Luminara Lantern, 16-Inch, White

Distressed white wood finish makes this lantern a natural for the centerpiece of a garden or deck.


Flameless LED Candle with Moving Wick by LuminaraCHECK PRICE

Luminara 5" x 7" pillar realistic wax

These 5x7" Luminara candles make the perfect centerpiece for Valentine's Day or any special occasion.

Ivory vanilla scented Luminara Realistic Flame Candle 3.5 x 7CHECK PRICE

Cinnamon scented Luminary LED flameless candle 3.5 x 7CHECK PRICE

Luminara Pink 7" Battery Operated Wax LED CandleCHECK PRICE

Citrus scented green Luminara wavy edge realistic LED candleCHECK PRICE

Here's a handy search module for

Check out other flameless candles on or, if you're still not seeing that special Valentine's Day present, enter in your own search term right here.

Other battery operated LED flameless candles

If you're looking to give a less expensive Valentine's Day present this year, check out some of these other LED candles on Note: these don't have the movable flame wick but they're still pretty cool.

Other outdoor LED battery candles

The first one in the below list, the Luminara, is the only candle with the movable wick, but the other ones are pretty nice also.

Luminara 09064 - 15" Black Lantern Melted Edge Realistic LED Candlelight with TimerCHECK PRICE

Portable LED Lantern with Frosted-Glass ShadeCHECK PRICE

Everlasting Glow Indoor Outdoor Flameless Candle Lantern with Timer - note, no moving wickCHECK PRICE

Please let me comments to let me know you stopped by.

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Love these especially for when kids are running around and not having to worry about naked flames

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      Well, since I fell and really hurt myself racing to the sink to try to put out the real candle in a luminaria ( the bag was on fire) I really appreciate these. Pinned to my board "products I love."