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Madagascar Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 12, 2014

Meet the Zoo Crew!

In the Madagascar films, we are introduced to Alex, the King of Central Park Zoo. He lives in the comfort, alongside his animals friends - Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo - basking the admiration of his human fans. Marty, though, longs to experience the wild side of life and live in freedom in Africa. After escaping the zoo, the four friends find themselves on a boat to Kenya, which is soon hijacked by the four penguins, and wrecks on the coast of Madagascar.

Soon realizing they are not in Africa, the crew are befriended by a local colony of lemurs led by King Julien XIII. The penguins rebuild an airplane from old wreckage and the animals try to fly their way back to New York... only to crash again in Africa. While there, Alex meets his parents and learns the meaning of what it takes to be a true king, while Melman pursues helping cure sick animals. Marty discovers that it takes guts to be an individual and stand out from the crowd, while Gloria realizes that true love was always around the corner, in the form of her hypochondriac giraffe friend, Melman.

Tired of living in the wilds, the gang long to return to New York. Soon they end up in Monte Carlo, tracking the penguins and chimps, but end up being chased by a dangerous animal control officer. Escaping under the cover of being American circus performers, Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman become performers in Circus Zaragoza, teaming with Vitaly, Gia, and Stefano, in an effort to get home.

The films have spawned a popular cartoon television spin-off, The Penguins of Madagascar, which airs on Nickelodeon. There are rumors of a fourth film, as well as a movie version of The Penguins of Madagascar, due in 2015.

Alex the Lion

The King of Central Park Zoo

Alex the Lion was born in a wildlife reserve in Africa in 1995. He was subsequently captured and shipped to New York City to live in the zoo. Now the self-proclaimed King of the Central Park Zoo, Alex enjoys his comfortable life and his adoring public.

Alex is best friends with Marty, a Zebra, along with Gloria, a Hippo, and Melman, a Giraffe. Although he can be a bit headstrong and a tad self-absorbed, Alex is quick to think on his feet and ready to help when he can. Alex also loves to dance.

Alex is voiced by Ben Stiller in the films.

Marty the Zebra

Chief Instigator

Marty is a Zebra, who lives in the Central Park Zoo. Longing to live in the wild, Marty escapes the Central Park Zoo one night. His best friend, Alex the Lion, along with Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe, chase after him and accidentally end up being shipped to Kenya.

A bit of an instigator and a hopeless optimist, preferring to look at the brighter side of things. He enjoys the group's time on the island of Madagascar, although he has trouble when they land in Africa. Marty chooses to perform the cannon stunt while working in the circus.

Marty is voiced by Chris Rock in the films.

Gloria the Hippo

Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Gloria is a big and beautiful hippopotamus, who lives in the Central Park Zoo along side Alex, Marty, and Melman. She is often the voice of reason in the group. At first she rebuffs the advances of Melman, who is in love with her, but eventually they become a couple.

While working with the Circus Zaragoza, Gloria and Melman perform a couples trapeze act. It takes a bit of doing to convince Melman that he can dance, but Gloria manages!

Gloria is voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith in the films.

Melman the Giraffe

Spotted Hypochondriac

Melman Menkowitz is a giraffe who's a bit of a hypochondriac. He lives in the Central Park Zoo, and is infatuated with Gloria the Hippo.

Always complaining of various medical ailments, Melman is very knowledgeable about medical treatments. This works out for him, as while in Africa he becomes a bit of a witch doctor and begins to treat his fellow sick animals.

Melman is voiced by David Schwimmer in the films.

Gia the Jaguar

A beautiful Italian Jaguar, Gia works with the Circus Zaragoza. She wishes to be a trapeze artist, but is reluctant to pursue her dreams. She befriends the Central Park Zoo crew when they buy the traveling circus as a means to get back to New York City.

After learning that Alex is not all he seems, Gia and the rest of the circus animals are devastated. The groups part ways, only for Gia, Vitaly, and Stefano to come to the rescue in New York.

Gia is voiced by Jessica Chastain in the film.

The Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private

Seeking to escape the confines of the Central Park Zoo, the four penguins are led by Skipper, who longs to take his crew to be free in Antarctica. The tallest, and second-in-command, is Kowalski. He tends to formulate the plans.

Rico is the strong, silent type, is the mentally deficient weapons expert. The youngest, and shortest, of the four penguins is Private. Shy and inexperienced, he loves unicorns.

The penguins follow Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman outside the zoo, hijacking the ship and landing everyone in Madagascar. They are also responsible for rebuilding the airplane wreckage that sees them to Africa, as well as orchestrating the escape from Monte Carlo.

The penguins are voiced respectively by Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, John DiMaggio, and Christopher Knights in the films.

King Julien

Lord of the Lemurs

The conceited "lord of the lemurs", King Julien XIII loves to have fun. He rules over a giant colony of Madagascarian lemurs, supported by his adviser Maurice, an aye-aye. Julien loves to throw parties, but very much dislikes Mort, a cute and cuddly mouse lemur.

He chooses to accompany Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman back to New York, but when they crash land in Africa, Julien attempts to keep being a king. While in Europe, Julien falls in love with Sonya, the trained bear.

Julien is voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen in the films.

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    • MirceaFlorea profile image


      6 years ago

      I want to go as one of the penguins. Everybody loves the penguins.


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