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Magic Mike Costumes (When He's Wearing Something At All!)

Updated on October 17, 2015
Channing Tatum at WonderCon 2012, by Gage Skidmore. CC-BY-SA-2.0.
Channing Tatum at WonderCon 2012, by Gage Skidmore. CC-BY-SA-2.0. | Source

Magic Mike Costumes: Perfect for Halloween

Magic Mike was a popular 2012 movie about male strippers. It was loosely based on the life of the star actor, Channing Tatum, who was himself a male stripper in Tampa when he was 18. Magic Mike would be a great costume for any guy. It doesn't matter if you are dressing up for Halloween or any time of the year, you'll be sure to stand out in a crowd.

While anyone can wear these costumes, you'll need a certain level of confidence to completely pull them off. After all, most of the time Magic Mike isn't wearing much of anything at all.

Magic Mike Movie Clip

As you can see from the Magic Mike trailer, the costume is pretty basic and has a few varieties. The basic components are tight-fitting black pants, no shirt, and a few accessories, namely shirt cuffs and a collar with a tie. You could also go with a leather vest and a cowboy hat.

Magic Mike Accessory Kit: Body Not Included

Elope Chippendale Dancer Halloween Costume
Elope Chippendale Dancer Halloween Costume

This is a great, inexpensive male-stripper accessory kit that would do Magic Mike proud. This set includes two cuffs, a collar, and a bow tie. Simply add a pair of leather pants and a six-pack and you're set. You can also replace the bow tie with a normal hanging neck tie, which Mike also wears in the movie.

This is a nice, simple Magic Mike Halloween costume. Sometimes the most basic things can really elevate your look.


Must Have Tear-Away Leather Pants

Jean Style Leather Pants 36
Jean Style Leather Pants 36

These tear-away pants will add a touch of authenticity to your Magic Mike costume.

Just like Mike turns into Magic Mike when the lights go down, you can too with a pair of leather pants. They form the foundation of almost every "outfit" we see him in in the movie.


More Ideas for a Magic Mike Costume

  • Leather Vest: Magic Mike often wears a leather vest with his black leather pants. Worn open, of course. Leather apparel can be very expensive, but you can probably find an inexpensive costume option online or at a costume store.
  • Self-Tanner and Bronzer: You might want to stock up on some self-tanner beforehand for that authentic touch. Bronzer can be used to contour a six-pack if you don't have one already!
  • Camo Pants: Camouflage pants are another look Magic Mike dons in the movie. This is more of a casual look, and you may even be able wear them again (not that you couldn't wear the leather again, but you'll probably get more use out of these). They're also baggier than most leather pants, so more forgiving for different body types.

Hot Cop Getup for a Magic Mike Costume

Leg Avenue Men's Policeman Costume
Leg Avenue Men's Policeman Costume

Pretty much the only time you want the police to crash the party: Magic Mike bursts in wearing his hot policeman costume.

This costume comes with a hat, shirt, and badge (you'll need your own black pants), and even a toy baton. You could always wear a typical blue police officer's costume, but the black suited Magic Mike so well.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm trying to find that black military style combat vest when he did that solo spinning from the ceiling. Where can I order that?

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Where can I buy the red and black new era fitted hat Channing is wearing?????