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Make Your Own Christmas Collage Photo Cards

Updated on December 26, 2013

How to Create Christmas Collage Photo Cards at Home with Picture Collage Maker Pro

Almost everyone loves to send and receive holiday cards, and sending Christmas collage photo cards is a great way to make your greetings more personal.

People enjoy seeing photos of your family. Fortunately, you don't need to spend a lot of money to get collage Christmas photo cards. You can print them at home instead.

Here's how to make your photo collage Christmas cards at home in minutes using Picture Collage Maker Pro.

(Image made by Lisa Howard using Picture Collage Maker Pro)

collage christmas photo cards
collage christmas photo cards

Create Your Christmas Photo Collage Cards in Minutes

Just drag and drop your photos into ready-made templates

I recently got a copy of Picture Collage Maker Pro to test out. This software is made by Pearl Mountain Technology and is designed to make it easy for anyone to create great looking photo collages, scrapbook pages, calendars, greeting cards, invitations and more with virtually no technical skill.

After downloading the software, I created my first Christmas photo collage card (shown in the introduction above) in less than 5 minutes. I referred to the Help menu just once to figure out how to make some changes to the text, but otherwise the process was incredibly easy. What I liked most about this program is how easy it is to drag and drop photos and other elements around the page. I thought figuring out the text was a little trickier, but it just took a few attempts before I got the hang of it. For simplicity, however, I liked being able to just select a template I liked and add my own photos.

Picture Collage Maker Pro includes over 160 different templates, and you can also get free add-on template packs for just about any occasion, such as the Christmas holidays. You can also create your own cards from scratch, and they offer plenty of options to do that, but if you want something that's not going to take a long time to figure out, choose a template and you'll be off and running in no time.

How to Make Christmas Collage Photo Cards - Video tutorial

Try Picture Collage Maker Pro for Free - Get a free trial download

christmas collage photo cards
christmas collage photo cards

If you'd like to try it out before buying, you can get a free trial download.

Note: This link will open an executable file to download your trial.

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