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Fun For March

Updated on July 9, 2015
My album cover
My album cover

Get ready to have some fun in March!!

March is here and there is lots of fun to be had! As an Activities Director, I can give you several things that will keep you entertained.

1. Make some Irish Milkshakes You can use Chocolate chip mint ice cream and milk; put these in the blender and Walla, green goodness ;) (Another option is ot use green veggies.)

2. Pot O' Gold hunt. (My Favorite) Make some "shamrocks" (clover shapes) and a rainbow. Next, get a small bowl and fill it with those gold chocolate coins from the dollar store or wherever. You can also use any kind of something that’s gold color, or put a bunch of quarters in there cash is always nice for the older people. If you don’t want candy you could put a golden ticket in there and write whatever surprise you want the winners to have. Next arrange the shamrocks to help players find the pot O' Gold. You can also write on the shamrocks like "turn here" or "take ten steps and turn left" ... finally they find the pot o gold at the end of a rainbow! I do this at my work and then at the end, I have one shamrock that says "Please only take one chocolate, the little leprechauns are watching you! That way everyone gets piece of "Gold" at the end of the hunt.

3. Erin go Baby! Go to a local feed store or farm store and check out the baby bunnies and chickens. March is the time when all the babies are being born. Many times I have borrowed the little bunnies for one day, to let the seniors hold, it is so precious. (The baby chicks are so fragile you might not get to handle them much). These places don’t charge for this type of activity.

4. Go to the park and play, have fun, then do a four leaf clover hunt.

5. Dance to Irish music, and do an Irish jig!

6. Buy some sparkling cider and drop a drop of green food coloring in it, or pretty much any drink you want to for Irish drinks.

7. Spring Fling! Have everyone in the house, toss all your old clothes that do not fit into a pile like leaves and put them in a garbage bag to take to your local clothing exchange or local community sharing site.

8. Watch some Irish movies: Gangs of New York, Far and Away and The Quiet Man.

9. Make Irish Stew, (Corned beef and cabbage is not an authentic Irish dish.)

10. Make a “Green Spring Collage” We take old magazines and cut out anything that reminds us of spring and we make a collage out of it on a piece of paper and pin it up on the wall.


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