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Mardi Gradi

Updated on June 6, 2017

What is Mardi Gras?

This day is also known as fat tuesday (Mardi Gras is actual French for Fat Tuesday) and is the last day of feasting before Lent on Ash Wednsday. Know for the Colorful Puprle Green & Gold Colors as well as Beads, Coins, & Mask symbols.

Some see it as a day of debauchery (which it seems to have become known for).

Being as Mardi Gras is not on a set date, it can be quite elusive. Some years you hear about it, other years its not even mentioned. So here I've included the next few years dates to celebrate, plan your own parties and so forth.

Save the Date ~ Partying into the future

2017 February 28

2018 February 13

2019 March 5

2020 February 25

A friend of mine in Sweden noted from reading this lens that they have something like this & they call it "Fettis Tisdagen"

This lens I made for those possibly going to Mardi Gras, The route maps are from 2013, but have the Krew's logo on them and the reason I left them on.

Mardi Gras infograph


Welcome to the French Quater

Mardi Gras Festivities


These are the 'clans' or groups that work on the parades.


Knights of Babylon

Knights of Chaos










Now you can be part of the Celebrations! - come join in one of the krewes or watch the parade. Take a tour and some new looks!

Knights of Babylon Route

Purple - Symbolizes Justice

Knights of Chaos


33 Inch 07mm Round Metallic 6 Color Mardi Gras Beads - 6 Dozen (72 Necklaces)
33 Inch 07mm Round Metallic 6 Color Mardi Gras Beads - 6 Dozen (72 Necklaces)

I was trying to find a set that had both beads and coins most were too much being it came with something else.

This is a well known part of Mardi Gras and probably one reason why many think its a day of debauchery. There's only one way I know of that you get these and it's not good. Though I'm sure there are other ways basically I'd liken it to a reward for doing a dare!


KREWEs down Burbon Street

Nail Art

Nail Art
Nail Art

Bacchus routs

Krew of CHewbacchus 2013


Gold - means Power


Food & Drink

What is Kings Cake

Wiki King's Cake

King Cakes 1

a Kings Cake Recipe

Creole & Cajun recipes


Mardi Gras Margarita


Served On the rocks (over ice) in a hurricane lamp shaped glass

1 Part dark Rum

1 part white rum

Half part over proofed rum

Passion Fruit syrup (or grenadine)

Lemon juice

or try this one from Captain Morgan

party Paper

make invitations, write a letter, a note whatever!
make invitations, write a letter, a note whatever!

Stationery 2


2013 Super Bowl preparation

A mardi Gras coin

A mardi Gras coin
A mardi Gras coin


Lot Of 144 Assorted Mardi Gras Metallic Look Coins
Lot Of 144 Assorted Mardi Gras Metallic Look Coins

The real coins I hear are Metal but I think after one of the Hurricanes some of the Krews have been making their coins as plastic.

Some of the older coins are worth money as they are collectible, so if you are ever in New Orleans... bring along a metal detector!



Green depicts Faith

Krewe of Muses

Krew du Viewux

Other Recomendations

also check out these beautiful fancy masks (on amazon)

Forum Mardi Gras Fancy Half Mask

Forum Deluxe Half Mask With Peacock Feathers

Forum Magic Color Mardi Gras Deluxe Half Mask

Forum Mardi Gras Costume Masquerade Venetian Half Mask With Leaves and Glitter

Masquerade Laser-cut Purple/Silver Venetian Mask

Forum Deluxe Mardi Gras Face Mask

Poster Invitaion Idea

The One day

The One day
The One day

St. Charles st.


'Dat's mardi Gras


What is Your Cajun Name?

Rex Route

Krewe of Tucks

Le Krewe d'Etat


Party Products

New Deluxe Mardi Gras 72" Costume Accessory Feather Boa

Forum Mardi Gras Vest

LED Mardi Gras Sequin Bow Tie Light Up

Printed Mardi Gras Table Runner Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Throw me some beads & Coins - Comments

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