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Mario and Luigi Costumes - For Women & Men!

Updated on September 13, 2014

Super Mario Brothers!

It's time to have some fun with Mario brothers, be it for Halloween or for fancy dress party - with these outfits you are sure to have some fun.

Browse through fun these fun outfits for adults (men and women alike)!

I have loved both Mario and Luigi (I admit, Mario a little bit more) for ages and well I love them still - I enjoyed playing the games with these two characters and I still enjoy them today as much (if not even more) as I did when I was a kid. I even watched the cartoon which I have recently seen on the TV (was better in my memory to be honest). These two moustached plumber brothers have and will always have a special place in my heart.

Mario and Luigi Costumes for Women - Maria and Luisa Costumes

For the ladies

Why should the guys always save the damsels in distress? Why couldn't it be the other way around!? Well it can be with these Maria and Luisa costumes! Dress up as these heroines and rush to the rescue - we imagine "prince Peach" is eagerly anticipating his rescue from the mean Browsetta.

As a women I was really excited when they finally released costumes for women and I think both of them look great. They have a perfect mix of geeky and feminine. This is the look I am going for this year - I just need to find my Luisa, if nothing else Luigi will do to. Knowing myself the heels won't be a part of the costume though.

Going Solo? - Take Yoshi With You

I am seriously considering dressing up as Mario (well Maria) for Halloween. My partner isn't all that excited about dressing as Luigi (or dressing up in general) so I was thinking I could have my dearest side kick Yoshi with me.

Nintendo Super Mario - Yoshi Plush
Nintendo Super Mario - Yoshi Plush

This plush is adorable! Yoshi is one of my favourite characters in this game series! Be sure to have a basket of apples at hand so you will be able to feed this green monster.


Live in action!

Derivate work from: Pop Culture Geek via photopin cc

Super Mario and Luigi costumes for men (standard and plus size)

It's time to save the princess Peach (once again - until she gets kidnapped again, and again) and nothing beats team work! And that's why this costume is perfect! Team up with your brother or a friend and go on a Halloween (or birthday) adventure!

Mushrooms, don't leave home without them - Red mushroom or 1UP green one!

Going just a step beyond! As a player you probably know how there's never a mushroom in sight when you need one. But we can solve this problem for Halloween with funky mushroom nail design.

I applied the white base nail polish first and let it dry. Next came the red one (or green). While I was waiting for the red nail polish to dry I draw the eyes with a permanent marker. When the red one dried I drew the spots with the white polish (somewhat successfully - I am not a nail artist). Easy and fun.

Photo by me.

Did You Know?

Super Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong game back in 1981

Me and Mario

We go back a long time

I knew about Mario even before I knew I knew about Mario. Sound's confusing? I guess so. Well my father worked from home, well he had an office at home before he could afford to get his own office and he had a computer (I can't remember what the computer was and he's not a computer person to know what it was). It was a black and white computer, you know the old-timer where you had to write c:dir or games or something like that and the computer would make a funny noise and give you a list of games. One of them was Mario. Black and white one. I was rocking it! It was a long time before I met with Mario again. In fact a few years passed when a friend of mine borrowed me the Super Mario Bros for SNES. It was love at second sight.

What I remember the most as a kid was how the game helped me and my friend get through a difficult time as we were kids. My best friend lost an uncle that was very dear to him, and on the day he learned about it, his parents sent him to spend the day at our house as they deemed this would be better for him. I was told what has happened and naturally as a kid I didn't know how to act in this situation, what words to use, how to make him feel better. I took out my SNES popped in Mario and we would just play in silence for the first few hours (probably less but it seemed as hours) but more we played more distant the troubles seemed and it didn't take that long to see a smile on his face and that meant the world to me.

As a woman I can say Mario is one of the most important men in my life ;)

Photo credit: GalgenTX via photopin cc


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