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Brave Merida Costume

Updated on October 12, 2014

Get Brave with a Merida Costume

So you want to dress-up like Princess Merida from the Disney film Brave? There are several things that go into producing an amazing Princess Merida costume.

The key features in any Princess Merida costume is the hair and her bow and arrow. Merida's red curly hair is one of the first features you notice on this adventurous Disney Princess. Wild and free her curls define Merida's character.

An archery set is also an important costume staple for a Princess Merida costume as Princess Merida is a very accomplished archer. The archery set separates the Princess from other Disney Princess.

Throughout this page explore Merida costume ideas and find the right costume pieces to turn yourself or your little Princess into this passionate Princess.

Choose Your Merida Costume Look

In the Disney Pixar Brave Princess Merida wear more than one gown. Two of the gowns that come to mind are the seam busting blue and gold dress that Queen Elinor makes her wear. You remember the too tight dress that Merida cannot even breathe in. Her mother thinks its perfect but Merida is not so sure.

This too tight blue and gold dress Merida wears when she hits on the targets at the archery tournament is what Disney uses for inspiration for their Official Brave Merida Costume choice #1. Unlike the dress Merida wears this Disney Princess dress is designed for young kids to move in.

The Brave Merida Deluxe Costume (formal), pictured left, features blue puffed sleeves, gold detailing at border of dress and a golden belt. Character cameo also appears on dress. Pair it with a bow & arrow (sold separately) to get the full Merida look.

While the blue and gold dress is pretty I prefer the other costume choice that Disney has produced for Merida. This dress is based on the one Merida wore as she fired her bow and arrow and journeyed to return her mother back to her true form. In my opinion the forest dress seems to suit Merida best. I love the rich color used in this costume dress design.

Brave Merida Adventure Costume - Disney Princess Costume

Disney Brave Merida Costume - Size 5/6
Disney Brave Merida Costume - Size 5/6

Brave Adventure Merida Costume is inspired by the dress Merida wears in her quest to restore tranquility to her father's kingdom. The dress is dark teal with yellow accents. Merida costume features a cameo of Princess Merida, a bodice made with velure, mesh and sequins. The long sleeved dress feature ruffled trimmed sleeves. The dress skirt has 4 layers including a satin and mesh underskirt and a organza overskirt. Costume dress costructed out of Nylon and Polyester material.

Wig sold separately.


The Merida Dress Choice - Make a choice

I love both of the Princess Merida costume dresses but if I had to decide I would vote for the adventure dress. How about you?

Which do you like better?

See results

Meet Disney Princess Merida - Catch a Glimpse of Your Costume Inspiration

Merida, the Scottish Princess, does not like fancy dress; instead, she would rather be exploring the woods of the Scottish Highlands.

Merida prefers to have her bow and arrow in hand. She is an active girl who prefers her everyday clothes to the pagentry of being a princess. This is much to chargrin of Queen Elinor - Merida's mother - who loves to dress her daughter in "proper" attire.

See Merida's distaste for stuffy dresses and tradition in this short preview for the Disney Pixar film Brave.

Disney Store Brave Hero Princess Merida Deluxe Costume Set for Girls Including Adventure Dress (Size XS 4) with Matching Gladiator Sandals/Shoes (Size 9/10) and Tiara Crown
Disney Store Brave Hero Princess Merida Deluxe Costume Set for Girls Including Adventure Dress (Size XS 4) with Matching Gladiator Sandals/Shoes (Size 9/10) and Tiara Crown

Get your Merida Hero Costume with matching tiara and shoes in one package. These costume pieces feature Disney Store quality. Merida Costume Dress features a velure, mesh and sequin designed bodice, 4 layer skirt, and Merida cameo. The Merida Brave Gladiator shoes are 7 1/2 inches tall and feature a self stick attachment at back of the shoe. Matching Merida tiara features combs for a secure fit.


Brave Merida Gladiator Shoes - Dress up from head to toe

Disney Brave Merida Gladiator Dress Up Shoes - Size 7/8
Disney Brave Merida Gladiator Dress Up Shoes - Size 7/8

Brave Princess Merida Gladiator Shoes are glittered in gold, feature a cushioned foot bed, and Merida character cameo.


Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Exclusive Roleplay Merida Wig

One of the first features you notice is Merida's beautifully wild red hair. Her hair is worn loose, and her luscious red locks hangs below her shoulders. Her curly hair sets her apart from previous Disney Princess Ariel whose red hair never seemed out of place even in the ocean.

Brave Merida Archery Set - Costume Accessory

Try you hand at Archery with this Brave movie inspired bow and arrow set. The perfect accessory to every Merida costume.

Merida Tiara - Costume accessory available on ebay

Every Princess needs her crown. Get a formal look with the Princess Merida tiara. Fun costume accessory to wear alone or with Princess Merida costume. Tiara features a gold and blue design.

How will you wear your Merida Costume? - Thanks for Visiting

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      All these costumes look like crap. None of them look plain and simple like the ones in the movie, completely negating the Merida character.