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My Elegant and Functional Sunhat

Updated on March 22, 2014

Some people have itty bitty sunhats. Some people have big honkin' sunhats. Some people have fancy smancy sunhats with ribbons and bows. My husband thinks his Red Sox baseball cap is a sunhat, even after the dermatologist froze a red spot off of his temple.

Me? I have a real honest to goodness sunhat that happens to look great too. It is made by the company "Sunday Afternoons". I love it so much that my daughters wear them too. (My son, however, is wearing a Giant's baseball cap as a sunhat. -Can't win them all.)

I keep a hat in my car. I keep a hat in my classroom for recess duty. I have my daughters keep their hats in their school backpacks so they can wear them at recess too. (They don't.)

This sunhat is better than all other sunhats because:

  1. Notice the wide brim all the way around, which keeps sun off of the temples.
  2. This hat has an adjustable chin strap. When in the shade, just toss the hat off your head and let it dangle stylishly on the back.
  3. The elegant folds of the hat cascade down gracefully like ruffles...all while protecting the skin on the back of my neck.
  4. (Don't) Hold on to your hat! Wind is no problem because of the adjustable strap around the circumference of the head and the awesome chinstrap mentioned above. This hat fits.
  5. Roll it or fold it, because this hat pops back to the original cute shape.
  6. Washable! Because true adventure seekers get hot and dirty in the wild outback, or maybe their wild kids just trample hats on the floor of the minivan.

I love my elegant and functional sunhat.

Background Photo

Sunday Afternoons Kids play Hat
Sunday Afternoons Kids play Hat

This is the kid version. Love love love.

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, Medium, Sand/Black
Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, Medium, Sand/Black

This one has a simple back without the folds and air vents on the side panels.

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Do you like my hat?

Do you like my hat?

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