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My Favorite Gift

Updated on June 30, 2014

Smaller World, but Less Intimate

One of the most wonderful things about today's world is the ability to keep in touch with loved ones who are geographically far away. My best friends lives 6 states south of me (and, when we first met, she was "clear across the country), one brother and my sister and their families live thousands of miles away and my other brother lives (with his family) several states away. I can keep in touch with them, I know, for the most part, what's going on in their lives (thanks to phones, e-mail, facebook and skype, among other things) but it's not the same as doing things with them (when I visited my sister and brother a bit ago I was going shopping with my sister and sometimes her kids, we were all going out to dinner together, I spent a day in the mall with my niece and her adorable son.... it's just nice having them all the time).

So my point, and I do have one.....

I would love it if I could get together with all my friends and family, all the people who I like spending time with, and be close enough geographically that I could spend time with them. I used to think that having a wedding would be a way to do that, but I've never met the right man. And, after being involved in many weddings, I figured out that the bride and groom (I guess if I were to get married I'd be the bride part) rarely see anyone for too terribly long. The bride and groom have videos and pictures so they can actually see (or remember????) what happened that day.

So what would work for this? I don't know. Perhaps a week in a hotel for me and all the people I love or a week long cruise with them.

To all the people whom I love, -- keep me in your mind -- you're always in mine.

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Tell us all about your ideal gift

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I just had my ideal gift this year and it fits right in with the way you feel. All the family was invited to a wedding in another state and we rented a big house by the ocean for a week. Four families plus kids, it was a little bit of heaven!