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My Favorite Movies All time

Updated on January 2, 2018
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Film or disk... mmmm

Some I've watched over and over (even if they are not really an actual fave. I defied the parents when I was a kid, telling me (well dad having watched it to see if it would be ok for me to watch) I couldn't watch The Lost Boys... I did anyway there was NOTHING in there that posed a problem. Then there are others I just think are GREAT fun or well made directing, screenplay or all in one.

My All Time Favorite Movies

there may be some missing

a mixture of My Recommendations, ones to me, as well as my Faves (be it in my video library or need to get!)

I might have to add Pacific Rim to this as well

Teen Witch was in Entertainment Weekly, Bad movies We love to watch, as well as the Monster Squad

(Movie not on here, Check out my other Lenses for more Movies if you love horror check out my Halloween lens!)

My Favorite Movies All Time

no particular order, at the moment


Captain America Civil War


Dracula Untold



Final Destination 1 &2

Dazed & Confused



Can't Hardly Wait



Slap Shot


Monster Squad

I Know what you did last summer


Lost Boys

Macbeth (with Sam Worthington)


This means war



King Kong (2017)

My new favorite Monster Movie! - Move over Godzilla & King Kong this beats that 80's 3-d

So when I was little sometime in the 80's on what here is WPIX 11 (also known as the CW), they showed Godzilla (& or King Kong) In 3-d. I still have a pair of those glasses, cardboard with one side red one blue, and If I remember right, sponsored by Burger King.

I wanted to see this because that's what it reminded me of, and I felt a bit of that childhood awe. (even though I know the Jagers (robots) are CG as well as the Monsters. Which is where I miss the awkward person in a costume. (can't it be like half -half? at least for one of them?)

I want to watch this again for that the 'movie' is so huge, that I feel like I've missed a few things in scenes.

Then there's Charlie Hunnam there's one shot that makes me regret not watching Sons of Anarchy for all the seasons it's been on. Also Rob Kazinsky aka True Blood's Warlow the 'Fairy Vampire' Oh & just to note.. & he STILL doesn't sparkle!

Man of steel is another movie but because I saw so many of the trailers I felt like I saw the entire first half of the movie already.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim [Blu-ray]
Pacific Rim [Blu-ray]

Monsters and robots of this size I had to see it in the theater. Bigger then skyscrapers come on, & who doesn't love to see buildings get destroyed (or as long as it's in the movies) I've told at least one person after seeing it that unless you have a tv bigger than a theater screen, then see it in the theater. I know I wouldn't have enjoyed this as much just watching it as a dvd or blu-ray on one of the tvs in my house, and I'm glad that tho' my leg was killing me & was limping but I'm so sick of being in pain I took the risk of making it work & went to see it in the theater. Well when they say go big this is HUGE, and if it comes down to these Kiju or Zombies… I will definitely take the zombies! (at least they are more likely my size. I can deal with on my own). I loved there was FINALLY a monster movie the likes of Godzilla (or at least for this era, unlike that J.J. Abrams one that was out years ago & I can't even remember the name of it!) Not only do we have creepy monsters from below the earth beside the Monolithic Robots we also have drama, some dojo action in finding a partner best compatible to our hero when he's called back to action. The fight scenes are pretty quick and for me were not long enough. I hope there will be a sequel so long as Charlie Hunnam will be in it. It was enjoyable, more so here I am sure than it would have been if I had waited for rental. (Wouldn't have been as 'star struck' so to speak. With the big huge eyes when we see the first Jaeger robot (meaning Hunter) as well as the Kaiju which means big Monster or Large Beast. I say go see it in the theater while you have the chance. I went back to being a wondrous kid again seeing the Robots and 'aliens' even though I'm quite sure how they made them. B



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