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National Trail Mix Day or Any Day

Updated on January 17, 2016

Always August 31st

During this last month of summer fun, it is time to celebrate Nation Trail Mix Holiday. This is the day that you can eat all the trail mix you want without feeling guilty about eating something healthy and tasty! There does not seem to be any history of how or why this holiday came into being - it just is! And aren't we glad that it is. . .

Trail mixes are great for walking along a trial, camping, watching TV or even just sharing with friends.

The idea is to have a snack that is delicious, healthy and full of energy. That means calories! This is not a low calorie snack. Trail mixes are designed to provide hikers and sportsmen of all ages and sex, a source of energy that is both quick and sustained energy while being extremely tasty.

Dates with Nuts - What Fun!

Lots of Dates and Nuts
Lots of Dates and Nuts

I am not talking about going on a date with a nut or a group of nuts. (Although that can be fun in its own right!)

Making your own trail mix means that you can mix and match in combinations that you choose, not the store. I love mixing sun dried dates, apricots and nuts together. Don't forget the blonde raisins just for something different! There are many different types of dates - some filled with so much sugar, that your fingers are so filled with the sticky goodness that you just have to lick them.

Banana Chips for Sweetness

Dried banana chips can add a sweetness that is unique to that fruit. The chips are easy to make and fun for children to help.

You can make your own chips with a dehydrator or in the oven at a low temperature. Slice the firm bananas is slices about a half inch thick. Most of the time, I dip them in lemon or orange juice for extra favor. It also helps to keep the bananas from turning dark during the dehydration.

These are a great snack all by themselves as well as mixed with other fruit and nuts. I like to add dried coconut (shredded or chucks). Almonds, cashews, pecans or even peanuts work in combinations as well.

I often add dried cranberries to a mixture, for color as well as added flavor. We once had a dog who absolutely loved dried cranberries. They were her favorite treat.

The portions can be measured by the handfuls or just if the mixture is pleasing to your eye. The cereal part can be made from uncooked oats mixed with a little honey (raw local honey is better) or use a small amount of raw sugar.

The bottom line is that the same packages of trail mix that you can pick up at the stores are good, but homemade is better. You choose what you want - the quality and the quality - all under your control. How can you beat that?

Long Live Trail Mixes!!

Do you really want Trail Mix?

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Chocolate

You can find commercial as well as homemade trail mixes with all types of chocolate mixed in to the trail mix. If you are planning to carry your trail mix on the trail or in the lunch box, it is better that your chocolate melts in your mouth and not on your fingers or in your pockets.

M&Ms not only add a great little bit of dark sweetness but also the bright colors just lift your spirits while resting at the top of a hill you have just climbed, or sitting looking a the next mountain that needs to be climbed.

I use raw nuts when I am making trail mix. that way, you are gaining even extra goodness and benefits from the nuts. If you use Almonds, try soaking the Almonds in the refrigerator overnight. Just cover the nuts with pure water, cover the jar or bowl and place in the refrigerator. The next day, drain the nuts and pat dry before adding them to the mixture. You will find the nuts to be a little softer and more easily digested.


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