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Oregon Ducks Christmas Decorations

Updated on February 6, 2014

Oregon Ducks Christmas Decorations

There are lots of great Oregon Ducks Christmas decorations that will let you bring your favorite sports team into your holiday decorations. Stockings, ornaments, and tree skirts are all available with the Oregon logo. Whether you are a diehard Duck fan or just a casual football fan, many of these Christmas ornaments are super cute.

The green and yellow color combination is a good accent to Christmas decor. Many of these Oregon Ducks Christmas decorations also have bits of red incorporated, so they will match nearly any existing decorations in your collection.

Featured Image: NCAA Oregon Ducks Large 3 1/4" Ornament - 2011 Collectible Series

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Oregon Ducks Table Runner

A table runner is a great way to add color and holiday spirit to a number of different pieces of furniture. You can use it over a solid-colored tablecloth to change the look of a room, or drape it over a side table or buffet table to add an accent to the room. There are tons of fun Christmas table runners, but why not find one that celebrates the University of Oregon?

Oregon Ducks Snowman Table Runner
Oregon Ducks Snowman Table Runner

Cheerful holiday snowmen on a green and yellow table runner will show off your Oregon school spirit. The colors will also match up with your other holiday decorations! This runner is available for a number of other schools as well, but you probably don't want those. Go Ducks!


Christmas Stockings - Stuff your Oregon Ducks Christmas decorations with presents!

Stockings are a fun tradition and a centerpiece of the decorations for many families. They are stuffed with fun and creative small gifts and can feature great designs. These top Oregon Ducks Christmas stockings are fun choices if you need more for your family. They could even be great stockings for the pets!

Oregon Ducks Snowman

Sometimes, a statue, stuffed animal, or figurine can really change the look of Christmas decorations. This Oregon Ducks standing snowman in 27 inches tall and made of fabric, so it would be cute in many different rooms.

NCAA Oregon Ducks Standing Snowman
NCAA Oregon Ducks Standing Snowman

This Oregon snowman has a hat and jacket that featured the Oregon "O" logo, so he's all ready for the holiday bowl games (and hopefully he's stay frozen through the National Championship game).


Christmas Ornaments

If you start looking at Oregon Ducks Christmas decorations, you'll find that there are more ornaments than just about anything. Decorate your tree with a few fun O designs. This selection of Christmas ornaments includes some of my favorite selections, or keep reading for a link to even more. You'll find dozens of different options, and new ones are made each holiday season.

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Oregon Ducks Christmas ornaments.

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Tree Skirts - More Oregon Ducks Christmas decoration options for the tree.

One of the great things about choosing Oregon Ducks Christmas decorations is that the green naturally fits into your holiday decor. Once you've picked out your stockings and ornaments, take a look for a great tree skirt. Although there are fewer options, this is a super cute tree skirt for your Christmas decor.

Oregon Ducks Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt
Oregon Ducks Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt

This 48" tree skirt features snowmen posed above a gold letter O.


Do you like to celebrate your favorite sports teams around the holidays? Share your thoughts here!

What do you think of these Oregon Ducks Christmas decorations?

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      Camden1 5 years ago

      Maybe I should get my daughter (a junior in high school) Christmas ornaments of all the colleges she'd like to go to!