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The Best Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers

Updated on September 9, 2014

The Beautiful Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers

Outdoor wall clocks with thermometers and outdoor clock thermometer combo designs are popular because they give you decorating elements as well as important information. A functional decorating plan is most appealing and in most cases you are going to really see your decorating more often because you will pause to check the time or the weather.

The oversized outdoor clocks and thermometers are especially appealing in most outdoor settings because you can read them from a distance. They give you a sense of boldness as well. I love the look of them. I wanted to create a buying guide so you can find out how many amazing models and design themes are available.

Taking your journey to choosing outdoor clocks and thermometers you will discover the styles and designs you like the most and while you are browsing keep in mind these make amazing gifts for a friend's housewarming, wedding, engagement, anniversary, and other times when you would like to give your friends a great gift (such as a hostess gift for example).

Image Credit La Crosse Technology

Outdoor Oversized Wall Clocks and Thermometers

When you are looking for functional decorative elements for your porch, patio, pool, garden, or other outdoor areas, the Outdoor Oversized Wall Clocks and Thermometers are a great way to add décor style and also give you and your guests important information when they need it.

Large Slate Effect Outdoor Garden Clock - 45cm (17.7")
Large Slate Effect Outdoor Garden Clock - 45cm (17.7")

There are a wide range of styles to choose from on this Outdoor Oversized Wall Clocks and Thermometers page so you are sure to find a great Large outdoor wall clock for your pool or patio. You can find your design style to coordinate with your home's style and your outdoor decor.


Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer - Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers

Indoor Outdoor

When you are browsing the selection on this page you will want to check each item for full details so you can determine the 'type' of time and temperature they will provide for you. For example: some temperatures are shown in Celsius, some in Fahrenheit, and some have both available on one item (or choices for you to select from).

I love the look of stone and slate. But, in something you might want to hang on a wall it could be too heavy. The Faux-Slate option is perfect. Less maintenance (cleaning for example) than a true slate item yet just as beautiful.

When you see how beautiful the slate look is in just about any outdoor space you will want to use this theme in other accessories and accents on your deck and garden as well.

Copper Sun Wall Clock Thermometer - Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers


When you choose a whimsical version of the wall clock thermometer you will add personality to your outdoor spaces. Bring themes into the space which you love and you are sure to receive many compliments about your decorating plan. Using functional decorating elements is a sure way to get your accessories and your décor noticed.

Question About Outdoor Lifestyle

When you are in your yard, garden, or sitting out on the patio would time and temperature interest you?

See results

A focal point gives your overall plan balance and a 'planned' look. Designers know secrets which are simple. A focal point is an essential element of that set of simple secrets.

Patio Thermometer with Clock - Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers


Each of the featured decorative wall clocks have unique design aspects. When you are choosing think about your own personal style (if you love it ... it is likely to work), the style of your home (structural as well as decorative elements), and lastly your lifestyle. If you spend time sitting in the garden (or would like to) then you know there is a good chance you'll let time slip away. With an appealing clock nearby you can enjoy your relaxation and still glance at the clock to make sure you step back into your busy day on time.

TAYLOR Springfield Patio Thermometer with Clock, 14", Black
TAYLOR Springfield Patio Thermometer with Clock, 14", Black

A garden, patio, deck, or the bench in your side yard, all give you great opportunities to add a decorative element with a useful functional attribute. With any one of these (or several of them) you can add interest and design style to your outdoor living spaces.


Oregon Scientific Indoor Outdoor Clock with Thermometer - Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers


Digital versions of outdoor clocks with thermometers are often easier to read and come in many sizes. Many come in dual sets (so one will be inside and one outside) so you can see both time and temperature when you are inside or out.

La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL-INT 18 inch Atomic Outdoor Clock with Temperature & Humidity
La Crosse Technology WT-3181PL-INT 18 inch Atomic Outdoor Clock with Temperature & Humidity

"The new start and stop dates were set in the Energy Policy Act of 2005" so for awhile some of the 'new' clocks were still no longer very smart.

If you have a clock you purchased before the changes then you know what I mean. The time changes are delayed or ahead of time depending on the time of year.


LaCrosse Technology Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer - Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers


The sound of it is disturbing. "atomic" . right? But with the technology you will have (in most cases) a smart clock. When you are shopping for an atomic clock in the U.S.A. be sure it is updated (anything manufactured after 2006 is likely to be ok. The older clocks were not generally programmed to adapt to the changes in how the U.S. approaches the new Daylight Savings Time standards.

Photo Credit Public Domain Commercial COO
Photo Credit Public Domain Commercial COO | Source

How To Choose A Great Outdoor Clock - Check the following information to ensure you find a great outdoor clock for you.

There are a few ideas which have come to mind over time. Some were after making mistakes because I did not think to check some of the information before I made a decision.

The checklist will guide you through the initial selection. If you have other ideas please add them to the guestbook later on this page.

Oregon Scientific RMR382-B Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Atomic Clock, Black
Oregon Scientific RMR382-B Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Atomic Clock, Black

The outside units of duel sets transmit the temperature to the indoor unit. This way you have both indoor and outdoor temperatures to refer to (if the unit has that feature) so you will know how to dress (if you need a sweater or a coat for example) before you head out for your day.



1. Take time to check the following: Size of the clock.

2. Materials the clock is made of.

3. Functions included in the clock.

4. Design style of the clock.

5. Operating system (batteries, electric, solar powered).

6. Customer reviews.

Time required: Unspecified

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Time


  • None


  • Internet Access Device

Outdoor Clocks with Thermometers Guestbook - Who Would Enjoy An Outdoor Clocks with Thermometer?

Submit a Comment

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    4 years ago from Chico California

    @ThreeQuarters2Day: Thanks for dropping by, Dawn. The indoor thermometers (with the sensors outside) would be great here this summer it has been triple digits a few times. When it is below 100 we love to sit out in the backyard. I wonder if any of these come with sensors.

  • ThreeQuarters2Day profile image

    Dawn Romine 

    4 years ago from Nebraska

    My husband likes the indoor thermometers where he doesn't have to go outside to see how hot it is. Although these would be great for my in-laws who love to sit on their deck.

  • Charito1962 profile image

    Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

    4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    I like the antiquity design of the Kingston outdoor wall clock.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    I guess most people would enjoy having one of these outdoor clocks.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    My hand is up in the air too and I'm guessing that some of these could easily find their way inside as well! :)

  • Fart Pickins profile image

    Fart Pickins 

    5 years ago

    My wife and I are always wondering what the temp is outside and it would be perfect to just look outside the window and find out in seconds.

  • BuckHawkcenter profile image


    5 years ago

    Raises hand frantically! I would. I love to see temperatures when I enjoying my outdoor space and these are all so nice. I definitely need an outdoor clock with a thermometer.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    They are really awesome...Blessed...:)

  • nightbear lm profile image

    nightbear lm 

    5 years ago

    Beautiful page and great choices. I do like a clock outdoors.

  • Wednesday-Elf profile image


    5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

    These are perfect, not only for knowing the temperature, but for keeping track of time - like when to stop 'lazin' around on the deck and go inside to fix dinner! :)

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    My husband has been looking for something like this. I'm going to have to show him these...not sure if he wants one with a clock or just a large round thermometer we can put outside. This is a beautiful selection!

  • DecoratingEvents profile image


    5 years ago

    I love outdoor clocks! When gardening or just relaxing outdoors, a lot of the time I don't have my watch on. I can't stand to not know what time it is so outdoor clocks are my answer! With a thermometer? That much better!

  • mbgphoto profile image

    Mary Beth Granger 

    5 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

    I love these beautiful ooutdoor clocks. Great selection

  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

    5 years ago from United States

    These are really wonderful clocks with thermometers! They really would be a beautiful addition to any deck, patio or even a gazebo, which I have always wanted :)

  • OhMe profile image

    Nancy Tate Hellams 

    5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

    I used to have a large outdoor clock so I could read it while in the pool without my glasses on but one day it just quit working. I sure see some here that I would like to have to replace that one.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    An outdoor clock (with thermometer) is a great convenience ! In fact, as I fix up my deck for spring, I think I just may treat myself to one of these! With our busy lives, it's nice to know we can keep track of time as we relax outdoors!


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