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Oz The Great And Powerful Costumes

Updated on September 28, 2014

Oz The Great And Powerful Costumes - Witch Costumes, Wizard Costumes and Munchkin Costumes For Adults and Kids Here!

I'm looking forward to dressing up in an Oz the Great and Powerful costume this Halloween. As a huge fan of the original Wizard of Oz movie, and of Judy Garland in particular, I am so excited at all the new character costumes that are available, along with an update of some of the more classic choices.

Girls and women have more costume choices from this film than men, which I love! It's hard to decide to go as Glinda the Good Witch, Theodora, Evanora, the Wicked Witch of the West or even as the China Doll. If my partner wants to come along, or if I take the neighbors little boy trick or treating, then they can dress as a munchkin or as the actual wizard. I think a little boy will look really dapper in a three piece suit, especially with a mini waistcoat.

I think little girls will have the most fun with this theme. I know they love to dress up as little princesses, but the Glinda costume will still allow them to do that, but comes with some really cute slippers, a magic wand and a tiara. Most young girls are not really going to get that there's a difference.

I have to say that if I were going to a fancy dress party, many of these costumes are very flattering and perfect for the female figure. It would also make a great theme for the whole family!

Theordora Costumes

Everything You Need for a Theodora Costume - Before She Was Wicked and Was The Beautiful Lady in Red

Theodora was stunning in the movie in red and later in black. Here's her good witch costume before she realized that the world isn't all perfect like a fairy tale.

Wmu - Women's Costume: Oz- Theodora- Standard
Wmu - Women's Costume: Oz- Theodora- Standard

You could choose this complete costume including the hat and look very close to the movie version of Theodora.


Theodora Makeup Tutorial - Dress Up Like Theodora From the Oz The Great and Powerful Movie

Check out how to look exactly like Glinda and Theodora with these makeup tutorials.

Oz The Great and Powerful Halloween Costumes

Which Oz The Great and Powerful costume are you looking for?

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Disney Glinda the Good Witch Costume for Girls

Choosing between a little princess costume and a good witch costume just got easier.

If your little princess likes to dress up then she'll love the Glinda the Good Witch costume. The satin and organza material of the dress makes it feel very expensive and very princess like. She'll love that it's pink and comes with the most adorable little slippers.

Every little queen to be wants a crown and Glinda has a tiara. However, Glinda also has a magic wand which is an added bonus.

Click the images below for details on sizing. I think this is a special costume and is simply stunning. The detail on the dress is spot on and your child will look like the Good Witch from the movie, but also like your little princess!!

Glinda The Good Witch Costume For Women - Dress Up as a Good Witch for the Day

Rubie's Costume Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Adult Dress and Headpiece
Rubie's Costume Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Adult Dress and Headpiece

An official Glinda Dress for women has finally been released. I have been waiting patiently for this Halloween costume as Michelle Wiliams was so beautiful in this dress.

If you want to have the same make-up then please watch the video below.


Glinda Makeup Tutorial - Follow the Instructions in This Video to Achieve the Glinda Look at Home

This really great tutorial shows you how you can apply your makeup to look exactly like Glinda from Oz The Great and Powerful, using the Glinda makeup palette from Urban Decay featured above. This will take your costume to the next level and you'll look great too.

This makeup artist is wearing a rare version of the Glinda tiara and the matching wand.

Perfect For Groups Too!

If you and some friends or work colleagues are going to a party this Halloween, then Oz The Great and Powerful costumes could be a great idea!

You'll make a huge impact, will look great and will be in with a shot of winning the best group costume prize!

Wicked Witch Costumes

You'll be evil on the right day of the year!

Sexy Oz The Great and Powerful Costumes

This looks just like the outfit Mila Kunis wore in the movie!

If I dress up as an Oz character this year it has to be this one. The outfit is super flattering and yet not trashy or cheap looking at all. And you could have fun tormenting other people at the party, and it would be okay because you are just getting into character!

More Wicked Witch Costumes For Women

What's the opposite of Glinda? Well, that would have to be The Wicked Witch! And she had one of the most interesting and sexy costumes in the movie, pre and post heart breaking.

Dressing up as the Wicked Witch of the West is really easy. There are lots of costumes to choose from and are very flattering. Most of them even come with the tall pointed hat, which is so iconic of this costume and character.

You might have to borrow a broom though so check the details of the costume below to find out the details and sizes available.

Rubie's Costume Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Adult Wicked Witch Of The West Dress and Hat, Black, Large
Rubie's Costume Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Adult Wicked Witch Of The West Dress and Hat, Black, Large

If you're not keen on the way the hat wraps around the head then this wicked witch costume is almost exactly the same as the one, barring that feature.

Oz The Great And Powerful Wicked Witch Deluxe Hat
Oz The Great And Powerful Wicked Witch Deluxe Hat

And if you want to make your own costume and just need the hat to finish it off, then this is the perfect choice!

Disney Store Deluxe Wicked Witch of the West Costume and Hat "Wizard of Oz Great Powerful" X Small 4
Disney Store Deluxe Wicked Witch of the West Costume and Hat "Wizard of Oz Great Powerful" X Small 4

This witch costume for little girls has everything you could ever imagine!


Evanora Costume

Look Serene in Green - Dress Like Evanora

Evanora Halloween Costume
Evanora Halloween Costume

Evanora had everyone fooled, including her own sister!

She looked absolutely stunning in green.

Or you can decide to make your own costume to look like her and add the accessories to complete the look.

Her most important accessories include her Emerald Crystal pendant and the green headband.

Dress Up As China Doll This Halloween

If your favorite character from Oz The great and powerful was the China Doll then you'll love this baby blue dress.

Look angelic this Halloween!

Perfect for little girls and adults too!

Wizard of Oz Costume

Create Your Own Oz The Great and Powerful Costume

Oz The Great and Powerful Costume - Oscar Diggs

Oscar Diggs found himself in a foreign land in a 3 piece suit.

He started off as an illusionist on an adventure and ended up in a foreign land even he could never have dreamed up!

Kids and adults alike can easily wear this outfit and even recycle it if they have an important event to go to sometime in the future.

It will be funny to see how many little boys are men are dressed up like this for Halloween.

I know when I bought a similar outfit like this for my nephew for his 8th birthday he and his mum loved it! It makes boys feel more grown up and cool. I know grown-ups no longer feel that way when they have to wear these types of things, but for kids it's a chance to look like daddy.

Oz The Great and Powerful Trailer

Will You Dress Up As An Oz The Great And Powerful Character?

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    • clevergirlname profile image

      clevergirlname 4 years ago

      How delightful! I would love to be the wicked witch! I always did like her!

    • tophatpro profile image

      tophatpro 4 years ago

      @anonymous: I'll have a look for you and see if I can find something suitable.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Actually, I love big Titanic-style hats, and I've been looking for a jacket similar to Theodora's for years. Maybe now I'll finally be able to find a sewing pattern for one.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      Maybe for Halloween.