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Penguin Baby Costumes

Updated on September 11, 2014

What could be cuter than your baby or toddler in one of these adorable black & white penguin costumes? These Mini penguin Infant Costumes are soft, comfortable, warm and functional to keep your toddler warm and cozy as they explore the trick or treat world. These adorable costumes are ideal for a trip to the pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating this Halloween or even pictures to send to the family.

Baby Penguin Bunting Costume

Baby Penguin Bunting Costume
Baby Penguin Bunting Costume

Baby Penguin Bunting Costume

You adorable infant will just look cuter in this baby bunting penguin costume that fits up to 25 inches. Ideal for the little ones that aren't crawling yet!

Kids Plush Penguin Infant Costume
Kids Plush Penguin Infant Costume

Kids Plush Penguin Infant Costume

Kids Plush Penguin Infant Costume Size 12mo.

This uber soft & comfy penguin baby costume is perfect for trick or treating. I just want to pinch those little cheeks...but i won't because only a jerk pinches babies.

DIY Baby Costume Tutorial

Don't want something store bought & ill fitting? Not a problem! Just follow this step by step tutrial (after all the super cute photo ops) and make on just like the photo! You will need some sewing skills & free time but it's totally worth it!Get The Directions Here!

Baby Penguin Costume

This penguin costume includes a jumpsuit with attached hood makes the perfect penguin Halloween experience for your baby! Ideal for a chilly climate this one comes with it's own super soft hoodie!

Newborn Penguin Baby Costume

This charming little penguin jumpsuit is for infants 0-6 months. Great for those that hate bunting & are a bit bigger.

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Penguin Costume

How stinkin' cute it this! A full on penguin in a tux! Can my baby wear this every day? This full body costume is plushy & adorable. It features slip on booties & snaps for easy diaper changing.

Baby Penguin Costumes

These pint sized outfits are perfect for Halloween ...or maybe a trip the the South Pole! Few people can resist the adorableness of these black & white cuties!

Underwraps Baby's Penguin Belly
Underwraps Baby's Penguin Belly

Little runners will have all the leg room they need to roam the streets in style.


DIY Penguin Costume Tutorial

You can make a groovy costume in less than an hour & the end result is super cute!

Get Creative!

When in doubt go with an adorable knit hat from Etsy & some black sweats! Sure it's sort of cheating but when you have a pile of kids there are going to be some corners cut! Besides you have lots of photos of the other kids!

Get the Hat Here!

Baby Penguin Costume

Baby Penguin Costume
Baby Penguin Costume

Baby Penguin Costume

Not just a silly penguin...but one wearing a hat & scarf! This costume features a blue scarf & hat with polka dots to finish off a super cute penguin look that any baby could rock out in.

Child's Infant Penguin Costume (Size: 6-12 Months)

This penguin costume comes with character snap close in the jumpsuit.


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