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The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion for Everyone on Your List – Forever Gifts

Updated on September 28, 2015

The Origin of this Great Gift Idea

Frankly, I came to believe that these things I am referring to as Forever Gifts were the ideal things to spend one’s resources on several years ago. You know, resources like money, time, and energy. I did not think of these things as gifts before, so I guess that is what is different now. I now see them as great gifts for other people too.

Previously, I thought of these things as an investment in myself, and a better choice as opposed to collecting a lot of material things, but I think it makes sense to extend this philosophy to other people in the form of gifts, too, to the extent one is able. After all, if a person can find value in these things for him or herself, then it seems reasonable that there are other people who will value them also.

Just the other day I came across an article that really surprised me, because it was all about what I have come to believe for a long time. The surprise, from my perspective, was that anyone else had the same basic idea I had had for a long time! I decided then and there that I wanted to share it with as many people as I can.

The idea that Christella Morris was writing about for the Yummy Mummy Club ( sounded fantastic to me because I had adopted principles for myself similar to hers on this issue, a long time ago.

Christella refers to this practice as “the gift of not giving anything.” I like ‘Forever Gifts’ better, because in fact a person is giving something, and it is something so valuable that once given, it can never be replaced. It also makes more sense to me to think of these gifts as ‘Forever Gifts,’ because these gifts stay with a person for the rest of their lives and beyond.

Since most people have been programmed by our society to believe special occasions require material presents, like clothing, perfume, socks, gadgets, tools, toys, cars, or ideally, money, this concept for the perfect Forever Gift may be a stretch for some people. Young people, especially, who tend to place greater value on material things than older people who have learned what is really important, may not take to this idea of the Forever Gift so readily.

Examples of Forever Gifts

A trip to the zoo.
A trip to the zoo. | Source
A game of beach soccer.
A game of beach soccer. | Source

Forever Gifts

What is a Forever Gift? A gift that will last a lifetime and go with the person it was given to even when they pass on from this life. Forever Gifts are not material. They are memories, knowledge, and experiences.

Enjoying a ride on horseback through the park.
Enjoying a ride on horseback through the park. | Source
Learning a craft together
Learning a craft together | Source

This Is It!

For several years I have been thinking that experiences and knowledge are more important than material “things.” Yes, we all need a certain amount of ‘things,’ to be comfortable and to get along in this world, but most of us do not need nearly the amount of ‘stuff’ that most of us have, would you agree?

Think about it. Every ‘thing’ that you take into your home will take up space, must be dusted, must be stored, and if you move it must be packed and carried to a moving truck by somebody and unloaded at the other end. Will it spend its time buried among other things in a big pile gathering dust? Will you remember where you put it in case you need it so you do not have to go out and buy another one? Will it be stored away in the attic or basement and forgotten?

How about that present you gave to a friend or relative? Did they love it and think it was as unique and adorable and cute as you did when you bought it? Did it end up re-gifted or donated to a charitable organization? Was it truly appreciated for itself as well as for the fact that it came from you, or was it just another ‘thing’ to find a space for? Something you spent hard earned money for that will end up . . . who knows where?

We CAN Take the Forever Gift With Us When We Leave This Life

Everyone who reads this may not necessarily be a Christian or share my views on religion and God, but I think most of us agree that when we leave this planet – and eventually we will all do that -- the only ‘things’ we will take with us are our memories and our knowledge. Nothing physical is going with us, not even our own bodies.

We can take our knowledge and our memories with us when we leave this planet. That is essentially all we can take with us. So once we have met our physical needs, it makes sense to invest in our education, our skills and knowledge, and in the memories we will have of our experiences.

Give the gift of your time to your children and grandchildren – or to anyone on your gift list. Help them make wonderful memories by spending time with them doing things that are special. For the people on your gift list, spending time with you may be the best part of all!

Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.
Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. | Source
Biking together
Biking together | Source

What Makes Forever Gifts Perfect?

Forever Gifts:

Are an excellent investment in whoever receives them.

Always fit -- the size is always just right.

Always match, no returns necessary.

Need never cost more than you can afford.

Require no special packaging to ship or to move.

Do not have to be dusted or insured.

This is the best part. You CAN take these gifts with you! Yes, even when you depart this planet, you CAN and will take these gifts with you! The people you give these gifts to will take them everywhere they go for the rest of their lives and beyond.

More Ways to Make Special Memories

A game of chess in the park.
A game of chess in the park. | Source
Hiking through beautiful scenery
Hiking through beautiful scenery | Source
Everyone loves a picnic!
Everyone loves a picnic! | Source
Walking in the park
Walking in the park | Source
Family bike ride
Family bike ride | Source

Forever Gift Suggestions

A walk in a beautiful summer or autumn woods, or a walk through a beautiful park feeding the squirrels or ducks could be the perfect gift for someone on your gift list. Sharing memories from your own childhood that will help connect the generations of your family together will create special memories for the next generation. Your attention, time, and presence are what will make any such experience special and the cost of this gift in dollars and cents is minimal.

Give the gift of knowledge. Teach your child or grandchild how to do something. Let them help you grow things in your garden and enjoy harvesting the finished product in a special dish you make together. Have them help you prepare a special recipe and then pass that recipe on to them.

Do you have a special skill? Do you sew? Quilt? Embroider? Can you fix cars? Program computers? Take great photos? Do you know how to build things from wood? Are you into ceramics? Crafts? Share your knowledge and skill with the people on your gift list. Teach them how to do something simple in your area of expertise.

Spend an afternoon or a morning with them and teach them how to do something that will give them a lovely momento of the time you spent together, and possibly a new skill that will save them money, time, or frustration – or foster a new interest that will grow into a loved activity over time.

If you are a person who enjoys traveling, take your children or grandchildren one at a time on a trip with you when they are old enough. It need not be a trip to another country, though that would be wonderful if you can manage it. Trips to special places in your community may be possible right now. A trip to a museum, viewing a special movie, attending a concert, or visiting a local historical site nearby may be just the thing. Take them to a book signing of their favorite author.

Make a trip to the library and help your children learn how to use it, and make sure they know that the librarians are there to help them if they need it.

Teach your children, grandchildren, or a friend, how to make a special recipe that they love so that they can make it for themselves when you are not there to do it for them.

Spend time doing things with your friends and relatives. Older relatives and friends will likely feel very special knowing you have taken time out of your busy schedule to spend the day, or part of the day with them doing something they would enjoy. Maybe shopping and carrying all those packages into the house for them, having a good lunch or snack while you’re out, and most of all, talking and sharing your time.

Both children and elders often enjoy board games or card games. Are there horse drawn carriage rides available where you live or some other rides that would be especially enjoyable for holidays or special occasions?

Take someone caroling with your church group or get your neighbors together to walk through the neighborhood streets caroling a week or two before Christmas. Get your friends together for this activity.

I recently read a hub about having a cookie baking day where a few friends get together and bake all their Christmas cookies at the same time enjoying the time together and getting a job done at the same time (Dolores Monet – How to Make Lots of Christmas Cookies All At Once).

Think about all the different activities you can do that will give someone on your gift list a great experience, possibly new knowledge or a useful skill, and time that you can both enjoy together making great memories.

You can also give the gift of an experience to others that will not include your own participation. Maybe dance lessons, music lessons, lessons to train their new (or not so new) dog. The possibilities are endless.

It really depends on what the person on your gift list would enjoy and it is up to you to find out what that is. Has someone on your list always wanted to ride on a roller coaster, a hot air balloon, or take a trip on a passenger train? For children who have never had the opportunity to do so, the experience of riding a city bus or a subway can be an exciting adventure.

Maybe a short flight on an airplane to the nearest city and back would be a treat? Spend the day with a friend or relative visiting museums, shopping, or at the theater, and then fly home again that night so that person may get their first or only experience they will ever have flying in a plane. Whether it is their first flight or not, they will have the wonderful memories the two of you made together during that time.

Rent or borrow some movies and spend the time at home. Make your own fresh popcorn and hot cocoa or whatever food and drink you want. Spend the afternoon together making Christmas ornaments or candy. Invite friends or relatives over to help decorate the tree.

Get busy thinking about how you can give the Forever Gifts of experience, time, and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. If your budget is tight as so many people’s budgets are these days, think about ways to give your time that involve a minimum of money.

Memories That Will Last a Life time

Great fishing memories!
Great fishing memories! | Source

© 2013 C E Clark


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