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Personalized Cat And Dog Christmas Ornaments

Updated on November 27, 2015

Personalized Christmas Ornaments For Dogs And Cats

Some of us are dog lovers only, some of us are cat lovers only. My family happens to loved both the canines and the felines of this world. You can tell we love animals all year long, but at Christmas, it is OUT OF CONTROL! Who has the Personalized Pet Ornaments...We Do....Who has personalized Pet Stockings...We Do...Who has dog and cat Christmas Gifts...We Do! My house is full of cats, dogs and kids. That means Christmas never ends around here, and that's just fine with me.

Cat And Dog Ornaments

Easy to find gift ideas for your pet loving friends, or for yourself, can be found below. Just pick out your favorite...I will be telling your which are my favorites too...just in case you are interested! My dog is a beautiful White German Shepherd and I am crazy about this dog. He is THE know the one...the one who is the most special dog you ever met. I have two cute ornaments for is a White Shepherd Angel and one is a White shepherd devil. What a cute pair they are on the tree.

Personalized Pet Christmas Stockings

My Pet Stockings are not personalized, but these are. If you are looking for a personalized holiday decoration for you pet, these stockings are a great idea. I'll bet the rest of the family has stockings hanging by the chimney with care...

Personalized Dog Bone Ornaments

Dog bones are a popular doggie treat and Christmas ornament shape. My daughter, Jenna, found a bone shaped personalized Christmas stocking for her dog, Mattie. Here are some cute ornaments you can have personalized or personalize yourself.

Wrap A Dog For Christmas - More Holiday Pet Wrapping Excitement

My dog would never let me do this. White German Shepherds aren't the kind of dog you wrap.

Would Your Dog or Cat Let You Wrap Them?

If you wanted to, would your dog or cat let you wrap their body and their tail in wrapping paper and then just sit around until you removed the paper?

Personalized Cat Christmas Ornaments - Cat Christmas Tree Ornaments

What can you find for the cat? You know how finicky cats can be! I have two cats, Butch...a tiger stripe with no tail and Shadow...a black and white beauty with green eyes and beautiful, thick fur. My sister, Joy, lives upstairs with her Munchkin cat, Rambo and her island dog...he is literally from the island of St Kitts, Puppy. Yeah...we know how to pick unique animal names,don't we!

Dog And Cat Ornaments - Cats And Dogs Together On Ornaments

These ornaments are perfect for the home that has cats and dogs...both animals are on each of these fun ornaments. Several of them can be personalized and there are a couple of the Christopher Radko blown glass holiday ornaments that are so popular.

Cats Or Dogs - Which Animal Makes The Best Pet?

Are you a dog lover or a cat lover? We all have an opinion....tell us yours? Do you connect more with canines or felines? I have both and I still have a favorite.

Wrap Your Cat For Christmas - Watch This Funny Holiday Cat Video

Do you think your cat would put up with this? One of mine would, but the other would run!

Wrap Your Cat For Christmas

Personalized Dog Breed Ornaments - What Breed Is Your Dog?

I love to get dog breed ornaments! Not too long ago it was almost impossible to find a White German Shepherd dog ornament, but now I can find lots of them to choose from. I tend to go a little crazy where my dog is concerned. I have statues, a laser cut crystal, a sign that reads, "A Spoiled White German Shepherd Live Here', (he's not the way) GSD pajamas, a note pad and a coffee mug with his picture on it. I have listed some of the breeds you can find personalized Christmas ornaments for. Hope you are as thrilled with these things as I am!

Personalized Cat Breed Ornaments - Get Personalized Christmas Ornaments For Your Cats!

I find it more difficult to find breed ornaments for my cats than it is for my White German Shepherd. I don't know if that's just me or there just aren't as many cat items as there are dog. Let's see what Amazon says to that! Let's find a Bengal Cat ornament for my tree.

Christmas Pet Pictures

Hear a Christmas carol and look at cute Christmas pets. Enjoy the holidays with your family and make sure you include the furry kids in everything you do!

Personalized Christmas Pet Collars - Get Your Cat or Dog A Christmas Collar

It's fun to dress your dog or cat up for the holidays and you can find the cutest holiday collars to do it with. Some of the collars even have matching leashes. Have a little dress up doggie or kitty fun this Christmas with bells, jewels, and even antlers!

Personalized Dog And Cat Tags For Christmas - Get Your Pet A Christmas ID Tag

Even your dog or cats tag can match the holiday theme. I found some very festive holiday pet ID tags for dogs and cats.

Personalized Christmas Clothes For Pets - Dress Up Your Dog Or Cat

Christmas outfits, even if it's just a bandana, are cute on dogs and cats. Not everyone agrees that you should dress your pets, but if you like to, then go ahead. I like simple stuff and funny items where my animals are concerned. I know that my granddog, Mia the Chihuahua, loves her coat in the winter...if she doesn't wear it when she goes out side, she shakes and shivers.

Christmas Movies For Kids

Planning on watching some fun movies with your kids around the holidays this year? Take a look at this holiday movie list. All these movies have the same theme, Christmas, and each stars or is about an animal. Pet lovers will enjoy these family films.

Dog And Cat Ornaments On A Christmas Tree

Christmas Gingerbread Dog Cookies

Cat Christmas Ornaments

How To Make A Cat Proof Christmas Tree


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