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Personalized Christmas Photo Greeting Cards

Updated on September 29, 2014

Make it Personal with Night Owl Paper Goods this Christmas

Want a great Christmas Photo Greeting Card and be Earth friendly, too? Yes, it is possible when you order your Christmas Photo Greetings from Night Owl Paper Goods. This Alabama based card and gift company wants to save the planet beautifully! I have seen the wooden photo greeting holiday cards and they are truly impressive and unique.

The Christmas Photo card shown above is Cruisin' Christmas - Red (click here to purchase) from Night Owl Paper Goods.

Photo Card Ornaments for the Holidays! - Greeting and Gift in one envelope!

I guarantee that these die-cut cards that double as an ornament will not end up in the trash, especially if you get them printed on wood. Remember, all cards are handmade in the USA and are eco-friendly. Notice the different printed embellishments on each ornament below. Modern to traditional in theme.

These ornamental holiday "cards" are printed on very thin (1/32" thick) birch or high quality 110 lb paper---the holiday chord for hanging is included. The paper ornament card is less expensive than a NightOwl card, btw. An ornament card is also something that might be saved and not thrown away.

Night Owl Cards can be found on Amazon, too!

Santa Otters Wood Holiday Card by Night Owl Paper Goods
Santa Otters Wood Holiday Card by Night Owl Paper Goods

This cute and cuddly card can be used to decorate your tree!


Photo Greetings with Critters from Night Owl Paper Goods

Each card comes with an unbleached paper envelope. Cards can be printed on wood or on eco-friendly, FSC certified paper made with zero-emission wind-generated power.

Click any picture of a greeting card below to find out more. Find Pandas, penguins and beavers for your family photo card.

After Night Owl Paper Goods receives your order and personalization information, they email you a digital proof within 24 hours.

Once they have your approval on the digital proof, your order will ship within 11 business days for wood and 7 business days for paper.

- Find Pandas, Penguins, Beavers and Deer on these custom Christmas Cards on Night Owl's website. Find the link in the introduction above.

Joy Bird Greeting/ornament from Night Owl Paper Goods
Joy Bird Greeting/ornament from Night Owl Paper Goods

Why I like Night Owl Personalized Greeting Cards:

Handmade in Owlabama!

I like this company for many reasons. The first one has to be the fact that the company is located in Alabama. ("Owl"abama) I believe in supporting local companies. Other reasons? This company is devoted to providing quality craftsmanship and being Eco-friendly. Night Owl's owners are also proud of the excellent service that they provide to their patrons.

The owners of this unique stationery company boldly state on their website: "Our goal is to create our products using environmentally-sound methods and to conduct our operations in an environmentally-responsible manner."

Night Owl Paper Goods has folksy, yet modern choices for your holiday greetings. Their wooden greeting cards are also quite unique, to say the least. When was the last time you got a card that was made out of real birch?

Browse the selections on this page to find your uniquely folksy (yet modern), environmentally friendly Holiday Photo greeting card that you will be proud to send this season.

photo credit:Joy Bird card ornament
from: Night Owl Paper Goods

Traditional Holiday Sentiments on Photo Greeting Cards:

Are you a "red and green" Christmas person? Then you will love Night Owl's traditional greeting Find greens and snowflakes and wonderfully cheerful words. How many ways can you find to say "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Peace, Joy, and Love for all"?

The reason that some cards appear "yellow" is because they are printed on very thin wood--birch in most cases.

Remember to allow at least 12 business days for wood (8 business days for paper) to get your greeting cards when you order your personalized cards from Night Owl.

Boxed Christmas and Hanukkah Cards -- Cheaper by the box! - -- no personaliztion or photo, though.

Don't have a photo to put on a Christmas card? Then you can order your unique boxed cards from Night Owl. Be aware that unlike traditional Christmas or Hanukkah cards, no two wood cards are alike. So you get double the unique!

Modern Stripes Ornament with a cute face!

Order from Night Owl Paper goods and add your own cute face to the ornament card.
Order from Night Owl Paper goods and add your own cute face to the ornament card. | Source

Happy Hanukkah Greetings

These Happy Hanukkah  cards come in a box of 10 AND they are on sale.
These Happy Hanukkah cards come in a box of 10 AND they are on sale. | Source

My own thoughts about Night Owl Cards and Christmas Cards in general:

I have sent and received many Holiday cards, but my favorite are the ones that can be ornaments. That way I can store them with the decorations and enjoy them year after year with no guilt about clutter in the drawers of my desk. Yes, I hate to throw away Christmas cards that have pictures on them, but one has to set personal limits. Do you ever feel guilty throwing away photo greetings with a cute little baby or bull dog pictured on them?

Many just send digital greetings, now. Be it for concern about the earth or just plain economics, sending ecards during the holidays has become quite common. If one chooses responsibly, though, sending real paper (or wood) cards is still a very good option. If economics is the deciding factor, then whittle down your Christmas Card List. One can even hand deliver one's greetings if you just have to give a card to a close neighbor.

Do you have any suggestions or reasons to share that might help keep the tradition of sending a real card and not just digital ones? Or, do you think digitally made personalized ecards are the new way to share sentiments?

Do you send personalized greeting cards during the Holidays? - Keep this Holiday tradition alive one way or another!

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