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Personalized Watch - Make it a Personal Timepiece in Time!

Updated on March 28, 2011
Personalized Watch
Personalized Watch

Personalized Watch The Perfect Gift For Anyone!

Personalized watch is the perfect gift idea to give to families, loved ones, friends, etc. for any occasion and holiday.

There are many unique gifts to choose from nowadays, but personalized watches really stands out and gives a personal touch every time.

Before purchasing a personalized watch for your men, women, kids etc you should consider their style and know what type of watch will suit their taste, whether they prefer something modern or classic.

Also when considering personalized watches for men, do your best to gain knowledge (from their family, friends, even loved ones etc) on the type of watch they will like; pocket watch, money clip watch or just a regular watch and then by that knowledge you will be able to know exactly what type of watch to personalized to make it theirs and theirs alone, that will always be remembered, looked up and appreciated for years.

Now with the knowledge of what kind of watch to get and depending on the type of watch you choose for the recipient, you can either have it engraved with the recipient initials, their name, birth date, family names or engraved a personal message from your heart.

Also not forgetting photo watches which are becoming very popular, it eliminates one having to store photos in your wallet, purse or carrying around in other personal devices.

Let's take a look at the different types of personalized watches gift ideas for that special someone.

Please scroll below for unique watches for everyone. Enjoy!

Personalized Pocket Watch
Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized Pocket Watches

Personalized pocket watches makes excellent gift ideas for men these watches offer style and sophistication with a classic timepiece that's timeless.

Let him enhance his attire on any special occasion with a classic keepsake pocket watch that's personalized for him and him alone.

Show him how special he is by engraving his initials or engrave a special note of love and appreciation that gets handed down through generations, also with some pocket watches you have the option of putting a 1" round picture of his favorite photo on the opening of the pocket watch.

Personalized Pocket watches makes excellent gift for him, gifts for dad, gifts for groomsmen, gifts for grandpa and its a great reward for your loved ones.


Photo Watch
Photo Watch

Photo Watches

With photo watches they can take their favorite photos everywhere and enjoy personal entertainment right on their wrist watch.

Photo watches are a perfect way to keep families close no matter where they are. Its a great way to share and enjoy their photos without carrying them around in their wallet or having to carry a separate device to enjoy watching their photos.

Photo Watch Features

  • Some photo watches have the option to transfer from 60 to 140 photos (depending on internal memory)
  • You can easily transfer photos by plugging your USB to your PC and uploading it into your digital photo album watch and at the same time you can charge the battery. No CD required!
  • Zoom and Crop easily.
  • Slide show and auto-off features.
  • Some comes with up to 8 hours of viewing time
  • High resolution LCD and much more...

In just seconds you select and upload your favorite photos from your computer.


Personalized Watch Money Clip
Personalized Watch Money Clip

Personalized Watch Money Clip

Give a statement of unique style with personalized watch money clip instead of a wallet.

Its elegant, gorgeous and will draw attention every time it makes an appearance.

It's the perfect gift for Father's Day, Birthdays, Bosses Day, Groomsmen, Best Buddy, New jobs etc.

A personalized watch money clip is an attractive gift for him, he will love this classic timeless look.

Personalized watch money clip comes with engraving initials options to add a personal touch every time.


Personalized Watches for Men

Personalized watch is a unique gift for men and makes excellent gift ideas for; Wedding Anniversary gift, Fathers Day gift, Christmas gift, Birthday gift or even Valentines Day gift.

With a personalized watch you can really express how special he is in a most unique way,  making it a gift he will never forget. Every time he wears it he'll think of how thoughtful you are!

Here are a few personalized watches you can give to your spouse, dad, grandpa, etc. as a gift;

Personalized Watches for Men to Consider:


Personalized Watches for Women

Are unique ways to show your spouse, mom, grandma, sister etc. your love and appreciation in a most loving way.

Presenting her with a personalized watch will certainly have her blushing and smiling within of how thoughtful you are to go all out of your way to have a watch personalized specially for her.

You can give her a personalized watch on her; Birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentines, Wedding Anniversary etc.

Below are some gorgeous personalized watches you can present to her as a unique gift.

Take a look!


Personalized Watches for Kids

Show kids how special they are by presenting them with a personalized watch that's made especially for them!

They will be excited of their watch personalized with their name on it, along with their favorite TV characters; Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess etc.


To View more Personalized Watches, and Personalized Watch Boxes, click here.

Hope you enjoy the gift giving ideas above and I trust it is helpful.

All the best!


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