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Pig Day

Updated on December 3, 2015

Oink Oink Oink Means Happy Pig Day

What the heck is Pig Day? How did pigs get a day anyway? Who makes up these wacky and almost unheard of holidays, and how can I celebrate Pig Day? In 1972, sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave decided they wanted something different to celebrate, so they created their own holiday. March 1st was chosen, as they thought it was a bleak time holiday and weather-wise.

Scroll down this page and for some fun pig stuff and to learn some interesting facts about pigs. Happy Pig Day Photo Credit

The Rave Sisters Thought Pigs Were Cute

Officially, pigs were chosen as the center of their holiday "to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals." Unofficially, Ellen and Mary Lynne chose pigs because they thought they were cute.

What started out as a joke between sisters spread across the country to become a real holiday. Since one sister taught in Texas and the other in South Carolina, the tradition spread through both states, catching on in areas with pig farming. Today, Pig Day is mostly celebrated in the Midwest.

Pig "Porcus" Facts

The intelligence of pigs rivals that of dogs and apes. They can even use mirrors to identify and locate food, something very few animals can do. This has inspired countless intelligent pig characters ranging from the megalomaniacal Napoleon in "Animal Farm" to the sheep herding Babe in "Babe, the Gallant Pig." Take a look at the DVD below, it's Babe: Pig in the City, and it's a great family movie. Have a little fun on Pig Day with a movie about Babe!

What's Porcus? It is the latin word for pig, swine, hog.

Pig Pancake Pan

Plan A Pig Pancake Breakfast For Pig Day

A pig's squeal can reach 115 db. That's as loud as the sound system at a rock concert. Yowser! That is loud, this is a pig fact I never heard before. The piggie pancake pan looks cute as can be, and I'm always in the mood for pancakes, I think fun shapes just make them taste better. Bet your family will delight when they see the flap jacks you've made for them in this cute as can be pan.

Pig Pancake Pan

Love Piggy Wiggys and pancakes? Here are some "how to make pig pancakes" instructions to help you make some exciting and fun breakfasts for your family.

Piggy Pancakes or Egg Rings can make a great breakfast for your gang an you can try one last link that will take you to a book that's actually called If You Give A Pig A Pancake.

Interesting Pig Facts - Pigs In New York

Destruction of crops caused by free-roaming hogs in Manhattan forced farmers to build a wall. This is where Wall Street gets its name.

Pig Snout Oven Mitt

Baking With A Little Help From The Piggy

A hog is a fully-grown pig, usually weighing around 250 lbs. I usually see pictures of piglets, they are small and cute with that tiny little curly tail. I never realized these animals get so big. All you bakers out there are going to love this silicone baking grip, and yes, it is in the shape of a pig. It will help you handle those right out of the oven hot cookie sheets, baking and roasting pans, or anything else you just had in the oven or on the stove. Make your family and guests laugh with glee when they see these handy, dandy cooking accessories in the shape of a cute pink piggie.

Joie Piggy Wiggy Silicone Grip

If you love pig kitchen gadgets as much as I do you will find plenty of fun ideas here. Here are some of the "pigaccessories" I have in my kitchen

  • A Pig Dip Bowl and Spreader Set from Boston Warehouse
  • Pig Corn on the Cob Holders
  • A Scrubber
  • A Kitchen Timer
  • A Pig Coffee Mug
  • A Piggy Wiggy Pancake Flipper
  • An Egg Wisk
  • A Pig Muffin Silicone Baking Pan

Feral Pigs In Texas

Today, half of America's feral hog population can be found in Texas.

Joie Piggy Wiggy Timer

More piggly wiggly help for you bakers out there, this time it's in the form of a kitchen timer. This little piggie will let you know when the time is up for whatever project you are timing. Everyone who bakes or cooks knows that a kitchen timer is a helpful kitchen gadget, and look how cute this little piggy is.

The Pocket Pigs 2013 Wall Calendar

AWWW, look how cute these piglets are! This is the size I usually see, rather than the big ones who hit the scales at 250 or so. If you like little piggies, this wall calendar is a great way to keep track of the months. You can enjoy these little porkers every day of the year with this accessory.

Pigs, Pork And Thiamine

Pork has three times more thiamine per serving than any other food.

Fuzzy Friends Women's Pig Slippers

These are the perfect fuzzy and warm slippers to slip your piggies into. I wear slippers all year long, yep, even in the summer time. This pair is a great gift idea for yourself or that pig loving friend you need a gift for. These are pretty, functional, and pink, so if you look pretty in pink or your friend will, these are the slippers for you.

Pigs Can Smell

In Fact They Can Smell Something That's Buried Up To 25 Feet Underground

Pigs And Truffles

Pigs have an excellent sense of smell, and until recently were used to hunt for truffles. They've been replaced by dogs because unlike the pigs, they won't try to eat the truffles as soon as they find them. If you like truffles, take a look at what's pictured below, and thank all those pigs who were hard at work sniffing them out for you.

How Many Teeth Do Pigs Have?

Pigs Have 44 Teeth

Celebrate Pig Day With A Pig Themed Party!  This Little Piggy Looks Like He Or She Is Having A Grand Old Time At This Party.  Photo Credit:  Click On Picture
Celebrate Pig Day With A Pig Themed Party! This Little Piggy Looks Like He Or She Is Having A Grand Old Time At This Party. Photo Credit: Click On Picture

How Do I Celebrate Pig Day?

There's one issue that no one can decide about this holiday: Should a day honoring pigs be celebrated by eating them or by letting them live?

Some have celebrations centering on Sus scrofa domesticus, the domestic pig most people are familiar with. To celebrate, restaurants serve pork-based dishes, while many cooking websites and magazines publish recipes featuring ham and bacon.

Others choose to celebrate the pig outside the dinner table. Zoos normally host special events on this day emphasizing the intelligent nature of the pig, while pot-bellied pig owners use this as an opportunity to show off their pets.

Either way, it's a good time to make pig-related crafts or hold a pig-themed party. The traditional Pig Day party includes lots of pink, including pink ribbon decorations and pink punch. There are even some very cute piggy party favors kids will go crazy for!

The Snooty Pig Restaurant In Texas - Photo Credit:  Click On Photo
The Snooty Pig Restaurant In Texas - Photo Credit: Click On Photo

Hungry? Try The Snooty Pig Cafe

If You Are In Texas, That Is!

The Snooty Pig Cafe is a restaurant chain in Texas. You can find one in Argyle, Fort Worth, Grapevine, and Highland Village. You can choose from the Snooty Pig breakfast menu, the Snooty Pig lunch menu or pick something for the little ones off the Snooty Pig piglet menu. Omelets, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, burgers, desserts, and don't forget about the catering menu for those parties you are planning ... if you're in Texas that is. Eat at the restaurant or get it to go ... you are going to love the Snooty Pig.

Angry Birds Green Pig Costume Ideas

Don't You Just Love The Green Pig?

Rovio Angry Birds has some of the cutest costumes for pig lovers and they'd be perfect to dress up in on National Pig Day. It's the green pigs from the Angry Birds games. If you are a fan of costume fun, Angry Birds, and Pig Day, get ready to go green with these fun outfits.

Pink Pig Costumes - Pig Halloween Costume Ideas

Dress up for Pig Day or use these costumes for Halloween. These funny, cute costumes come in baby, toddler, kids and adult sizes, perfect for the entire family including the dog!

The Three Little Pigs

Do your kids know the story of the Three Little Pigs? The big, bad wolf tried to get these fellows, but I'm not going to give the story away, get the book and find out what happened for yourself.

The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs

Read to your kids with this fun little children's book selection.


Peppa Pig

Peppa is a popular character in an animated British TV show. In this series you meet Peppa, her family, her friends and you watch her adventures. She faces the same problems any young child would, and that is what makes this show so popular with children. They can relate to Peppa and the things that happen to her. It's pretty funny to hear these pigs snort as they talk during each episode. Since the TV series is so popular you can now find lots of Peppa toys and books for your kids. I really like the tea set, it's so British.

Fisher-Price Peppa Pig – Peppa and Family Set
Fisher-Price Peppa Pig – Peppa and Family Set

You can meet Peppa and her family, and bring them home for your child to play with. If your little girl or boy is a fan of Peppa the Pig, they will enjoy playing with this Fisher Price toy set.

Fisher-Price Peppa Pig: Sip and Oink Tea Set
Fisher-Price Peppa Pig: Sip and Oink Tea Set

Have some Peppa Pig tea with this sip and oink tea set from Fisher Price.


Peppa Pig Games

Have a little fun on Pig Day with these Peppa Pig games and fun ideas. Kids love to play games, indoors and out, so make sure you have plenty of fun games ready for them ... like these games with a Peppa the Pig theme, they are perfect for fans of this little British piglet.

Famous Pigs We Know And Love

  1. Arnold Ziffle lived on a TV show called Green Acres. Fred and Doris Ziffle lived in the TV town of Hootville and had a pet they treated like their very own child. Yes, the Ziffles treated their pet pig, Arnold, like a member of the family. Arnold loved to watch TV, paint pictures and even went off to school. Check out Ava Gabor, Eddie Arnold and the entire cast of Green Acres with some DVDS.

  2. Wilbur is one of E.B. White's characters from Charlotte's Web. The story of a pig, Wilbur, and a spider, Charlotte, is a great story for kids and adults. Get the book and watch the movie to meet both these wonderful characters.

  3. Piglet from the Winnie the Pooh stories is one of the most beloved pigs ever. You can read about him, you can watch movies about him and you can find statues and stuffed toys, all with a Piglet theme.

  4. Miss Piggy is a lady and her boyfriend is a frog, Kermit. Watch Miss Piggy, Kermit and the rest of the Muppets and spend an evening laughing with your family.

If Pigs Could Fly And More

If pigs could fly has come to be true with this sling shot flying pigs toy. Have a blast with this hysterical kids toy that adults will love too.

HIC Pig Junior Chef Apron
HIC Pig Junior Chef Apron

This is the perfect apron to wear when your kitchen is full of pig cooking accessories like the silicone oven grip and the pink piglet timer.


Which Is Your Favorite Piggy Theme Item?

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